Have you ever fucked an Indian girl? are they any good?

Have you ever fucked an Indian girl? are they any good?

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Basically inferior Koreans/Chinese.


Do their pussies smell or taste any different than the master race?

can't tell, the smell of the local shitting street overpowers all other smells.

Stinky curry pussy and oily butthole

The more American they are, the better. Try to at least find one that wears deodorant.

Indian men prefer horses

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If you find one with even a half flat stomach you've found a unicorn. Also can be hairy in some places

What if you don't even mind hairy torsos, but those brown nipples are disgusting?


They love white guys. Kik?

They love being the center of attention, if they have to marry a 1" dick faggot like yourself to get that attention, then they will.

Wife is India.

10/10 tits and insanely tight pussy
Submissive by nature (seems to be a cultural thing) in my situation she has always been opening to trying anything sexually and finds joy in giving me pleasure.
Great cooks and housewives, compared to most lazy British women my wife is perfect. When I actively help out with chores she is so grateful.

Can be slightly hairy if it isn't stayed on top of (upper lip, back, under ears) - not a game changer with a simple beauty regime that most Indian women I've met follow.
Genetic predisposition to get fat if diet and exercise aren't followed properly. Not an issue for my wife but I've seen it happen to countless Indian women around her - go from hot and skinny to fat just from lack of taking care.

My advice is if you can find one fuck one - they love white meat and make incredible partners.

Fucked 3 of them actually. Four if you count Bengali. I'm white, early 30s.

1. *******. Relationship, late 20s
2. Patel. Married 31yr old, hubby doesn't respect her so she fucks me about once a month
3. Shah. Married 33yr old, doesn't like her hubby, fucks me at least once a week and complains when I don't
4. Rahman. Single Bengali 22yr old worked for me, just struck up and liked me. Fucked her for months until she quit. Good times.

My mates persuaded me to go to India a few years ago, much to my displeasure due to the fact I'm racist.

Gets there, first thing I think is I need a drink. To cut to the point, I got smashed, and high on some weird powder. Fuck knows what it was, and I take drugs often. I decided to get a prostitute, so I went to find one. Sees one I could nut in, and for the equivelant of about £5 I got her and a room. She strips. then I strip. She notices all my nazi tattoos, and has the audacity to kick off at me. I ended up beating her, then fucking her half unconscious. Threw a few coins on the bed when I finished and walked away. I don't know what possessed me to go for a curry bitch. tl;dr I fucked an Indian whore and didn't really enjoy it.

Best shag I've had was an Indian chick who was raised in England. She was a kinky little slut. Never had one raised elsewhere though.

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Almost fucked an indian coworker. She was the type to grab your cock on the clock and send sexual photos, but no sex until a committed relationship. Total cock tease.

Indian women were made to bounce on white cock

That shit annoys the hell out of me.

Cringy ass roleplay

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I wish fam. They're secretly top tier pussy. I don't want people to flood the market so I don't talk about it much. Feel more than welcome to disagree and discredit my opinion.

Whats yours

Lol no.
Project harder ranjesh

As far as fake stories go this is pretty bad.

I don't think you've every left your bedroom let alone traveled to India.

You're probably not even a "racist"

I bet you're just retarded.

"The swastika is an important Hindu symbol. The swastika symbol is commonly used before entrances or on doorways of homes or temples, to mark the starting page of financial statements, and mandalas constructed for rituals such as weddings or welcoming a newborn"

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ugh, you caught me. aw well, it was a nice try

Yes I have and the short answer is that like all girls it depends on the individual girl.


Yesssss. Kik?

It depends on the girl not the race, I thought I won’t get good sex with this middle eastern woman. However, she was better than all the European and American chicks i fucked. She also was the freakiest. So the point it you cannot tell until you actually try

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Kik is for losers and I don't feel like getting baited right now for some random dude to send me a dick pic, try your scam on someone else

Pussy is pussy thay just smell different some time which is not a bad thing compared to rotten pussy which is nesty