Trap thread

Trap thread

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Requesting big dickd traps pretty please

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Got any more of this "me" you talk about?

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Its really me

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What's your biggest trap related fantasy?
I'll start.
I want a skinny tiny dick trap with a cute face with good self esteem so I can break them down, turn them down and turn them into an obedient slut. I want to take them out on a leash wearing a cute skirt, a tight tank top and lace panties. I want to force her to blow me in the car before going out anywhere and I want to leave my cum in those panties so she has to feel it as I walk her around.

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That jaw is pretty square, but you've got a nice body.
I wouldn't mind using that cock as a hand hold while fucking your ass.

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I bet you're a cock sucking pro. Any full frontal pics with those tits out?

Thank u

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Oh yes ;) no sorry

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oh jesus would throw around you around like a ragdoll and fuck you silly

I havent sorry

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Got any pics of your asshole from behind?

We'll behind the curve again.
That is one fine piece of ass though.
You should totally set up a kik or a snapchat.

taken many cocks?

This thread needs some Mish

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For more

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Blacks are literally too masculine to be convincing, even the passable one has like a 10inch hog

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I was gonna cum tribute Mish, but my load had a little extra kick this morning and shot over my phone. :( time to grab the spot cleaner for the carpet.

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So hott!

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Cute slender frame.
Who dis?

Thank u
Maybe 60

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Hi!! What's going on?

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cute tits

Good morning friends

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Stop posting niggers

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taste is subjective.

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These things are fucking disgusting.
Start a "animal abomination" thread if you want to post this garbage.

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Kik dailyanon

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Rip thread i guess lol

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More ass and asshole pics of her please
Who is she

Cute butt! Any more?

So many fags

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stop postan niggers on Sup Forums
fucking newfag garbage

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I want it.

Its me! Most people just refer to me as Red on here
Absolutey i got more

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it you? you da red girl? for reals?
you so hot baby!

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I'd really love to see some more then!

nevar forget

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You have a great ass!

dats a good whyte boi

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Its really me! Thank you!
Anything in particular you want to see?
Thats hun ;*

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On all fours please, like a good little girl

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Got any panties to put around that sexy cock of yours?

I'd like to see your titties, I bet they're way too cute

Yes sir ;*
I might have something like that let me look

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Such a good obedient sissy.

i agree with this user, send some panty pics please

Would definitely fuck

Very nice butt, now spread those cheeks so I can give it a little lick.

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I have minimal titty. Ill see if there are any that show them off well lol
Just how im meant to be
As requested!
If only you could get a piece of this ass
Ill post one shortly

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Kind of wanted one showing your sexy bulge but nice one anyways.

Would still love to see your chest tho