Why do minorities and white trash love these things so much?

Why do minorities and white trash love these things so much?

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you mean why do niggers enjoy symbols that deflect from their insecurities?

Keeps other niggers and white trash from breaking in.
Not like the police are gonna do it.

Because they relate with them on every level. Unwanted, feared, useless for anything a normal dog does, irredeemable and yet still considered a victim to some really braindead folks.

They like to get knotted by a beast instead of a human being. They're so trash that they could only breed with dogs.

You're right user. At least the dog won't shoot them on spot. kek

Whiteness... cannot understand the ghetto life.

Had this on clipboard from earlier post.
Kinda relevant.

Trash white and latina women love getting knotted by these guys. It’s why in a lot of shitty Hispanic communities they’re called “Otro Esposos” instead of Pítbul.

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Dog trainer here, I get a lot of pit bulls and pit mixes and they’re also very sweet and cuddly dogs. They’re as kind to humans as a golden retriever. They have issues with other dogs but they’re very easy to train and very loving.

Cuddly, stfu. Dogs don't like to be fucking cuddled.

A nigger has entered the chat

You either don’t own a dog or your dog doesn’t like you

Nope, white boy in Northern Colorado, I haven’t seen a black person in a week

Have fun getting your throat ripped out retard. Low IQ idiots shouldn't be allowed to own dogs.

they unconsciously want to be as strong and vicious as their dog.

they fugg your mom for free

Wow retard alert

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They can't afford a muscle car.

Digits confirms that pits are shit


checked & based. /thread

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Heres my pittbulls on top of me on the couch.

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Bulldogs used to be "nanny" dogs that were trained to look after infants, a few hundred years of breeding them for aggression changed that.

No matter how well trained they have that violent instinct. No training can overvride genetics. They are simply violent dogs who can become unhinged easier than ANY OTHER breed.

You’re definitely still the nigger

these bait threads are getting gayer and gayer by the month. Come up with a better topic to trigger people.

You are all fucking retarded, this is why I only lurk

Thats why theyre one of the top best dogs when it comes to temperment testing. Learn facts before saying things that only proves youre a scared lil puss.

I guess the person who started this thread has never had the privilege of having one of these beautiful dogs, instead was the one hiding away from the uncle who was playing with their ass in secret... Shame

the nanny dog is a myth

get bigger, sorry but a pitbull can't do anything to me or anyone I know. mostly because we're not thin-wristed fags like you. don't even own one, and probably wouldn't, but one of those things couldn't do anything to me.

Alot easier to explain a dog bite than shooting a guy and the 8lbs of weed they find when they search the place.
My dog is in my yard, you go into my yard,you get bit, i come out and everything is squared on the street with the police instead of inside.

TLDR Dog is first line of defense when you have to poor people live.

it's funny when idiots on the internet spout nonsense they have 0 clue about as if they're facts

lol, he was correct about you being low IQ though

They are seeking attention because they are the runts of their litters... Lol... 0 brain cells evident

lol internet tough guy.

Go ahead, throw this 100 lb weight at my face, leg, or arm going mach 3, im so touch ill break it in half!

Nigga i went to school for animal control and flunked out, that dog rip you to pieces.

LOL guess you have big facial muscles from sucking your own dick...

I'd like to know why I see big, burly, manly men walking around Home Depot with tiny yappy dogs in their shopping cart. WTF happened to Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds and Rottweilers??

i hate dogs, especially pitbulls, always barking at every stupid noise, i wished all dogs went extinct

long live the cats


it's like watching apes in a zoo

you non-white by any chance?

Because they are nice dogs.

Pitbulls give good dick.


Doesnt change the fact that dog literally rip your throat out the entire time you are pretending to be billy badass.

na, im white. here two seconds, this is fucking ridiculous. this nigga is fucking retarded.

If no one has posted it already, here goes

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except they're not

>Because people think a grown man can't just let the dog chomp down on a limb and punch it in the head until unconsciousness.

too bad these fuckers got a skull like a brick

Because they are four-legged weapons

This gonna look alot more impressive than it is, it isnt. Most of these are like 2 hour courses and aint shit.

But my credentials are a hell of alot better than that dumb niggas.

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Nothing of value was lost here try again

Here comes another

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Well they are, it's almost always the owners fault if a dog attacks a human.
Dogs should be trained, if you don't train yours it's your fucking fault.

Also white skin. I was suppose to work out of Cincinnati. I understand what your saying but just growing up, i flip the white and ebonics. I tend to talk in ebonics more than not, the white is for police and old people.

