Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

How are you all doing today, my friends?

Come get what's bothering you off your chest

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Haven't been on Sup Forums in fucking years. But the past year, my thoughts have just been getting darker and darker, and I've finally found myself coming back to this shithole.

I used to post here to feel better about myself, feel like less of a worthless piece of shit, to feel like I was giving people something of value. But I got, what's the word, disillusioned? with it when I just didn't get what I wanted.

I didn't get what I wanted because what I wanted was impossible, but hey, I'm retarded

>Sup Forums
those two don't really go together do they?

When you did post before, what were you posting? You clearly weren't a jerk to people considering you claim to be giving them something of value so surely that should mean something~ That you'd go out of your way to improve the lives of others.

I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say when you didn't gte what you wanted. What did you want?

Sometimes they do! A lot of these threads generally go without people being rude and I'm very grateful for it :) I believe there's a good side to everyone and I believe that's the same with this community. Everyone could do with some help

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I guess I wanted to be a celebrity of sorts. An ethot. I posted stories of shit I did in school back before I was a shutin, my sexy funtimes. I kinda lived out my fantasies again by reposting them.

But I hide too much to get Sup Forums famous. Too cowardly. So it's pointless.

I just feel like I'm useless. Idk, everyday I don't feel like I am good enough. I always feel like I won't achieve anything in life. I hate my job, I hate university, I hate myself a bit too. I really just want to stay home and play video games all day and have a relaxed life. That's the one thing that will bring me happiness but I need to be rich to achieve that lifestyle, so that's kinda what I am working towards and where I hope to be in the next 20 or 30 years, hell even next 10 years if I start working hard.

I also wanna get fit and get a tattoo I've been thinking about getting for a long time but the gym is so intimidating and I don't even know where to start.

Someone who I cared for, inspired me to be a better man, someone who I loved uprooted their life and left because I couldn't love them back. I couldn't love her back because of said rules. Since she left, I've felt dead inside and have just shut myself off from the world again. I don't feel guilty anymore since there wasn't much I could have done at the time.

Recently fucked a 21 yr old, thought it would help. After, she wanted to watch a romance movie together. The whole time, I could not stop thinking about the other girl. Sometimes, I almost call the 21 yr old or some other girl friends by her name. It's almost been a year since I've seen her.

No one makes happy, not even my best friend. I just go through the motions.

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When I first started, I went in with the mindset that I am not there for anyone else but me. Everyone is there for the same reason. If they're taking pictures or playing on their phones, they're wasting time.

Just go to the gym. Lift weights. I'm guessing you're obese right? If you are, lifting is better for you than cardio. I highly recommend that. Get apps. I use the "in 30 minutes" app with red icons. Sixpack in 30 minutes, stretching in 30 minutes. Those worked for me.

Thanks for the advice.

No, I'm not obese. I'm 5'9" 81kg (178lbs), but I have pretty much a dad bod, belly sticking out and everything. I used to be 89kg (196lbs) but I just lost the motivation to continue.

I exercised at home. If I can continue at home I could, but I know I need to work different parts of my body that I can't work at home, so I have to go to the gym

What do you need in the gym to work on?

Idk, I guess my abs, back, legs that sort of stuff.

Abs, use the app I told you about.

Back, do shoulder shrugs with something a bit heavy, like a heavy backpack or 5 gallon water jug, and inclined pushups

Legs, squats and the app I told you about.

And eat better.


Thanks, at least now I have some idea of what to do

Hello feels user, its been a while. I needed to talk someone so thanks for posting

I've been in a relationship with a guy for almost a year and a half now (I'm bi) and honestly I really do love him and he's great. But I'm afraid I can't stay with a guy for the rest of my life since my attraction to women is just far too big. Though on the other hand I don't want to ruin something great I have with him just because I'm horny for some vaginas. I don't know what the fuck to do with myself

If In doubt, apps. What's your day job? Office or are you active?

Well a celebrity for good or bad reasons? Nothing's fun about being a celebrity. Little privacy, people digging into your personal stuff. The only upside being that people talk to you but there are other ways of people talking to you. I've thankfully remained anonymous so I get to make wonderful friends in a small community and all of them respect my privacy.

