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I don't get it....

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Hello, Peter Griffin here to explain the joke

The progressive left thinks there are 36 genders (there are 36 letters in the Albanian alphabet), but when someone does not agree, they get called a nazi

So this comic was meant to show the left as stupid because not everybody who thinks there are 2 genders is a nazi, which is funny

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Tanks Beter

user, there are only 2 genders. Male and female.
let’s say (hypothetically) I have sex with a MTF human (a biological guy that got surgery and hormone treatment), and this MTF human genuinely thinks he’s a woman.
If I bust a bust inside this MTF human, there is a 0% chance of pregnancy, being that they’re NOT a real woman. They’re some guy playing pretend. Kudos to the people that play pretend, but I won’t join in on this charade.
“You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.”
Now, a woman is not a woman based simply off whether or not she can become pregnant. It’s her body, her chromosomes, her estrogen, her specific natural female parts, feelings, emotions, etc.
I am not denying anyone’s humanity — simply stating the obvious. Playing pretend doesn’t actually do anything. The suicide rate is through the roof for the gender-dysphoria crowd. We shouldn’t be encouraging this behavior.

>user, there are only 2 genders. Male and female.


found the nazi

god i fucking hate social justice warrior culture
i don't care what side of the aisle you're coming from
both sjw cultures are fucking obnoxious


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There are two SJW cultures? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

>Now, a woman is not a woman based simply off whether or not she can become pregnant. It’s her body, her chromosomes, her estrogen, her specific natural female parts, feelings, emotions, etc.
I'm not sure what you think the point of saying this after is when you've already said something thats gonna make them hate you

you can't backpeddle out of being hated

Thought it was like 212 genders.

Ofcourse there is ...a sjw believes a group of people are being unjustly treated by a oppressive regime. Have you not seen the fucking ham beast soccer moms screaming about muh jesus and the faggot manlets screaming white lives matter and jews will not replace us ...put some baby bangs on um and cup of fair trade coffe in their hand and you got yourself a classic lefty. Anyone who relies on being polarized as a personality isnt a fully formed human

There used to be only 156 genders.

My favorite is using a public bathroom. Still says male and female. And the woman has a dress on.
I would rather protest how female bathrooms always have lineups, than protest a unisex bathroom in EVERY public business.

Alt righters are not SJWs. They are angry at how they are treated, they don’t get offended at how someone else is treated like SJWs do.
One group is selfish, wanting to preserve what they have and don’t give a shit about anyone outside of their own beliefs; the SJWs get offended at everything, including shit that they have no clue what it’s like being that culture or person, etc.


Alt righters and sjws are both examples of extremists and therefore ignorance and therefore they are both fucking dumb

The problem with that reasoning is, the left is actively trying to crush white demographics in the West with mass immigration. They are not doing a bad job at it either. So if you hate both sides, you are a lefty that wants Ghetto Earth to happen. As much as I hate kikes, you have to respect their ability to brainwash people to take pretty much any stance, except what is considered "tinfoil" and still be defeated.

Well if women would learn to do shit on their own and not need a posse to go fix their makeup or take a shit, there wouldn’t be lines.

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The fact that you cant see correlations most likely means your a polarized puppet person. So by your definition Blacks Lives Matter protesters are the same as the alt right. Justified by their anger of themselves are specifically treated?

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>0% chance of pregnancy, being that they’re NOT a real woman.
>being infertile makes u not have a gender

retards with opinions reeeing at the top of their lungs

Now you’re changing your original argument. You claimed they both were SJWs - clearly, they aren’t. Ideologies are completely different, alt-right tends to be homogenous in ethnicity, and the perceived locale for the alt-right is thought of as being a Southern region thing mainly.
Now, I agree both sides are extremists, but that wasn’t what you initially claimed.

BLM is the closest correlation to alt-right. You’re correct. Both extremists only care about their selected peoples, to the point of violence to get their desires for their “injustices.”

