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Nice thread ya got here

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not a lot of people around to post this early in the morning, huh?

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i woke/got up 7 minutes ago

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u peeps have a better than average morning
i have to go deal with sum bulshit

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More juicy buttholes

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Under age. Zoe be 16!

Why is furry art so fucking intoxicating? I can scroll through it for hours.

made this, any thoughts?

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because you're a mentally ill loser

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Hello everyone :3
How are you doing today?

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would be a shame if something were to happen to it

replace ridiculous male furry with human male and pic is 1000000% better.

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no work today so ill be here from time to time. Watching movies and cooking.

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because animals are inherently good looking and you have to convince yourself it's socially acceptable to fap to depictions of animals getting screwed

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Slow thread, how're you all?

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getting drunk, eating pistachios, might order a pizza. And its not even afternoon.

I want my own bar one day, but I can't justify spending the cash to just have liquor sitting all cool. Bench would be easy enough to make.

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attempts to resolve disappointment put me down unexpected roads that lead to moar disappointment.

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Ooh, does somebody know the arist/character name?

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I just arrived home. I had to pick up slats for finishing floors. I'm tired after whole day at work... I plan to bundle up in the bed with tea and then sleep. I'm going to work on my apartment tomorrow, right from morning.

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...damn I forgot to buy a frozen pizza

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Character: franchesca (garasaki)
Artist: kitsuneten

You owe me frozen pizza...

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maek ur own

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damn, actually delivered. Guess I do owe you now

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dough, tomato sauce, cheese, toppings. It's really simple.

You need yeast for that restaurant taste but that's about it. Don't use pasta sauce.

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Oh yeah, by the way don't overload in the center. Make the dough as thick as possible, not thin. You need more flour than you think to powder the outside of it.

Homemade pizza is better than delivered corporate crap. Just use yeast.

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Thank you for guidance ;3
I know well how to make pizza. But I don't have the energy for it right now.

It's my "ritual" to visit parents at Friday. Then, warm up "pizza" watch a few episodes of Family guy and go to bed.

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bump with doggo

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a bit slow thread...

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animals arnt attractive and never will be, find a therapist or kill yourselves

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You're a slow thread

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cool. I saw family guy already. The entire thing.

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What's that user? Afraid you got a boner from some furry porn you found?

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Congratulation for bumping furry thread then ;3

nah this is the last shit I would get off to
ill bump you into a grave nigger

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I quite enjoy it It is pleasantly "refreshing" nowadays ;3

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Less egglord-written than they used to be, but they still pick on meg too much.

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Request incest

There's a good chance I'm more white than you.
I dare say that there would be no problem to get Totenkopf premium membership with my genes

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why do you hate deep sex with animals? Aka furries, so much?

Furries are good and get laid, no stds, no wedding registries, no cheating, no kids, and no alimony.

Deal with it, normalfag

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whiter then you mohammed
that's so fucked up man, you need the most mental help out of everyone here

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my dick is kind of sore on the left side but it feels so good.

and its grown by at least 2 inches the past year, and thicker too.

Your thoughts?

good thing I haven't eaten yet or I would have barfed

Judging from your literacy, you are a nigger at least from half... Has your mom already told you about Mr. Tyrone the mailman?

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And yet you are in this thread, about sexy animals. Irony.

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if it was up to me yall niggas would be long dead

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Unfortunately, you are completely insignificant in this matter. At least you can kill yourself ;3

Maybe someone up there in heaven, adds up your heroic deeds here... and you will have some plus points for it.

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just pray you don't bump into me irl cuz It wont end well for you

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You repeat yourself darling...
You've threatened me several times that you want to meet me irl... in threads like this ;3

So, here is my ZIP: CZ562 24

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Once I managed to lick B-52 (here in Europe)
The taste is overestimated...

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So is your intellect.

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