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I thought her chest was covered in nipples for a moment

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Birds don't have nipples

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Why does birb have nipples then

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You got me there

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I wish there was something like discord but for porn.

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I wish there was a loot crate, but for porn

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People wouldn't really pay for porn would they?

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without resizing images and uploading them to google.
i mean, discord fucking keeps everything in google. if you post an url, google instantly fetches it. try linking a server you can view logs of...

I'm not that paranoid. But sure I guess.

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that's stupidly cute

i just hate feeding google, fuck those faggots.
that captcha here gave me ptsd, in snowflake terms.

I can agree with you there. For all the data they steal their actual search engine is 100x worse than it used to be.

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in 2000s it used to find sites which i literally pasted a phrase from.
nowadays? paste the fucking phrase and it wont find it.
what the fuck in the fucking fuck, google?

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The dumbing down of the internet is one of the greatest cultural tragedies in history. I can feel myself getting dumber because the way it's set up makes you reliant on companies like google doing most of the work for you but in reality obfuscating what's actually going on.

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I want to sniff Claire

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Thanks, Satan

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What's going on here?

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Size-difference, what does it look like?

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Frog eggs


lol well some people like dat oviposition

But it's just fingers

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who is she?

Claire from The Summoning

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dakkwoof=best wof

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A lot of her r34 is blowjobs for some reason. Not that I'm complaining.

Based bjs

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Bunch of straight faggots, gimme dat gcub

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I wonder if panda asshole feels different.

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goddamn anethema motherfucker

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Well I'd imagine an anthro panda's butt would feel the same as a normal hummen, minus the fur I guess

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What's wrong with gay girls? You're not some kinda homophone, are you user?

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FACT: all lolis are bisexual

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I dunno if that's true

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Well lesbian sex is just masturbation if you think about it.

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I'm just always dissapointed when gay pervs can't outnumber straight pervs lol

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stop saying she's an asshole.
she's lovely. ok a bit of a dick, but that's fine. i'd give her mine, and not just a bit anyway.

I'd love to explore this asshole's asshole

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