Just found my fiancee on pornhub. What do Sup Forums?

Just found my fiancee on pornhub. What do Sup Forums?
Should I cancel the wedding? I'm literally shaking right now.

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Did she make the video while you were an item?


Prood she's fiance?

>while you were an item

Use it to fully life out your kinks then dump her

while you were together.

Sorry, what I mean is: did she do the Pornhub thing while you two were dating?

Not gonna post the link here
Trust me that's her, I can't believe it

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Don’t be a faggot. You’re not married yet

Just play her video at wedding as a surprise, just for fun. Then divorce. Take half her stuff. Embarrass. Move on.

Fucking marry it right now.
Also give us the fucking link.

yoooo this dude's marrying a used pussy lmao

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She looks too young to handle being married properly anyway. Get out while you can - you'll be happy you did vs. doing it later after you've spent all your money on flowers and cake for a 20 minute ceremony

bump for link

Oh shit, post link please

Marry her, she is hot and we all did stupid things in the past. Unless she did the video while she was dating you. Otherwise, you probably fucked a fair share of people yourself in the past (and if not you're a moron), just didn't film it

Well depends did she do porn only before you got together or after?
If she did before, there should be no question. Marry her instantly and do you own porn with her.

Context needed. Were you too an item during the time of filming? Is it her doing someone else or the act of doing porn that bothers you? Confront her, have a civil discussion, ask why it happened and why it wasn't brought up earlier. If there was no cheating and no malicious intent, I recommend you forgive and deal. If you honestly can't get over it though, maybe you'll have to. I wouldn't though away a woman over something like this, but you're not me. You do you, but at least confront her and find out all the details before you pursue any serious action

gib link fag

Stop being a fucking prude, marry her and get in on it, maybe be an actor with her . Film some hotwife scenes, cash the fuck in
>t. a guy who only discovered my swinging and wifeswapping fetish after getting married to a girl who isn't into it

Don't forget to beat her beforehand.

but then again, if you cannot after some calming down forgive this youthful transgression, then cancel the wedding, not for your sake but for her sake, because you'd be a faggot who doesn't really love her and accepts her for who she is.

It depends on why she did porn before, and what her take on it is now. It's also a matter of trust. My GF told me she did a lot of BDSM before we met. Because she's been honest with me, and she's explained everything she's done and why she did it, I trust her. I in turn have told her about my ehrm... Adventures, and she trusts me because of it.

If you confront your fiance about it, and she denies everything, or tries to flip it to being your fault or something else, then call it off. If she owns up to what she's done and you can have a sensible conversation about it, then it might be able to salvage the relationship.

It all depends on the level of maturity in both of you.

hey, I'm a one of those guys. I feel you user. I love my wife, I'd never cheat on her, but fuck... if she died or something I'd for sure never be monogamous again.
Yeah, if she's down to play go for it. As long as she didn't lie to you, you're good. If she acts weirdly formal/prudish with you though... ditch it.

>t. actual cuck

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who's the girl in the image?