Got a facial in a parking lot from someone I met online. Boyfriend got to film it and drive me home

Got a facial in a parking lot from someone I met online. Boyfriend got to film it and drive me home.
Super proud of myself for finally playing in a car at a random parking lot! ^-^

Debating on posting the video on Pornhub but it's pretty dark and only like 3 minutes long?

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Post it up then post the link. I’ll jerk to it.

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Will you do it again

If that's you in the pic please dont post the video, there's enough poorly lit amateur videos of disgusting landwhales getting jizzed on on pornhub, dont put unnecessary strain on their bandwidth

Don’t listen to this fag

I am so fucking jelly right now. How do I get someone to do this to me

Post it up

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You know the old Sup Forums would have just loved that you both got the same dubs. But now the world has been eclipsed by fire and 18yrold faggot zoomers.


Video is loading!

I found him online through Doublelist! Though that site has a pretty spotty success rate :/

Can't wait ;)

Is Doublist blocked outside north America?


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Damnn, checked out some of your other videos. You're awesome haha. Great body.

once it finishes processing I'll probably jerk to it for a bit, ill let you know if I cum

Never heard of this site before

..maybe i should try it

It has some non-american locations! Though I'm unsure how popular/used they are.

Your other videos made me jizz all over, getting ready for round two as soon as the vid is up. Insane body :3

Thank you!!
I'm glad my videos were useful! :b

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fat piece of crap

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What state are u in btw?



Are you role playing? Didn’t see a facial.

Nice ;) I'm in Europe but I do visit the us 4/5 times a year for work (software eng.) Usually NYC. Would love to stay in touch and maybe hookup sometime :)

Wooo PA represent!! Lol. What part? Wish I would run into you sometime haha ;)

Wow. Ny here, not too far

post soles holy fuuuuck

Fucking retarded virgins act like you've never had sex or have seen a woman before.

I admire many things of beauty akshually.

You're fuming. Killing yourself may solve it.

Right, Tits or gtfo
timestamp required for me to buy any of this

Found the European

Pittsburgh area!~
I'm hoping that for my birthday I'll be able to get a hotel downtown to go bar hopping and hopefully find some willing strangers.


Haha 724 area here! 20 minutes north haha. Got Kik ;). Always up good for a
good time with a stranger.

Silenceisg0ld3n(same on insta if that's better)

Added you :)

post feet

>proud of myself

Sorry it took a bit!
Couldn't find a pencil

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Fuck any in thong or bra? Or both?

wow this thread is full of some grade-A, blue ribbon faggots

Do you mind it being month old photos? If you want me to take some now, it will be a couple extra minutes. ^-^

Wow, I found the fucking retards. Anything better then your mom jokes and kill yourself? Or that the only 2 things you dumb fucks know? Go get laid and stop jerking off to a cuck whale you pathetic fucking retards.

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hey in the 412 area, add kik at warbletts

Stfu europoor

Post ass pics new or old

>doesn't know difference between then and than.
Definitely eurocuck

Either is fine by me. Huge bra panty and lingerie fetish here lol

Jesus those are great tits

can we drop the advertisers, shit's old and cringe

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Hope this is good enough!

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How do we find the videos? :)

Sexy ass. Any pussy pics

Fuck more? Got me hard at work lol

Got a public snap you post on?

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Dicksucking machine.

No, I honestly don't even have a personal Snapchat.

Fuck, might need to try to sneak away to jerk at this rate lol.

Should make one. Would love seeing that body all the time


Fishnets count?

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How can we see your videos ?

You have kik?

imagine samefagging this hard in a thread on a russian cow breeding tapestry forum

I posted a link to my pornhub. But here it is again.

I'm not super active on there and doesn't have a lot of videos.

Thanks :)

I want to stew your cervix in my hot cum.

can you pull out those little black hairs

Yeah lingerie or thong?

Only pic I have saved of a thong :(

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Thanks for catching that! I didn't notice, glad I can fix it! ^-^

Post tits and belly

ITT: Boyfriend LARPs as girlfriend to brag about how she took dick

No timestamp? The fuck happened to Sup Forums.

Fuck wish you had more . Should make a snap or something. So you can see me jerking at work

I stand big time corrected. Carry on blessed femanon.

Have your next guy film you sucking cock from this angle, also make sure to have good lighting ;)

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>No timestamp? The fuck happened to Sup Forums.
This fuckin guys knows. There are no women on b/

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anymore cum on face pics

Will do! :b

Not quite in face. Does it count though?

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Second this


gorgeous. wow.

Any nude head to feets?

Does it turn you on knowing that I've saved several of your images, dreaming of a chance to spatter you with cum? Knowing that I'll look back through these and empty myself to you time and time again?
I think your boyfriend, myself and whatever strangers you hunt down could paint quite a fine picture on your canvas quality body.
Wonderful images. Thank you for sharing today.

Spread ass on soles

post more videos of you fucking other guys to your pornhub

Enjoy you ban, whore.

This is the closest thing I have to that saved

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Cant did one right now? ;)

Very nice