Photos Taken By Murderers/Kidnappers Thread

Photos Taken By Murderers/Kidnappers Thread

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Regina Walters

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Judith Dull

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Shirley Bridgeford

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Interesting. Proceed.

anatoly slivko
His tapes are easy to find

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Dean Corll’s 29th victim wearing handcuffs

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this one was debunked. some peckerhead loser trying to promote a shitty documentary

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One of rodney alcalas potential victims

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armin meiwes, German cannibal
Tapes exist but haven't leaked as of yet

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Harvey Glatman actually posed as a bondage photographer and the women were willingly tied up and photographed before being strangled

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No one cares.

Reynaldo Dagsa

Not exactly serial, but taken seconds before the cameraman was killed

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Dean Corll
29th or so victim

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This one is unconfirmed I believe.

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You literal illiterate retard. it’s a fake (as pointed out already). Nice job you fucking sperg baby

>The individual depicted has been ruled out by the Harris County Medical Examiner as being any of Corll's known victims – including his one remaining known unidentified victim.
Take your meds schizo

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Made me kek, especially because it’s probably true

Lura Ling

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