Secrets Thread

Secrets Thread

Hardmode: No LARPing

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Op is a faggot, there no larping.

but how is that a secret?

I car'ed one of my mom's '88 in the White Chapel's fonger

Tried to knock-up my GF in high school because she was hot and I was insecure. She'd watch or help me put the condom on and sometime before or during I'd take it off and
throw it to the side of the bed. Honestly no clue how she didn't get pregnant. Made me think I was sterile which led to a kid with a different girl in college. lol

But who was bathing the nieces?


Posted about this before, but I recently realized my loving relationship of five years won't work out. Recently realized that I can't be happy without a girl that I have been in love with since 6th grade. 16 years later I still have a shoebox under my bed with everything she ever gave me, including some rough looking chocolates. Only told her how I felt once and she accused me of projecting my perfect girl on her because I didn't know her. Which was fair. She is accomplished professionally and seems happy so I don't bother. I find solace in knowing that there is an alternate timeline where she is with me. Like comfort in a Hospice Inn. GF is a great girl and deserves better than I'm emotionally able to give. After I get back in good shape I'm going to break up with her and live out my miserable bachelor life.

Dont beat yourself up so much, people fall out of love, life will go on. Seen it plenty of times. Keep your chin up user, thats a tough decision.

His sister's cousin's father

It was pretty stupid. I was aware enough to know dating chicks that hot wasn't the norm and I justified it by telling myself we had a true-blue, divine connection. I guess I deserve
the child support bill.

If this isn't a LARP then you are genuinely the dumbest motherfucker alive, holy shit

Its naïve, yeah, but it's not really that dumb.

My family was having a gathering with me, my cousin, sister and my sisters bf. We were playing spin the bottle in my room and i made out with my cousin. Later on that night when we were starting to have showers and go to bed my cousin got out of the shower as i was leaving my room and she dropped the towel right in front of me. I got kinda nervous and just kept walking while giggling and she kept saying it was an accident for the rest of the night.

Appreciate the kind words. I've been waiting for life to go on for 16 years though. I don't talk about her. Don't look up her FB. Don't talk about her. Still she haunts me with pleasant dreams. I'm a fucking basketcase.

The frat gang bang gril was bathing them

I'll agree to that. In my defense I went to a very conservative-led HS with abstinence-centric health education before the internet was quite the resource it is now. Tried for a solid year
but nothing happened. Who was I going to ask about it? My religious parents? Conservative counselor? The girl who didn't know we were even trying for a baby? I was left to my
presumptions. First drunk girl at the first college party of my life was my learning resource.

Sounds like something a fat chick would do.

That's Life, user. You don't get what you want because its not real, just a fantasy.

An older boy who is gay performed sex acts on me when i was 12-13.
Fucked me up pretty bad. Didnt know what was happening.

Is she still here?
I want to ask her if she still feel bad when fratbros call her names. Kind of stupid question, but I'm curious.

Yea dreams can really affect your mood.
You know user it may just be that you are in love with the idea of that girl from 6th grade. You dont know who she is now or how she is. Sometimes user you do not know what you have until you lose it. Fix yourself and your mind then decide wether its in your best interest to break up with your current gf

Idk dude why are you asking me? Lol im sure “she” will pop up like usual.

Get rid of that box, you are holding on to 6th grade girl its been long enough you should let that go.

Quaddddssss she must answer you now youve summoned her

I thought you knew 'her'.

Holy shit!!! I got quads!!!!!


Check em

And how did you come to that conclusion?

yeah i was asking myself. i suppose that after the 30 man gangbang which was "rougher but went really well" she got something like an author's block.

Ex college frat boii here I would say 70% of the girls I slept with during my college frat years were intoxicated drugs or alcohol they couldnt say no. Also many of the parties we had were only to get girls wasted enough to fuck our pledges so they could lose theirr v cards. No virgins were allowed in my frat.

I'm obsessed with my wife's sister and how she breastfeeds. We're pretty close friends because I helped her through the pregnancy when her baby-daddy split. Aside from her being touchy-feely during conversation (can be chalked up to comfort), a few glimpses of her bare ass (again, comfort and circumstance), and a lot of unashamed side-boob/nipple, nothing has happened. I can't even look up hot chicks breastfeeding because I'm not sure if it's child porn (even though the child bit isn't an element in my kink). I'm reduced to suckling my wife's tit and thinking about her sister during sex. Fuck

Yeah, that's what she told me when I tried to plead my undying love a few years ago. Definitely waiting to be in a better place before making decisions.

I know. It's hard to part with. Like throwing away an ideal timeline and version of me.


when my boyfriend is goes to work i regularly let random guys i know fuck me. my boyfriend doesn't know.
it's guys i went school with, his co-workers on different schedules, friends, his friends and guys ive been on dates with from tinder.
i sometimes feel guilty for doing it but the different shapes and sizes of dicks feel so good.
im trans if that matters.