I dont hate either side . I personally couldnt give a fuck what happens outside of my personal life. I have never felt any sort of "crushing opression". The kind of people that feel that shit are the type that a half dead from walking across the desert mexican can replace. Also i dont give a fuck what future generations look like nor do i have any care to perserve mythos

Not who you are replying to, but the 'alt-right' doesn't even really exist.

That wasnt the original user and no i havent changed my stance.

He didn’t say they had similarities, he said they were both SJWs just different sides of the aisle.
I know they are both extremists, but I’m not wrong in that one group is extremely selfish in its desire to maintain what it has, the other group finds excuses to be offended about regardless of how minor an issue is, and it’s manufactured outrage generally on someone else’s (usually a perceived “minority) behalf.

Everyone I knew growing up and most of my family is scattered across the country because of mass immigration. This is my Elementary School today. They want this to go nationwide.

inb4: "Well, but..."

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Well then you’re clearly wrong, but that’s alright.

Then why did you answer if you weren’t the original one who posted and ?
The response was for their claim that SJWs have right and left wing adherents.

It’s the new buzzword for right wing supporters - they’ve always been there, just liberal media needs their boogeyman...

So we can clear this up quickly i am the original user heres my response to you

I mean, the right have "SJWs" and the liberal media as their boogeyman (ironic you use the right's boogeyman in a comment about the left using alt-right as their boogeyman).

Retards that keep statistically being likely to kill themselves even without any provocation. Because it's not what they really want, just what they think they want, until they realize they want to kill themselves...
And I say "they" as in "he or she or multiple" cases. not a singularly improper use of they.

By that definition, Canada and most “cultured” countries are alt-right due to their extremely difficult immigration requirements and standards compared to the US ones.
Note: taking in refugees is not the same as allowing immigration. One is a voluntary move, the other is fleeing circumstances that could result in deaths or unfair treatment if sanctuary is not given.

I agree - libs and SJWs are the right’s boogeyman too.

Pointing at a handful of poor nutcases that support neo-nazism Vs. the MSM, the NGOs of the likes of Soros and the entire democrat party, is not a fair comparison of actual real world power. Their goal is mass immigration, disarmament and the ending of free speech.

By what definition

I answered here

What is your actual issue with this?
That your racist family ran away from mexicans and youre sad?

What is the republican's party role in this

And i think youre wrong and thats altright

The alt right says they’re oppressed all the time, are you retarded? They hate how straight white men are treated, you fucking retard.

Where are yo from?

White males commit the most suicide :/ whamp whamp whaaaaa

I wouldnt mind a ghetto earth. Im not allowed in nice neighborhoods anyways. Always get the cops called on me

We agree there ..they are both selfish extreme polarized groups

I don;t think even they know that answer anymore.

Stop committing so much crime.

What do you think causes this? What victim status are you claiming?

Look at the laws and rules regarding immigration into those countries compared to US immigration laws and rules.
It is far more difficult to immigrate into Canada or Japan than it is the US.
In Canada’s rules, a person seeking to immigrate has to be a skilled worker and/or certain education requirements - - neither of which are needed in US immigration rules.

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Im in the states
Born and raised
White guy
I dont know what this has to do with anything


I don't think you read my question

In response to
>By that definition, Canada and most “cultured” countries are...

I asked

by what definition

Do you not know what “selfish” means, moron?
The “alt-right” only care about themselves and their own type of people; SJWs manufacture outrage based on how others are perceived to be treated regardless of how correct it may be.

They are. Both tend to be violent, vile spirited assholes.

>even without any provocation
>and then more opinions
u can stop reeeing

Well generally im there to rob houses and rape rich white bitches to spread my black seed so i can make a world of mixed race babies. Generally they like it when they see how big my shit is. Old white bitches can take all 12 inches and generally give me their shit without having to rob and beat them. But i still do it sometimes. I cant help myself

Stop fucking kids

The hard nosed immigration policies that seek to keep the rabble out, aka “severe immigration restrictions,” per country laws that means Canada could be considered alt-right thanks to the wiki definition of an alt-righter.

