So I have this irresistible attraction to my sister in law...

So I have this irresistible attraction to my sister in law. It started a couple years back when she stayed the night at my house and I had this opportunity to smell her daisy duke sleeping shorts. It was like starving man smelling a cinnamon roll.. I was instantly hooked and hungry. I am constantly thinking about her whether I want to or not and hard for her. She flirts too which makes it worse and has me on the verge of trying to make a move. We are going to Hawaii as a family later this year (like the McCallisters) and I will have an opportunity to be in close quarters for a few days and maybe hide a camera in her room. >Does anyone have any advice on which cameras work the best/ best battery life/best location to hide them? I really want to see her peach and I don't think I can resist.

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You're gonna watch her get fucked by her husband that way. At least Larp as somebody smarter than you ya fuckin cuck n bell.

Just have sex with her user already

She is only 20 and has no husband.

I would like to but I am flat out scared she might be like "wtf??" and try to cause problems with my family afterwards. So..
I am about to sell my first home which I inherited in a few weeks and I was thinking of using that as an incentive with some cash to back my proposition to her just in case she squirms. Like maybe a $1000 for some head? Was thinking of starting slow though with a flash of her tits for some smaller cash. Wdyt??

U must be the fattest ugliest piece of shit alive.

if she flirts, flirt back

if she only flirts with you around other people, she's probably fucking with you because you're probably not subtle about how you want to fuck her

if she flirts with you in private, might be the same as above but you can at least flirt back and either get something playful going in the relationship, or just be straight up with what you want

or you can be a creep and record her, get caught and fuck up your relationship

I'm just a guy with a fantasy. Where do you add it up to fat and ugly??
You, must be a vengeful woman.
Or a gay man.

It's pretty obvious ur fat and ugly

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I mean, I don't think me coming onto her in private versus trying to record her without her knowing is much different when it comes to the creep factor.
And she's only 19 (almost 20 basically) with a part time job, not much cash... so I figured offering her some cash on top of her interest I percieved from her flirting might kind of stir her interest

Lmfao. So cringy


Is she nineteen or twenty?
Details be changing, I think this is fakebait

Very nice

Show her facebook photo or fake and gay

>1000$ for head

Damm how desperate are you?

I mean, being cringy here doesn't bother me

Like I said, basically twenty, but yeah, 19. Birthday is in a month. That is why i said it like that inbetween posts

Yeah fucking right pal

Totally worth it.
See the idea is making an offer she cannot refuse easily

why are you making this so complicated? if you flirt back and shes into it, keep doing it, move onto body contact, if that passes, move to cuddling, if that passes move to getting drunk and fucking. if it doesn't pass, blame it on the alcohol and wait for her to come to you. you made your move. if she never comes, you have your answer, move on.

The drunk part is a good idea.. except she doesnt drink really. But I like the use of it as an excuse. Any other idea ?

weed works well too. Or nothing, if it doesn't pass, just apologize and say, "the moment got the best of you" or something along those lines

back ground screen Phone recorder. Preferably set the setting for the front cam so it looks less suspicious. Its perfect. You can catch just about anywhere. And make SURE you have a password that no one knows. Post results here :)

Is she some broke slut?

Not exactly

A lot of the reason that I am entertaining the cash part is because she is a virgin and hasn't fucked around much

Excellent deduction that a virgin hasn't fucked around much.

As in dick inside pussy, shit for brains

I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume English is not your primary language.

But yeah go ahead and try to pay a virgin relative $1000 for a blowjob. Seems like something they'd go for.