Honestly, I see them all as friends. I don't see myself as a celebrity despite people recognizing me both here and in the discord. You don't need fame to be happy. Even if you do get famous or e-famous, trust me it's better to have friends than "fans".

DID you love them back or did you not? Did you tell them how much they meant to you or how much you miss/care for them despite that? Why did they leave? Only because you didn't love them back?

I'm sorry for the late reply. It sounds like a tough predicament you're in, friend. Your options seem to be fairly limited. Stay with him and suppress your urges, talk it out with him and see how you'd both do moving forward, break things off and hope for something great with someone else. Honestly, if you make any of those decisions, make sure it's you thinking with a clear mind without any obstructions like the one you mentioned.

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>stay with him
Thing is, we live decently far apart and last time I was over I felt pretty uncomfortable with him. He deserves better I'd think
>talk it out
This might be the best option but I wouldn't know where to even start
>clear mind
I'm 21 years old and I haven't made a decision with a clear mind my entire life. I always just wing it and doubt myself. I don't know how to think clearly

Haven't seen you since last year. How is isabelle user, this is your new year health checkup. Hope things have been well for you.

Stay with him as in in the relationship. I suppose "Stay together" would have been better wordage.

Speak with him seriously and lay your mind out clearly so he knows exactly what you're thinking. Try to leave out vague terms like "kinda" and "a little". Make sure he understands both sides of your thought process.

Heya friend! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/New Years~ I've been doing alright. Been struggling to find work and stressing over money again but that's life haha. How have you been?

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I guess I'll try
I'm just scared of ruining something I don't really value enough yet

I did, spent christmas with family, picked on my niece and new years sick with Sup Forumsnons and Sup Forumsros. What about yourself. You have a good christmas/new year. That's not fun. Don't let it get you down, keep casting a wide net you'll get something. Hope this time not something that treats you like crap. I'm well, still doing the same old, floating along trying not to worry about the small things and focusing on what i have. Besides your situation has this new year been treating well.

First you got to ask yourself a few questions. What do you want, what are you willing to give up, are you willing to give that up for them, would they do that for you, is this this a long term or short term relationship you are in or even want with them, would i ever cheat on them (if yes just end the relationship). If you want something to last it's about giving more than you expect to receive. Both relationships and friends work that way. You do something for them not to gain anything but because you want to. Every little doubt you have about your situation you need to ask yourself honestly those question you have. Before you have a talk with them, and make sure it's not out of the blue, make sure you know exactly what it is you are going to discuss and what you want for the future.

I did love her back.

The only thing I told her was everything she did for me wasn't for nothing. You'll understand why in a bit.

She left because she fell into a depression and couldn't get out of it. Probably because I didn't tell her anything and just left her to stew in it. I just shut her out and hoped for the best. I was wrong.

The fucked up part was I shouldn't have fallen for her in the first place. She was 16-17. I feel like I destroyed her life.

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If you come back, i got to run on ya. Good knowing you're still popping in now and again. Take care of yourself, isabelle user. Hope this year treats you well.

Mmm what do you mean something you don't really value yet? Your relationship with him? If you don't value you it "enough", why bother with it?

Aww sounds like you're the "cool" uncle to your niece then haha. I can see that! You're a very cool person :)

My Christmas/New Years wasn't anything special. Just more days in the calendar haha. I'm hoping to get something soon and even if I get a call back, I'll be demanding proper pay and breaks and stuff. Never making that mistake again.

Bleh when people are in a bad place, the worst thing you can do for them is let them fester in it. Sometimes the person breaks through but the vast vast majority does not. Are you able to get back in contact wit hher, friend?

Mmm the age difference, in my opinion, doesn't matter so long as a) it's not considerable, b) there's no contact until she is of legal age, and c) you love her for her and not her age.

I'm sorry for leaving for so long, friend. I have no excuse and should have replied before doing so. Thank you so so much for still dropping by the threads. It does mean a lot to me that you care. Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe!

I'm off to sleep, friends. Thank you all for dropping by and please do help those who drop by after I go. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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