Theyre both reactionary trash. And youre a faggot. Fuck you. Ill fuck your dads asshole in front of you.

What is the wiki definition of an alt-righter

You’re a faggot, faggot. Stop back peddling, you’re fucking wrong you cock slobbing knob bobber.

That doesn't even make sense.

Use the link, and read it. Jesus fucking Christ it’s even posted in this thread.

I relate. I had a best friend growing up that was Jamaican and he got swarmed by cops breaking into his own house because he lost his keys. I also got carjacked in a hood once and barely made it out on foot alive, as a long haired white boy. No simple answer to this.

"Alt-Right" = straight white Christian male.

Youre wrong, you closet homo, incel whom has fantasies about fucking your childhood best friend

Stop pretending to be a nigger, they aren’t this articulate.

All i want to do is rape, murder, and rob white people :( why do the cops hate me?

No, he's black. Suburban, but legit.

dubs means i tell the truth. Im sorry. Im a jew. Im just trying to create a cultural divide and spread misinformation

My childhood best friend was a GIRL. Damn straight I wanted to rail her. Go back to fantasizing about traps, fudge packing cock goblin slog.


>not need a posse

You try to hard. Just go back to the gay conversion camp and blow the priest again while denying your obvious homosexuality, faggot.

You’re thinking pussy

Now you want to involve children in your gay homo fufu fantasies. You’re a sick fuck, you pedo scum.

No I know what a posse is and am laffin because it's the truth. They go as a unit.

>If you take no stance, this confuses me so I'm still just gonna call you one of them to soothe my cognitive dissonance. There are only two sides to life: my side and the wrong side.

Just STFU. You'll never me into your little political crusade.

Just trying to finish out the work day, eh? What time is it where you are? 1623? Almost time for a shift change to go shoot palis on the wall.

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Bet you can’t even explain the difference between an alt righter and a republican..

I always ask leftists and they can never explain. It’s just another ad hom for you. Everybody who doesn’t agree with your extremist left wing position is a racist sexist homophobic gay nigger killing abomination. Meanwhile your dumbass thinks dude with big meaty cocks in dresses are suddenly women.

Thats how fucking retarded yo are

wtf did someone actually go out of their way to make this unfunny shit comic that doenst even make sense?

anyone with half a fucking brain knows there's only 2 genders

dammit lost fuck you

i gotta stop drinking

I mean, youre the one fuucking the priest. Unless youre underage and deserve a ban, then there was no pedo shit there, retard

there are two genders, both succ and fugged by your mother



Not the user your are replying to but white people built this country user. Crazy how the left demonizes white people for their past mistakes but give zero credit for pretty much making the greatest country in the world. I mean shit niggers who ancestors were previously slaves should be bowing down and kissing our feet for letting them be here instead of Africa right now.
The point is, we made this country and we aren't about to let a bunch of fucking retarded niggers and spics fuck it up like thier own countries. And before you get all huffy please try to think of a majority spic or nigger country you would like to live in before America. And when you name one out of your sheer cognitive dissonance and fear if losing to a republican please explain to me why you haven’t gone ahead and moved there yet little bitch.

Why not let fags do fagstuff? There are multiple names so why not call people what they want to be?

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>alright. Fair. Well just as long as we are on this topic i’d like to be referred to as supreme leader user. My pronouns are god and emperor. Refusal to use these will result in your public ridicule and depending on your jurisdiction jail time.
Don’t be a bigot

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Good stay the fuck off my lawn then nigger.

if you were serious you would be ignored for being a moron.
Trans (etc.) people are accepted by the majority so it's not ridiculed

Who accepts trans people?
Like literally, what kind of groups?
Even your average liberal will barely tolerate them, and find any excuse to not have to be around them.

most people, get off your pc from time to time

What people? Conservatives don't. Liberals don't. Feminists don't. Even the LGB movement hates them for being psychos.