Not only will he get re-elected. Hes also going to get a third term

Not only will he get re-elected. Hes also going to get a third term.

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The libtard meltdown Nov 3rd will be epic enough.

I can die happy after watching.

Only if he gets convicted and has to serve 3 life sentences will he get 3 terms.
It is however looking most likely he will be re-elected unfortunately. The only good thing about that is the sheer amount of leftist butthurt it’s going to generate.

Donald Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, 2048, 2052, 2056, 2060, and beyond!

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Americans yearn for three terms for Trump. One prison term for corruption; one prison term for abuse of office; one term for obstruction of justice.

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I hope you're not lying to me

Only the brainwashed ones.

Sure kid. Like America is just like other third world terrorist and authoritarian nations. You think if trump loses there gonna be another civil war... wait until dictator drumf. No one gonna follow that and I'm a Republican.

Well good luck to ya America. Just don't let them crash the plane this time.

Did you flunk political science/civics/social studies when you were in Jr. High?

The U.S. Constitution clearly states that The POTUS can only serve TWO terms.

haha imagine hating someone that did nothing to you only because the news told you to

Liberal tears are delicious.

5 more years. This is too much fun to watch emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtards seethe over Orange Man Bad.

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a law that was passed in 1947 ... that could be overruled by an executive order

Re-elected, yes, but third term, no.

The left pushed a little to open that (pandora's) box when Obama was in office, but it still isn't legal. I highly doubt they would push for it at all without a dem in the whitehouse, and the right won't push for it, because it's just a bad idea.

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Not a liberal, definitely not a Democrat.
I hate trump because he proved he’s a RINO bitch by banning bumpstocks illegally. It’s why it’s being challenged in court, still.

Can’t tell if bait, or stupid...

Wonder which country they blame this time for Dems losing in November.


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>Spews retarded conspiracy theories copied straight off AOC's Twatter feed
>durrr I'm uh Republican

Sure you are, Sergei. You Slav shills got plenty of vodka an borsche to stay warm with, comrade? Gotta be cold there in Moscow.

being this much of a snowflake you might as well register as a dem

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Why would you want that? Everything would be broken. There won’t be any adults in the government for years. Idiocracy of a nigger country magnitude ensues. Eventually, there would just be a dog that doesn't even like Trump and of course Ivanka (because he changed the incest laws)

I am convinced the young turks 2016 coverage will never be topped,

user get your head out of your ass please, daddy trump needs it tonight

How is calling out the violation of the Constitution being a snowflake, you fucking retard.

I doubt his fat ass is going to be able to survive another 4 years.

Put on as much hair spray for that ridiculous comb over you want, use as much orange fake tan spray you want-- the man is the oldest president elected currently and is also in the top 5 fattest presidents ever.

The man is 1 Big Mac away from a massive heart attack. Not to mention that it is against the constitution for a president to have more than 2 terms.

No one will go into that quagmire.

China - they’re kinda setting it up now -

Cenk can fuck a goat in protest. Ana can too.

They claim to be conservatives to protect the constitution.

99% cant remember what the document says or remember half of the amendments.

They rant about protecting the 2nd without really reading it, but want to change other amendments or take them out.

Fucking hilarious

I specifically only said he illegally banned bumpstocks - he violated the takings clause and the ex post facto clause of the Constitution - seizure without fair compensation, making something illegal after it was previously legal.
Stop strawmanning.

Funny. The "right" trashes the constitution while claiming its defense.
The "left" trashes the constitution while claiming to trash it.
It's almost like "both sides" have identical practical agenda"s" and are only separated by rhetoric for entertainment and brainwashing purposes. Almost.
Nah, I'm sure it's all coincidence.

That's not what I (a different user) am saying:

I'm referring to so called constitutional conservatives that support Trump, are rabid about the 2nd amendment, but dont know anything else about the document.

I'm not specifically insulting you at all. I'm laughing at the ones calling you a snowflake for disagreeing with Trump's actions.

It is hilarious because if they are his supporters, he banned a gun part and has supported the idea of different forms of stricter gun control. I am laughing at liberals that wont take single issues as they are relating to Trump because he did something many liberals say would be a good thing- stricter gun control.

Make it for terms, one term for putting a hot on former ambassador to Ukraine... But trumptards, he kept another promise. I COULD SHOT SOMEONE ON MAIN STREET AND MY PEOPLE WOULD STILL VOTE FOR ME

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First Women President

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First women president

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Alright, gotcha. I love firearms, by extension, 2A. That’s what got me into the Constitution, really reading and understanding it, and then all of our founding fathers, especially Thomas Paine, and their thoughts and clarifications of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
When things are done legally, while I may not agree with them, I can at least respect them and seek change through legal recourse.
I don’t like it when any politician seeks to circumvent our laws - and just to clarify, I do not think morality, ethics and law are the same.

Cry to me. I thrive on your salty tears.

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I’d bet a $1 whomever made these never read the requirements for becoming a US president.

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Use this please....

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You forgot
>One term for making me cry :(

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Looking to give my liberal feminist gf to trump supporters for humiliation and abuse. Kik publicgf

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22nd Amendment, dipshit

idk about a third term, but with a Repub. Senate, there's no chance the Impeachment will follow through.

As for a Second Term....
I'm Fairly Confident.

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It says two CONSECUTIVE terms. The question is someone, having been impeached, allowed to run for the office of POTUS?