>I can accidentally your brick.
Don't be a dickhead you know a decently fit man will knock that thing out. It isn't going to dodge, parry or ripsote. It'll chomp down hard and then even harder when you start punching it's skull. You need to damage the brain and as you said it's like a brick so a few dozen punches should do the trick. If the dog lets go it's usually given up but not always.
They teach you this in the cia.

And... another!!

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Rapist got what deserved try again

Missionary style?

If someone is filming but not helping, that means he's the one ordering the dog to attack.
In this particular case, the danger is not the dog, which is merely a living tool, but the human.
Blaming it on the dog is as absurd as saying "we should ban guns because guns kills people"

they eat alot and i can pet my little shithead the same. If it gets mouthy i can kill it with one hand. It shits are smaller and less intrusive in my yard.It barks the same as a big dog (alarm).
I got a great pyranese and some small mutt i found on the road. The pyranese is amazing guard dog, but he isnt worth the cost. He eats so much, takes up so much room and eventually, the body be crazy hard to bury. (120lbs)

Just my take, and hopefully a view on the other side.
I love big dogs, but they aint worth the cost since i aint working them like farm dogs.

This is the only valid one you posted


that has nothing to do with the type of dog. any dog could do that.

>webm related

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Dog saw the rest of the pack engage, he was just doing his part. Also that didn't seem very aggressive, it was almost rough play. That dog could of hit her and taken her off that chair and 3 feet back if he wanted.

Said the faggot.


I take no sides, 2 dogs, 3 cats.
But u ever get a female cat in heat? god damn ill take a dog barking any day. fuck.

these dogs are beasts, bred to kill. They are just like a gun except a gun doesn't kill if you don't want it to

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If you cant handle a gun, dont.
If you cant handle a dog, dont.
Don't blame me for bad owners and i wont blame you for terrorism.

I'll take "Things dis Nigga don't know shit about for $1000" Alex.

They are not nice dogs. It's got nothing on how you train them. Imagine taking Angola Super Max prison (men) and having the entire 30,000 prisoners fight each other to the death with their bare hands until one was left. You then take that one man alpha kiler and breed him the equivalent female alpha killer of her prison system. The resulting puppies are then bred enough to repopulate both prisons. Then another battle Royale ensues as above.

Repeat as necessary for 1000+ generations. You now have the human equivalent of pitbulls.

Then some dirty hippy comes along and says "it's all how you raise them breh". That's this guy's posts.

Sure your pitbull may be nice NOW, but it's just gonna take you rustling your keys the wrong way once and Bam you've unleashed a superbred killer on the neighborhood. Congrats nigger. You've now ruined lives.

Even Bill Burr had a comedy sketch when he bragged about how awesome pitbulls are (Do it) and its all how you raise them. Then his recent sketch he admits he had to get rid of it because it was going crazy and aggressive.

Each and every time. These dogs are bad news.

I mean.....

Does what you said, actually make sense to you?

you can't "handle" a dog like this. It's just a matter of time until they snap and if they don't you're just lucky. I admit the gun comparison isn't quite fitting, it's more like tossing a live grenade in a circle and hope it doesn't explode in your hands

The cameraman could easily just be a weird sociopath with zero sense of urgency.

Correct user! This is a essential part of breeding. Identifying certain traits, certain psyches and physical attributes and then do selected breeding for generations.
I myself is a Labrador owner but my dogs are bred specifically for hunting and retrieving birds.
Since the breeders are not trying to weed out the agressives tendencies but rather enforce them, you get a killing machine of a dog.

Edit. Racial traits are apparent in all species except human.
Never speak of human races or clines because they don't exist!
There is no such thing as race, believe all women, diversity is our greatest strength etc, etc!

>Even Bill Burr
Bill burr has no place owning a fucking toothbrush , nevermind a dog.
No wonder the dog went mental the guy is rage in physical form, hilarious though.

When trained to fight, they can be the most dangerous dogs to face. But without that training, they are some of the sweetest dogs you could ever have the pleasure of playing with. Very loyal and obedient with proper reward systems and care.

Niggers want them because they look tough and are guard dogs. White trash probably for the same reasons. They look cool.

Absolute fucking incel.

They are really not good dogs. I worked with dogs for years. These fucking suck.

You missed the whole point. Mother Teresa could have raised that dog, and the result is always the same. It's kind of why nobody can tame Zebras. The aggression is innate and immutable. Its too bad every year it takes hundreds of ruined children's lives for niggers and spics to get the point.

it must be ironic, right?

