Dubs chooses the img i use for a custom shower curtain

Dubs chooses the img i use for a custom shower curtain

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This slut

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the lad

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Re roll

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Kek. Saved.
Uploading to site to test dimensions
At least its not Hitler

it's a sad double roll
this one is better OP

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Dicks too small like pics OP.

Testing im assuming some random guy in vietnam?

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First reply decides if this is acceptable

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why wouldn't it be ?
Did you secretly wish to see a bulge everytime you shower OP ?


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Dude Hitler was celebrating your naked form as the pinnacle of man.
So ungrateful


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Ave Alea Necis
>Dicks too small

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This is funny

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Just giving yall a chance to change the final pic. That ones better than most of the pics so far imo

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slop on the knob

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Still havent gotten a solid y/n on the murder cube

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b has spoken

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3rd dubs

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Ye or ne b?

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Uwu repeated in rainbow colors.

I think it's cute! Yes

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Why isn't the whole thing his face?

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Its not cropping it right on the preview. It says itll be different after its printed so itll be a gamble i guess.
Changed the crop on the upload and this is the best i can get it.

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Would fuck my shower curtain

Her fucking eyes

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Honestly dude, you've been listening to me (which is fun) but which do YOU like best? I'm not going to be seeing it while I poop, only you can decide

b has spoken
Thanks boo
Ill post an update when i get it

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Shit man that's a huge window! Guess I'll be lurking more to try and see the update, hope I can!

But bby grinch is a good one. Itll pull some good reactions when people go into the bathroom and I cant complain about that.

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Ill try to post it the 14th around the same time user!

rerolls never count. Lrn2 Sup Forums

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Pic related

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