Are you the fratbro who drugged and gang fucked Miranda? You will be so proud of yourself if really happened.

I've been recording the women I have sex with. Like it's literally been 16 of the last 19 women I've slept with.

I don't plan on spreading any of them because I guess that's where I draw the line as unethical. I figure that if I don't share them with anyone, it would be no different than being cybernetically enhanced and having an external memory for some stuff.

Pic related: proof.

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>an author's block.
I'm thinking the same.

Before I take a shit in public restrooms I squirt 3 drops of hand sanitizer on the toilet seat(left, center, right) and on the front of the bowl(my dick bumps into it), then wipe. I don’t trust anyone’s nasty body.

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She told once 'she' is a daily phone lurker.

Tell stories.

Post op?

No im not im an actual real frat boi not some stale larp


Not ironic at all.

Any good stories of pic related? Anymore proof of her?

>Larps vs anons crying about larps
God, I love these threads so much.

>Random pic
Choose one larp

I come here to mercilessly subject everyone here with my weapons grade autism and repulsive fetishes. My bedroom smells like cum because I never open the window. There’s an indoor cat here too so the ammonia from all the piss is faintly present. Rotting leftovers from thanksgiving in the trash can. Uwu... get me dirty Onii-Chan uwu

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i have been fucking my wifes older sister who is 2 years older the my wife for 5 years now.

Hiw did it start

i like fingering my asshole and smelling the anal mucus that comes out

too bad because the stories were good, like a mix of Miranda copypasta and Adriana Chechik videos rofl.

i need other larpers with similar stories

i know necromancy for real

at the cottage one weeked. drinking and my wife went to bed. so did my sister in laws husband. we were drunk and started making out and ended up fucking on the couch

I used to edge myself with my little cousin's feet while she slept.

I can't exactly timestamp a recording from the past for further proof... what else am I supposed to do? lol

I don't feel so bad about posting a few stills about this chick since she's a girl I met in Eastern Europe so it'll probably not ever even come close to affecting her life.

I met her at a metal bar in the capital city of her country. She is in a conservatory for a classical instrument that she plays so we connected over music.

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I creep on my roommate's fiancee when she's changing. Couple months ago a former-marine handsome gym-bro coworker was looking for a place to stay. Dude was either telling war stories
or sex stories at work. No in between. Figuring I wouldn't mind some hot drunk chicks at my place, and secretly hoping he'd hook me up with another coworker he was friends with, I offered
my spare bedroom. Little did I know he was into really short, petite trashy girls. Was a bit disappointed, but while walking my dog found that one of their bedroom windows isn't near the
parking lot light. On nights when I hear her blasting god awful country in the shower I sneak out and around. Their blinds are eternally cracked about 4 inches. Some nights she goes straight
to the closet and gets dressed. Others she'll facetime him at work naked. I've seen her masturbate a handful of times, and there's enough of my DNA on the siding of the building to make a
conviction for sure. Not really my type, but she's hot and tits are tits. Worth letting him move in.

Not OP but I have definitely tried to knock up my GF. She gets so horny off BC and she begs me not to cum inside her but she craves it anyway. Its definitely a feeling that sends shivers up my spine.

Actually, maybe its true. Met a few sluts like her at college. They had a steady boyfriend, went to a party and did drugs and rough group sex and "Bang!!", they become hardcore party sluts.

When I was in junior high i used to keep nude pictures of myself in between regular pictures on my phone. That way I would show a random picture to a girl hoping she would swipe and find one of them. I would then fake embarrassment and claim I forgot that was there. I guess due to our age they would usually just giggle and some would even try to comfort me from my "embarrassment" and tell me it was ok and that it was an accident. Good days.

True or real?

Miranda was the frat gangbang girl

For real for real?

Holy shit you're retarded

I wore my underwear backwards once

Artsy women I've met just go about sex differently. Dated an artist for a year and it was amazing. She would distinguish between 'special cuddling' where we would fall asleep
with me in her and actual lovemaking. She'd text me that she "lacked inspiration" for painting and we'd essentially sit with me inside her and she'd paint. Literally shushing me
if I so much as moaned or got gropey. I know of at least 3 paintings hanging on her parent's/brother's walls that were made with "inspiration". It was torturous but the lovemaking
afterward was worth it. She was unique.

Also, going to need more stills of her. She's beautiful.

what the fuck is wrong with you, that shit hurts

Dude what the fuck, this is a nice board ok.

Maybe you are right. No joke.
Just in case, Love you too, C.

Who knows for sure, but I need proof.

ok, and how are they now? likely both phisically and mentally destroyed.

but then, stories?

