My gf and I had a long discussion last night about getting serious. She's down...

My gf and I had a long discussion last night about getting serious. She's down, but said first she wants to fuck a black guy. Should I let her?

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if it's just once, I don't see the problem.

did she say why?

It's probably your indecisiveness and being a beta that makes you ask people on Sup Forums what to do, and what also makes your gf look for better options before settling for you.

just said its a fantasy of hers

other than a stamina issue, im pretty alpha

What is wrong with you people...
Can't you just fuck off... Like please, man.

Whoever is paying you... Just like, tell them to fuck off too.

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If you say yes, she'll never love you. It's impossible to love a cuck. She'll use you for money and emptional support.
If you reject her idea, then you're most likely to have someone who loves and, most importantly, respects you. She might break up with you, but then she's not the sort of person you want to be near. The fact that you've been waiting to actually answer her moves you more closer to the cuck she is starting to think you might be.
That's the best non-scientific advice I can give you.
I hope you get your life together, user.

This story is 100% true, and also pink unicorns take me to work every day on a sleigh made of gingerbread and diamonds.

you should leave her as she's going to cheat on you regardless of which you chose

I read this is in a goddamn shaggy voice


You let her fuck the black guy and you become a cuck as she will keep fucking black guys


You don't let her and you become a fuck as she will cheat on you to fuck black guys

Fucking larper

Second that, if you want to keep her don't let her fuck somebody else.

Tell her that she can fuck a black guy if you can too.

Let her fuck the black guy, then leave her after and tell her you had aids.

. . .

Assert your dominance by fucking a black guy and making her watch.

She cares more about her fantasy than how you feel. She's inconsiderate, dump her and do better.

>Hey guys should I let my gf fuck a black guy this is real btw
>oh here's an unreleated BLACKED webm anyway what do you think
You people are fucking retards.

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No you didn't.

>assuming this isn't an autistic work of fiction
The first thing that happened as soon as she suggested fucking ANYBODY else, regardless of color is that you should have said, "Not only no, but FUCK NO!"
Also, define "getting serious".
Also also, tell her only is you get to fuck someone else of your choosing too, but that would go over like a turd in a punchbowl because it was a shit test, and like other anons here said you have already failed by waiting to answer.
It's over. Start looking for another gf. This one's broken.

I know. where did this crap come from already it's like log posters x 100

Fucking jews and their gay threads...

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Yes I did.

Of course! Blacks are the superior race, after all.

Just kidding murder every black who comes within a 5 mile radius of u

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Fuck off Larper. Go back to Sup Forums and stop trying to incite race hate threads. Your bullshit is obvious

You're so full of shit even the sewer is jealous
When you were a kid, was it your dream to be a chill? Surely you had better plans right?

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Me watching this niggas life getting annihilated.

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there's nothing wrong with your partner playing. insecure people in bad relationships are the only people who are vehemently against cuckolding.

How can white socks even compete?

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Larp, the thread..

>coping this hard

Congratulations you're a cuck!

You can leave your man card at the nearest office in the pile next to faggots, trannies, and soyboys.

Seriously this shouldn't even be a question.

Lmao you're not alpha


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ok jew

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