This is my colection of pics of girls I've fucked. I'm really drunk so I'm willing to share it...

This is my colection of pics of girls I've fucked. I'm really drunk so I'm willing to share it. Ask for any kind of girl and ethnicity, I probably have some

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Pm Latina and black girl nudes/videos to @poeticsuperhero on kik user

Big titty asian

skinny bitches

I'm not going to send you stuff over kik you retard

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Any of you fucking them?

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Nah, only pics that are sent to me, never been interested on recording during



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Asian girl. Show face.

Girls usually don't send face with nudes tho

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damn she looks hot. thanks

Any tiny tit / petite / young looking. Preferably with a dick in their mouth

post your fav tit & face shots

second this

She fucked like a maniac

how old are you now OP? youngest you've been with?

The rare albino Jew

Only 1.76 GB?

Shit son when you gonna really just get out there and fuck some beetches.

She was like 4'8

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some with latex or leather?

I'm 25, youngest was like 15 but that was when I was 15 as well

what's the biggest age gap with the girls?

No latex closest I have

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Her 35 Me 20

checked and nice

whats the biggest age gap the other direction?

thx user
100 interwebz points to you

youngest blonde you got, GO!

Me 25 Her 18

Spot on. Cheers OP

Any butthole pics?

18 years old

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good, now all of her please

Any girls with toys?

Not using it but here it is

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Holy shit why the dildo is so big?

Cuz I have a big dick and that girl like hugh stuff so she bought a big one

Because she needed more than OP's tiny wiener. She was attracted to his wallet, but the wad in his front pocket did not match up to the one in his back pocket.

Imagine being this jelly

Nice 1.5 Dubs

Provide a single shred of evidence that you've even met these bitches, let alone bagged them. We'll wait.

sho cock plx

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Small boobs

How many total? How’d your pull them all? Tinder?

Just dump them all

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Probably over 100, and mostly parties and bars

Nice one, thank you user. Any small boobed tattooed?

Not small but the only tattoed one I remeber atm

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Post the fugliest

Ever done a threesome with two chicks? Any photo evidence on that?

I mean

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Post the one you find the most attractive

Alright, give me the worst, most revolting hoe you've boned.

OOOF that face

Nice tiddies tho. Post moar

>folder created today

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She always bring friends and she was a freak so it was really fun tbh

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what were her kinks?
what did she let you do?

any feet stuff of her? or armpits?

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Sluttiest next door girl looking one?

She just liked sex as a whole. And she let me do whatever I wanted. And not really not my thing


What does that even mean?

Girl who looks innocent, but is actually reallly kinky.

Holy shit nice dick user

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more of right

Any redheads?

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Nudes? What was she into?

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The nude was her And mostly she liked public stuff like going out using a vibrator and all that kind of stuff. Also loved anal

The one you regret the most?

Damn. More

I think OP is already gone

Skinny with Abs?

Girl with the tastiest butthole, go.

Any east Indians?

Got any middle easterns?


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Darkest skin chick you've fucked?

How about the girl who would be most ashamed to have pics online/is the most actually innocent girl you have

Op here. I already turned off my PC so no more pics for now. I can still answer questions while I fall asleep if any one is interested

Any virgins or super innocent girls that wouldn't normally do one night stands?

There some chick I won't share the pics no matter what. So probably one of those

How big is your dick?

I've only been with like 5 virgin girls but they aren't the type to send pictures.

25 cm

OP is just a faggot who is posting his pictures of women he saved online claiming he fucked them.

OP, we all know you're a virgin. XDDDDDDD

Why not?

Fuck, misread, my bad.

Any bald chicks?

Lmao. What a sad faggot you are. I would be willing to bet you’ve never even touched a women. You’ve probably came in your paw patrol undies from one breathing on you. Incel

Imagine being this jealous lol

Do you cum a lot?

Just girls with really short hair

I think so. Never had a chance to "compare" what's a normal amount