Hey Sup Forums what are your first impressions of me?

hey Sup Forums what are your first impressions of me?

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Your name is Chad.

You look like that cunt shrek when he became a real boy

99th time the charm?
You look Bosnian or some filthy Turk/Armenian


fat sandnigger


You look like you got a big donkey dick... am I right?

You forgot your golden chains Bulgarian gangster.

looks like the average european man in 2030.

Chinstrap bad. Go full beard or clean shave.

i have a hard time seeing how white women would fail to succumb to OP

middle eastern rapist

Gross med.

homosexual with the name carlos


You just discovered fire. You shit skinned abomination.

Very feminine & cute...

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You’re from somewhere the US has recently bombed

It's truly amazing that I'm pretty bald and yet you manage to be uglier than me

wrestler? boxer? some sport that involves groping other guys?


You're the type of nigga I'd enjoy being held by. These fagets just jelly, Ali.

IF I where U I Hung MYSELF at THE NEXT Tree

Niggers are not welcome

Exactly what I was thinking

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>Grug smash