At what age did you realize liberalism is a mental disorder?

At what age did you realize liberalism is a mental disorder?

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>Caring for planet bad >:(

They just want to overrun white countries with niggers. That is their ONLY goal.

1/10 I responded

The jews created niggers

When have conservatives EVER said we don't care about the environment?

around 30.
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Probably around 19 for me when I realized all the edgy mainstream “cool” liberal youths were talking out their ass and were devious fucks
/thread, using their delusional white guilt and pushing it in others and choke out western white countries with foreigners

Why not the third? She's legal in a lot of places...

The first time that you have to write a check to the IRS that has 5+ digits left of the decimal point

Through actions and tolerance of retrograde policy. I’m no liberal but 10s of millions of people are going to die in the next few decades through goofy weather events

That's the typical package you get. You know infinite growth, believe in God, deny climate science template. If you want to put every liberal into one bag do the same with every conservative.

If "climate change" was real, then there'd be massive sanctions pushed on both India and China, because they pollute more than the entire western world combined (and then some). Instead, the plan is to funnel money out of western nations and into shitholes like China and India. How is that going to save the environment exactly?

I want Greta to facesit me. the more I see her obnoxious little cabbage face, the more I want to see her plump arse descending towards my mouth as she makes autistic chirrups of excitement.
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I'd marry her that same day, and take her to the countryside to live. no more badgering puppet-master parents, no more technological obsession, just a young wife, pregnant with our alcoholic retard babies for the next twenty years of her fertility.

About 10 years old, when my grandfather sat me down and explained economic reality and politics to me.

Infinite growth? You mean the development of the entire modern world? When are you going to stop contributing to the problem?

And you fuckers welcome Muslims with open arms, but hate Christians, because you only attack weak targets. Islam is right about faggots though.

Yes, we deny your bullshit pseudoscience, because that's exactly what it is. If you had half a brain, you'd actually take a look at the global temperatures before 1950. You'd also wonder why you morons are promoting wind farms that slaughter millions of birds worldwide every year, which boost insect populations, which destroy plants.

28... A bit late to the party, but better than not figuring it out at all. Probably didn't help with a lot of ill informed Christian groups making complete dicks of themselves in the 90s.

Like all the glaciers melting and drowning Florida by 2020?

Sup Forums is a cancer from China

When did i realize Sup Forums was total bullshit? A few days ago.

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All coastal cities were supposed to be under water by the year 2000. The funny thing is that these morons literally gave Greta the exact same script they gave some brown girl 30 years ago.

Oh it was in the moment I got rich, that I realized if I wanne be rich for ever and never share with people who actually might need the money that I just have laying around creating intrest.
So yeah of cause as soon as I started profiting from the system I started supporting it. What I'll never get is why you poor fags would ever vote against it. Voting republican is 100% against your own interests.

When I realized how dumb, niche, and useless most of the stuff I bought into was. They only say and do the shit they do for social brownie points.

16 or 17, after I took economics.

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