Cute casual asians

cute casual asians

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Not Asian

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Any interest?

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yeah more

Yes please moar

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Very sexy

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Would love to rub my cock on her body.

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many casual cuties in this thread!

Model tier.

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Here you go, more?

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Oh god yes. Ide kiss that ass cheek ngl.

She’d love that

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Hope she wouldnt exspect me to kiss the asshole tho cause i aint some animal.

Whatever you want

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>tfw fingering rather than fucking

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Is that still her? Looks different

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So how do i get an asian girlfriend?
T. Short(6'0) fat(240lbs) white guy

don’t be fat


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But...i'm not fat.

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which eye should i look at?

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More of her pls!

How abotu some more nudes?


Who are you kidding, you are a fat fuck as far as asians are concerned.


double satan

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Ex with my gloves

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Haha thats adorable.

Asian here. 6ft 240 is definitely fat by Asian standards.

You could be the most swole bodybuilder with pure muscle and that weight would turn off 99.9% of all Asian women. Asian women prefer slender, androgynous guys to heavily built musclemen.

Source: Asian living in the US who travels throughout Asia for work since 2009

Find a westernized Asian with a fupa

Honestly i thought that rule was for asian guys only. Hell it isnt like i have a second chin or anything i am just built big is that really an issue?

A what?

Rimming, when done properly on a nice clean asshole, is an amazing thing when you’re doing it or being done to you.

Those soft sensual moans as that tongue flicks in and out of a tender sweet hole makes 69 an even more fun experience.

Just make sure you take your time and get it clean beforehand. A finger and some soap in the shower does wonders.

Man, those girls are making the Jews jealous with noses like those

That woman is the very definition of a rectangle

Lyvian dao Las Vegas club slut art hoe

Idk man poop comes from there. Seems like asshole eating is some new age mysticism. I heard you can get ring worms from it too. Ethier way i dont think i can rationalize eating ftom the pooper.


Fatter Asians tend to like bigger white guys because it makes them look less like what they call a “10” - skinny man is the 1, fat girl is the 0

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Yes, it is- built westerners are stereotyped as being dumb jocks with uncultured western manners.

Basically the only local women who date those kind of guys are either the ones who work in foreigner bars, or the ones with no real local status.

Smart hot girls who like foreign guys generally either go to university where exchange students from other countries are a dime a dozen, or have rich families so they do it themselves, and find foreign guys falling all over themselves to date them when they travel.

Not trying to be harsh, just giving you my experience from over a decade of overseas work and dating the locals.

Ringworm is a fungal infection. I think you’re thinking about pinworms.

Rimming isn’t anything new- I’m 40 and I had it done to me by a cougar when I was 22.

I was freaked out because I thought it sounded super gay and she was trying to butt fuck me or something, but it was done really well. Never had it done as well since.

If you’re not going to do it to someone, at least be open to it if someone else tries it on you - you might actually enjoy it.

And no, it didn’t turn me gay.

totally casual

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yellow gave me yellow fever

Thanks for an actual answer.
Eh still not trying it

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Your delusional. I go to Houston texas for concerts all the time and 99% of the asian bitches down there are with jacked white boys not skinny frail asains

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Trust me, no matter how hot she is, you will be bored of fucking her after some time. I think this is the main reason why people cheat.

>Trust me, no matter how hot she is, you will be bored of fucking her after some time. I think this is the main reason why people cheat

i wholeheartedly agree that enough repetition, whether it be a relationship or not, boredom can become a reality.

a restaurant shouldn't have the same menu for a decade, probably not even 3 or 4 years, but the remedy isn't to move on to a different business - just change the menu.

likewise, boredom from banging the same chick is likely from banging her the same way for years. rather than moving on to a different, chick, just change the sex menu to break the repetitive aspects of the fucking.

this is wise advice

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