I'm about as straight as it gets but have had some really gay experiences. Sucked a dick for a minute and then rated the kid out to his Christian family because he wouldn't stop grabbing my dick. Used to tell a friend from when I was a kid that I could transform into a girl and he would run against me naked and pee on my butt. Used to pretend I was a girl and use a classmate's photos on golivewire.

No clue why I did all this, but I have 0 attraction to men.

All you faggots know that most frats/students dont stay during winter break when she posted her stories and when her 3 gangbangs supposedly happened. How can frats throw parties when campus are basically empty and their brother fuck off to their families for the break

I think you are not alone when it comes to this stuff. Its pretty queer but if you are not into guys sexually or romantically it's not gay. Those things are hardly the boogeyman people make it out to be.

Yeah, I tend to hook up with mostly artsy chicks myself. Though I never had one ask me to be inside them while they were painting, I totally get that they def draw on sex for a lot of creative energy lol.

Def beats the often sought after "model type" which tend to be void of any real personality and mediocre, at best, in bed.

Anyhow, here's another.

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i don't know shit about frat parties so....

Shes stunning lucky man, who was your best lay/best looking that you remember?

Girlfriend handed me her phone with pictures of her ugly little dog. Instead of showing me them individually she just opened the 'recent' album. Further down were pics
of her eating out a chick I didn't know. We argued for awhile about trust being broken and emotionally cheating. I've essentially blackmailed her for sex when she normally
wouldn't be interested the last little bit. A lot of our dirty talk lately is about inviting another woman to join us as it then would not being emotionally cheating. She gets super
into it in the moment, but doesn't talk about it otherwise. Here's hoping my leverage works.

I sucked a log of shit out of andy dennis sixx's asshole

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I pains me to hear when people are freaking out about trust and cheating and blackmail and leverage. If my chick was into other chicks I'd let her mess around as long as she let's me know. It's this attitude that we are not allowed to be interested in other people if we are in a relationship or have fantasies and such. You guys are so bottled up.

>eating out a chick
Shes not emotionally cheating user shes past that

What if she wants dick? Would you be ok woth that?

I’m wary of everyone who says, “your child is so cute!!” I always agree and go with the motions. However, I keep an eye out for hovering. The wall with pictures of missing children in Walmart bothers the fuck out of me. All these cameras everywhere in this day and age, people STILL go missing!?! And a kidnapper could look like anyone!

This happened to a buddy of mine:
>staying in cheap in-kitchen hotel
>kids are dumb as rocks
>sky lander and Minecraft all day
>white, short brown haired QT
>walks up to the room
>knocks on the door, boy opens door
>she ask them to come with
>they say no cause vidya
>she says ok, leaves
She’s not even staying in the hotel. Bypassed the front desk via broken door in the back near a busted security camera. Never see this chic again.

To all parental anons. Stay Alert!!!

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I think about her often. She was adamant about "no sex in the painting corner only 'cuddling'." After painting she'd ask me to make her food and massage her or put on a record and waltz naked
before we could make love. I learn to waltz with a sex-fogged brain so well I could probably do it in my sleep. I have never worked so hard for pussy before or since but I am fond of the memory.
I may move back to Santa Cruz yet.

Your musician is a vision. Any pictures of her in the act?

I said she didn't let me know tho. lol


Oh I know. Wasn't thinking in the moment so my argument was all jumbled. Made her show me the whole phone and the only pictures were between her and the girl.
It would normally bother me more but I was honestly just relieved there were no guys in any pictures. Also she's the hottest girl I've ever been with and I'm very shallow.
I got increased activity and leverage to push a threesome out of the deal, so I'd say I'm doing alright.

Godspeed then user, gl. Just oray she doesnt as for a mmf after your mff

Here's my deepest secret
I'm afraid of Santa Claus


I have cum in my gf's sisters shoes before, pic related

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That would be hot too

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shame ur not

I'm a huge fan of beans and cornbread.

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I've been subscribed to my sisters onlyfans for like 2 months now

Aye hook a nigga up, fam.

Share something plz

I mean, unless you're mormon and believing in soaking, I think that definitely fits the definition of sex though lol. I do have a few segments that woud make good stills of the action, but I'd have to find the right frames and edit them first. Here's one I took simultaneously with the last in case you want to see some vag.

The "objectively" best looking chick is an internationally known person. Not like super famous, but famous enough, I guess. So I'm not sure if i'll risk any stills of her on here. But she was like fucking a sex doll, unfortunately.

You should realize that there's no way of you knowing for sure that she isn't fucking other dudes if that's what your real fear is. Trust was broken and that's that. No pics =/= not fucking other dudes, after all. This one girl I hookup with has a boyfriend and she asks me to cum in her constantly. She even wants to join me and another girl I'm seeing. She says I'm the only person she has ever cheated on her bf with, but even I'm not naive enough to believe that... and you shouldn't be either lol

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