Diaper thread

Diaper thread

weekend just started. that means nothing but diapers for me, pics obviously related

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You get your kids on the weekend?


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I have none. I'm the kid in this scenario.

yo that's me. I'm flattered

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I don't understand this fetish? Is it feeling like a toddler again or like the feeling of a soiled diaper? I'm legit confused.

Like any fetish, it can vary greatly.
For me it's feeling like a toddler in part, and the taboo feelings that come with this. Yes, I love the feeling of a diaper and a wet diaper even, but that's only because of the associations that the first two psychological aspects make.
Probably doesn't make much sense to a healthy mind, but that's the simplest way I can explain.

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oh shit it is? i didn't realize lol

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You weird son of a bitch.

I know, user.

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If it makes you happy then keep on doing what you're doing. I think this is one of the top 3 weirdest fetishes out there.

>I think this is one of the top 3 weirdest fetishes out there.
If you haven't seen many fetishes, sure. It definitely isn't even close to making the top 10.
But I can see that's a bit rich coming from me.

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I don't like mentioning the sick shit pedophiles and murderers are into.

What I mean is top 3 harmless fetishes.

I'm not sure I follow. are you implying diaper fetishists are murderers and pedophiles, or harmless?

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Mommy told me to pull down my diaper and bend over.

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Waking up in a soaked Peek is the best thing

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Just ran out of peeks.
Best I've ever felt was waking up in a soaked magnifico with morning wood. Shit, that felt good

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padded after a workout ;)

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How many boosters do you have in that?

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clothes being tight over a diaper bulge are one of my favourite things

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more like PAMP, also checked

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woah, didn't see my epic get
this is a blessed diaper thread

Since diapers are used both in AB/ageplay as well as in BDSM, I feel like we could fairly easily start referring to them as “pampers” for the nurturing/cuddling/changing/littlespace aspect, and “punishers” for the sub/dom/control/humilation/scene-extender aspect.
Too bad that will never catch on. I hate having to wade through pages of ageplay just to find some women wearing diapers but otherwise acting like adults.