Name my band

Name my band.

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Jebadiah and the 7 horsemen

Löst Pröphet

Hairy Wings United

Jesus Christ Mennonite Superstar.
Ezekiel's midnight milkers

"We're Terrified of What's About to Happen"

The hat hair hezekiah's

"Fiddlin' Kiddies"

Gaywol Nation

Ortodox rath

The Hairy Tales


sleeping beauty and the 7 dwarves

Cinder Block Barbers

Cürly Crüe

Peachfuzz and the bell heads

A swing and amish

Amon Amish

50 feet of bearded NEET

Grumpy and the Seven Beards



Uruk Hai reunion?

I got a similar haircut lmao wow

Amish Amuck

Jacob's Row

The Electric Amish already exists as a band.

writers of the constitution

Barn to Raise Hell

Sodom and the Sodomites

63 to 69

Starvin the barber

The Dead Milkmen

What happens in the barn stays in the barn

The Oompa-BOOMpa

Ami-shittin ma pants


Uncle Yoder featuring The Miller Boys, with a guest appearance by the Bad Bowl Cuts

Horny Earlie McBeardie and the good time moonshine boys

8men, 1barber


Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles, and Fripp

Beard Man Group


ZZ Top Redux

Soggy Bottom Boys feat. Crapper

Helter Skelter

Joe white and the seven dwarves


Deliver us From Mustaches