Any guys out there ever actually expose their Unaware wives online? Pic related

Any guys out there ever actually expose their Unaware wives online? Pic related.

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Yes My gf


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Anyone wants to share their wife/gf? Kik me: fixedgeary

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This real?

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Yup, minor exposure, just nudes, no name/face/details.

Used to post more often but have since slowed down, looking through the archives I've posted quite a bit of her but she doesn't get reposted too often.

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Posted pics and vids a while back. Now they're all over the net and I cant take them down. Turns me on knowing that people still watch those videos

Keep the face out should be fine. Killer body

I've posted my gf quite a few times since like a few months ago

Same here

Wish I had people posting my girl, so far only ever seen her posted on Sup Forums once or twice without me doing it

i like to show my wifes pics to people

lets see

Message me on Kik. To show off your wife/gf. I can even post them around. Hyg3iolatry2

yeah, i used to expose my unaware girlfriend all the time... until someone recognised her

yes still do sometimes

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anything ever come from that?

So inviting

Yeah, facing 2-5 years for it. Ama

You guys need to just show off your wives here. At least start with a face pic non nude and a nude no face.

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I've been posting my gf for a couple of months now. At first i did it without her knowing, then i told her of this fetish i have :D Now we are both into it

Make this slut known how exposed to the world she is


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Did he tell her ? Réaction ?

I posted her 2 times months a year ago and now it got out of control after sharing it with some assholes and now everyone we know knows about it.

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Si you thought why not keep sharing ?

I post my wife here all the time, but I've never posted her face publicly. I stick with cropped shots of her tits or ass.

I've mostly moved over to private trading. It's hard to find good partners but I've been trading with a few guys for a couple years. At this point they're just friends and we happen to share nudes of our wives.

Yes retard, its literally 70% of the threads on this board.


Obviously still turns me on.
We kind of leaned into it eventually and are part of a few niche groups in our area now.

Wish I could get in on sharing nudes between my friend group, would love to see what their wives look like.

How'd you go about doing that?

id like to know too.

Yes but never post face

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My gf

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all the time

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mmmmm fuck, i'm very interested. kik? or post here?

Love posting my wife.

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Can post here.

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Looking for a long term trade?

I've been trading long term with 3 guys I met online, 2 on here and one of those guys put me in contact with the third.

I also swap pics with a few real friends. That's a little trickier and it really depends on what your relationship is like. We are all pretty open about our sex lives so it's not really out of the ordinary to be hanging out one night and be like "dude, my wife sent me the hottest pic today at work" or "she hasn't send me nudes in months" and then it kind of goes from there.

Go on!!

I'd like to see her spreading doggie style

making my cock rock hard

going away with my buddies this weekend. Ill give it a try

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Anyone know a way to unblur these?

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Nice, I don't hang out with my friend group often enough to get that conversation rolling, most of the nudes I get are candid shots that I've taken

um, you can't?
that part of the image is solid coloured blocks
it's not like a realtime filter that you can turn off

Good luck

It's definitely easier in person. I moved away about a year ago and the trading has conitnued, but it's so much easier to start that conversation in person. It just really depends how tight you guys are and if you think anyone would run and tell their wife that you asked to swap nudes.

I do all the time on Kik to you can find me at throwaway12420

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Looking for long term. Been trying private trading with a few guys but most are fake or ham planets

I only like sharing with guys who know her.. However I've also seen too many threads where people get doxxed etc.

She does get recognised every now and then, but there's usually one knob that just insults etc because I won't post them publically

Thus am now in a paradox where I want to post her, but I know she will be recognised, and I have a fear she will be doxxed.

First World problems

No one into my wife?

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Yep i share her online usually on here

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Kik markbowlings

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Last one then I guess

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I am add more show us some face

damn fine body, but ironically here to talk

getting doxxed is what i'm most concerned about, it coming back to me would just kill any fun that was going for it before

i used to hang out with my friend group weekly but its since died down, could probably get away with doing it but don't do see them often enough to start up the conversation, but my wife seems to talk to a couple of them more often than i do now

wow. moar

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expose those tits. god damn i want to use those red lips

Find it hot - wife

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i want to see those big tits covered in cum

I've just started exposing my gf but the risk of dox scares me. am I just a pussy or is being recognized pretty common? I love showing her off

something about that ass and panties, love it

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You got Kik?

I will take all your gf/wife pics and tell you just how hot or not they are.

Kik me @ MarcusAlman

Wanna chat on Kik? I’d like to do the same...

Anybody like my gf?

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What’s your Kik? Long term also


Yeah Kik?


So hot

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Damn, I used to have that same shower curtain

No kik sorry. Wwyd?

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No but convince me to get it. What are you offering?

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What you wanna see

Story time?

What did you do? How'd she find out?

You are an actual maggot if you do this stop larping you porn addicted faggots

Spread legs

Literally 1000s, what are you, 15?

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Yeah, thats a fantastic figure she's got there, and an ass that's pretty much eating her underwear.

She’s fit so her ass is so nice

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