Any love for latinas on Sup Forums?

any love for latinas on Sup Forums?

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Hell yes

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High school girl

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I like my pussy like I like my apple pie........american made and made by whites

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When I worked at Albertsons there was this latina who really really, and I mean really liked to suck dick.
I dated her for almost a year. But she would be down to suck dick in the car, in the back of the store and just about anywhere if you just whip out your dick.
She would come to my apartment sometimes just because she wanted to suck my dick. It was super hot.
She was cute. Nice booty, okay personality too.
I wished there were phones back then with cameras to record all of it. Last I heard she had 2 daughters and moved to San Diego.
Latinas were always cool to me.

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who is this perfection??

What's the deal with Mexican tits?

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Anyone got DJ from NY?


Missdaisyp19 on instagram

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Nope! Their hair is too long, they look boring, and their pussies are always bald.

Latinas love white guys. As a white guy from southern Texas, I have had similar experiences that you have had. I haven't been with many girls, but the latinas have treated me way better than white bitches.

How’s this Latina?

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You sound like a faggot. Latina pussy is heaven.

Jesus God

They always wear pants too. What real man wants women that constantly wear pants and no skirts and dresses. Sounds like you are the faggot.

Nah nah nah

Lord Christ

Any more

Who are you? Jerry Seinfield?

They’re from Mexico

fucking perfect, more of her plz

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Have you ever met more than one latina? Tons of them are super religious and wear nothing but skirts and dresses, faggot. Honestly, they wear dresses and skirts way more than white bitches. Move to a sanctuary city, faggot.

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Kik me..linatics555 have more of her

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I live in Houston, they are fucking everywhere here. They are not as conservative as you make them to be. 75% of them wear Colombiana jeans and yoga pants all fucking day long. Many of them go to church with yoga pants or leggings. Only the old ass abuelas wear the long skirt.

fuck mexicans. You need them island bitches. come to the north east, we got plenty. Them islanders got fire ass pussy man

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i'm in love

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We got Mexicans, Salvadorians, Guatemalan bitches, Ecuadorians, Colombians, Jamaicans, Trini, Venezuelan, Argentinian, etc. etc.

Nothing special about any of them. They are just prettier looking men wearing pants in 100 degree heat. All of them got hairy arms like a man too, but a bald child pussy. Fuck outta here with that shit.

They got wet pussy I'll give you that, but they are basic as fuck and boring.

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Tell me you have nudes

Any more


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this is the only hot chick in the thread

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why are they all batshit insane

Bro lol you just never had a latina love you. Probably your personality being so terrible lol


Theyre stupid, but they cook for you, fuck you whenever you want (always horny), take care of you, fuck my ex used to bathe me. You will never know love and passion and sex until you get it from a puerto rican woman

My Mexican gf loves this white dick.


Well bounce the fuck outta here white nigger.

None of this shit is better than East Asian. They do all these things and much more. Shit even lots of EE girls and SEA girls are better than this.

The only thing Latinas have going for them is that they are a little bit better than white girls. If that is your best attribute, that's not much bro.

Fuck asian bitches! Latinas are far more beautiful than the brown gooks! Maybe a korean or jap bitch, but theyre all Americanized now and worse than nigger men.

they are shit, almost like niggers.

Asian bitches dont know how to fuck

Bump for this pls i know there something of her

Americanized? Not if you go there like I did!! What the fuck do you think Latinas are? They ARE American! Their attitudes are all kinds of fucked up.

You never fucked one before. Try a Chinese or a Korean. A LBFM like a Thai or a Pinay if you like em brown.

Her eyes are as dead as her soul.

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I have. They dont know how to fuck

Not the immigrants. And thats who i love. Thats why im for open boarders. Youre telling me i can have as many latina women as i want because they can be here legally? god please

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MAGA 2020!

So a rowdy masculine woman is needed to drain your balls because you are probably too lazy to teach a young inexperienced, non slutty woman what to do.

Got it.

What a faggot. Doesnt even want latin women in the country. Fucking bitch

Lmfao rowdy and masculine? You dont know shit lmao id rather have psycho bitches then a little submissive pillow princess. Im the man, why should i teach her shit? She should already know how to pleasure me. And latinas know that shit naturally

Lol you dont like slutty women? you just want a submissive little girl who you can groom to love you because no one else besides brainwashed bitches will? You sound like an insecure faggot lmfao

Would you marry a latina or white chick?

Id prefer a latina. They care for you better and become obsessed with you if youre white. Which does create a little drama and psycho behavior, but i love it

Latina with colored eyes could be awesome.

Plan on marrying my Latina gf. Couldn’t imagine dealing with half the white bitches I dated, looking back I dunno if I picked low value girls or something but none of them were worth the bullshit they subjected me to

My Latina gf is crazy like any girl but holy fuck is she loyal as hell and loves taking care of me when I need it

Ruby slut

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She looks delicious.

holy fuck moar