Incels are Nazis don't you know?

This guy's an idiot and will get a kid's face mauled if not careful one day.

Pitbulls are BY FAR the most unpredictable breed and can switch on a dime without provocation. Their danger does not come from their apparent sweetness, it comes from the absolute inability to predict what they will do next. They give no warning signs as an aggressive husky, or golden retriever would. They simply attack with NO provocation or warning at random moments.

Eh, i grew up around these dogs. Very popular in scotland. They are like kids with adhd. Give them attention or they will torment you.
I don't trust any dog based on it's species anyway because genes don't work that way. The obstacle for zebra domestication isn't just to do with aggression and the word immutable can't really apply to genes since they are all mutable so stop trying to brute force your point because if you are correct, humans have been bred for violence for a lot longer than any dogs and almost everyone has various genes for violent behavior or expression and we should eliminate them like those predisposed to heart disease or cancer.

It's already been proved that if you take people with "bad genes" out of the environment which triggers the genes to unsleeve and be read they are less likely to express these behaviors or attributes than those who don't have the genes at all.

>Nature always loses to nurture because nurture is environmental pressure and nature is the response.

Did you kick a pitbull then it ate your sister or something?
Stop with the bullshit. You have never owned a pet. Your mother didn't love you. You don't get a say in this.

Yeah no kidding. Doberman and shepherd pussy is TIGHT. Those are the best choices.

Probably just cucked by their housewives into owning a beta dog, or just betas by nature.

no matter how well they are raised they are genetically defunct, and by owning a pitbull you are perpetuating shitty genetics in dogs, and extremely shitty breeders.

You are the problem.

I mean, pitbulls don't even look good. They maul kids and shit. You "could" have sex with them but they are butt ugly as fuck.

Why not just get a doberman? Superior house protection, and looks cooler. And they are great at fucking.

I don't own a dog, any pedigree dog has shit genes btw. Loads of illnesses because of inbreeding.
Also there literally isn't a problem except that we don't regulate who can buy a pet very well. That is the only problem and the solution is to regulate, not to genocide them.

Tell you what, you can put every dog and puppy in the furnace yourself if you want it.

I want bernie
I'm allergic to long haired dogs though. Proper tears and snot, trouble breathing etc.

>I don't own a dog, any pedigree dog has shit genes btw. Loads of illnesses because of inbreeding.

Yes but something like bloat or hip dysplasia can be avoided by looking for a good breeder, and that's not like it's gonna rip a kid's face off. Some guy I know got his finger bit off at the middle by a pitbull out of nowhere.

>Also there literally isn't a problem except that we don't regulate who can buy a pet very well. That is the only problem and the solution is to regulate, not to genocide them.

I'm against pitbull breeding just like I'm against pug breeding, but pitbull breeding takes priority because human lives are at risk, while pug breeding is just abusive to the dog.

>Some guy I know got his finger bit off at the middle by a pitbull out of nowhere.

He tried to finger her pussy or his butthole.

>human lives are at risk,
The only life you care about is your own or you wouldn't be here talking about dogs. You are afraid of them and you don't want them to exist. Grow up. Mosquitos kill more children than pitbulls. Go give out nets.

Because the military industrial complex compels them to through highly effective means of information, misinformation, and advertisement

1 word
Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit.

>He tried to finger her pussy or his butthole.

no lol it happened at a store while he was parked somewhere and some other guys dog bit him

>The only life you care about is your own or you wouldn't be here talking about dogs. You are afraid of them and you don't want them to exist. Grow up. Mosquitos kill more children than pitbulls. Go give out nets.

Its like guns, a nigger problem not a dog problem. Or these dogs wouldn't be bred in the first place.

It's like hanging around niggers. It's only a matter of time before it chimps out over something and tries to end you.

>no lol it happened at a store while he was parked somewhere and some other guys dog bit him
So the dog just ran up to him and bit his finger off, is that what you are honestly trying to say?
Then it had rabies.
>Or these dogs wouldn't be bred in the first place.
You think they are exclusively american? Exclusively nog?

Let me make this painfully clear to the low-IQ imbeciles on this board.

Pitbulls have been deployed to the hottest areas of combat with special operators for decades now. They've fought and performed exceedingly well as soldiers, alongside America's soldiers as Patriots.

If you don't love these dogs, it's probably because you hate America. Moreover you don't have the education to understand that these animals do more before 4am than you do all day you fat, undereducated, poverty-ridden neckbearded faggots.

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There's a reason why they are banned in many places like Ontario for example.