White Pride thread

White Pride thread

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Why would you be proud to be white? Weird flex bro. Why not be proud of how many ATV’s you have or your 15 guns? Being white hasn’t been super awesome since there were slaves anyway.

Middle eastern guy here. I've fucked 21 different girls, mostly blonde and blue eyes. They love my thick, long, brown cock. Current girlfriend has told me that she thinks mixed babies are the cutest :^)

Wrong board, snowflake. Try Sup Forums




Would've been a better LARP if you said you were black. The entire world hates muzzies.

ha tfu

go die fag

pride is one of the enemies of man
rite there at the entrance to the throne of the champion

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just like i told u

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I want a nazi bitch to hate fuck. I want her to hate me and me hate her and hate fuck all night

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Now I really wanna see the small guy fire that shotgun and go fly.
On the other hand he's not responsible to the irresponsibility of his dad, so that's just mean.

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This is interesting.

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Cringe and boomerpilled

why would you hate her?

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sure nice try jew

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no boner

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Many of the people in the picture have white pride in them. I was just contributing.

What's so bad about a couple of slaves?

I mean, we keep dogs on leashes and birds in cages. Nothing wrong with some nignogs working on the field.

The fact that they could enslave them proves the slaveowners were stronger, hence worthy of pride, right?

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You are correct

Because I hate nazis.

Fucking sand monkey

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Looking for white supremacists and trump supporters to humiliate and expose my liberal feminist gf to on kik publicgf

Who tf is this? Because I'm omw to the jewelers now, I need to know her finger size

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I would shit on your gfs dumb fucking face, then watch her wipe it all over you.

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eat shit. You could only dream of being a match for us.

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The need for upfront pride is in itself insecurity. If you feel good about yourself. Pride is a given. Does not need attention or seeking for it. If you need a flag to feel pride. You feel the opposite inside. You are insecure. This goes for anyone, anykind and anywhere.

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Because of my Polish ancestry and what they did to my people.

>but they were foreign children so it doesn’t matter

Didn't you already lose like, a whole war plus all political power in all countries?

Very supreme of you.
Übermench deluxe.

Calm down buddy.

Don’t be white trash and make us all look bad. Don’t take pride in holding an image if you yourself don’t have standards. Don’t embarrass me.

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only a pathetic dog would 'like' use the word 'like' in a sentence.

Peasant, you're nothing.

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you have no idea.

nice pics OP I'll hold on to some of these for future use

Dumb whites. You will be burned by the fire.

sounds more like you are just a self righteous retard.

Fucking crybaby liberal obese jew loving faggot.
I was pretty spot on huh?

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A peasant with political power over you.
You could call me an Überpeasant.

Also, aren't peasants the theme in those pictures up there? Do you have disdain for the people who work their land?

Sounds very fatherlandly of you. Mmm.

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i'm loving your passive agressive replies.

National Action is rising, people are realising who is right and who is leading us to hell.

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Nah. Fuck the Jews. But fuck Nazis too. You guys are just faggot cucks. Plus, I’m polish, there’s a bit of bad blood between Nazi ideology and the Poles.