I ain't no Apple fan-boy but this is just mental.

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USB-C is better in every fucking way imaginable than Lightning. This is a good thing.

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It ain't about what the better cable is. consumers will decide that by buying the better product. STATE ENFORCED choice of cable is fucking disgraceful

>allowing your citizens to intentionally cripple themselves
Peak degeneracy

Jesus Christ it's just common sense! Sorry you cant pick your own charger. Get over it.

Like over here in America, raising the minimum age to smoke to 21. I don't smoke, and it IS bad for you, but the government shouldn't be interfering. Same with drinking

Holy mother of fuck. State enforced? You mean following a standard? You don't like standards? Apple is the only one who doesn't follow the standard?
USB-C is amazing. It sucks that there's no backwards compatible USB 2.0 for USB-C since routing USB 3.1 is a bitch, but I love USB-C.

Standards should be guidelines not laws.

You couldn't pick your own anyway. If a company requires you to use their proprietary charger you don't have a choice on what kind you can use. This is replacing not having a choice and producing more waste with not having a choice and producing less waste

Eh, sorry, I didn't read the link. Yeah, fuck this. Mandating you choose a connector is retarded. Even though USB-C is great, forcing it is shitty and I'll root for Apple if they don't change

They're just mad at Apple for not giving them backdoor keys for their security.

>yeah i really enjoyed early 2000 where every FUCKING company had their own charging port

keep sucking dick OP

so fucking what

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companies changed to make life easier for consumers - not because the state mandated it.

consumers must dictate the market not the state.

>leaveing it up to a bunch of boomers who dont know how to open a .pdf

I see the argument. Apple's accused of planned obsolescence of its cables all the time, which they would have no incentive to do if they didn't have their own brand of cables to flog.

I don't know if legislation is the only way to make them behave better, but if the free market is selecting against that shit, it's taking a long time

>consumers must dictate the market not the state.

So you tell me apple would have listened to their consumers and changed their charging port if they kindly asked? you know that's a lie.

you aren't old enough to remember apple trying to ban Samsung from making tablets, claiming that the ipad was the first and that anything else is a copy.
I had seen tablets a decade before, but apparently apple missed that.
fuck em

All governments are controlled by politicians who sell their ideals and votes to the highest bidder. If a law like this passes it's because the companies that wanted to give the finger to apple had enough market success to afford enough politicians to do so. They wouldn't have been able to if consumers didn't choose their product enough. This is the market in action. If you don't like it, buy more apple products so they can afford to buy those politicians away from their competitors

apple is a shit company anyway.
they hate standards as much as a single company can hate them.
i mean they literally take a standard pcie ssd and switch the goddamn pins.
they did not invent anything, they just switched the fucking pins so you have to buy their ssds or buy a china adaptor to fit in a standard pcie ssd.

It's funny cause at 18 they can send you to die in some foreign country as corporate muscle but you can't drink or smoke ... It's not about safety it's abiut making people feel good

ok boomer.

nice trips tho

"The regulator is determined to cut down on electronic waste being created by obsolete cables, which it estimates generate more than 51,000 tonnes of waste per year."

I'm guessing none of this waste is managed or paid for by Apple, you know, the ones that generate at least part of it.

"Tech giants such as Nokia and Samsung, signed a memorandum of understanding in 2009.
They pledged to provide micro-USB compatible chargers for consumers.
However, Apple took advantage of a loophole that allowed manufacturers to continue using their own chargers if they offered an adaptor."

Ah, the loophole, classic move.

No, if the consumers didn't want it, they wouldn't buy Apple's shitty products. But alas, they do and many Apple consumers make fun of Android users for using USB-C and USB Micro-B as well as other stupid shit that they perceive as being better. While retarded, they are entitled to their opinions.

apple would have sued captain iglo (or whatever its called) because their fish sticks are iphone shaped, if they would've gotten through with it.
apple behaves like they invented the god damn rectangle.

i think the better option would be to make standards on cable durability as opposed to mandating a port

I like this idea way more

Kinda like betamax, hddvd and zunes? Or can it be lighting is a shit cable with latency problems, price and wiring. Because it that and apple is shit and Mac's are overpriced Walmart component PC's.

I say both.
Cheap, universal, durable chargers + cables > expensive, proprietary, shit quality chargers + cables

Well, good luck changing a fanboy's mind.

Then no one will follow standard. That's a catch 22 wrapped in a potatohead logic.

Apple doesn't even know how to break there own encryption. A fucking 17 yr old did it in 55mins.

Why doesn't Apple or the FBI hire them then?

This. Unless apple gives you the choice of usb-c over lightning, I really don't understand the complaint. The connectors aren't competing, the brand is and this is just another way apple forces their consumer base to buy more of their overpriced garbage

Then it seems like they made their decision, didn't they? The competitor just needs to incentivize or provide a better product with better marketing. Android phone manufacturers don't provide better marketing and for the average user, they don't provide a much better phone.

I only use Android phones, and I think they are retarded to use iPhones, but I am not a salesman, just a statistician so I don't give a shit what they use.

Yh but you do have a choice not to use the company with the dumbass cable. If you dont like the lightning cable. DONT BUY IT. the company will suffer, and LEARN. instead of some EU bureauTWAT telling companies what they think the market should want

You can get an adapter for like $5 anyway.

Who says the NSA isn't full of them. Apple can even seem to fix there iOS half the time.

im not an apple fan.
i do have an iphone (5s, my company hands out iphones because i will definitely not give my private number to customers or use my own cellphone for business stuff).
i do also have an apple macbook (company assigned too, but running windows 10).
i don't think all their products are shit, to be honest.
the macbook looks pretty good and even though it is old and used (my company doesn't buy new laptops except the old ones die) it works flawlessly.

but to be honest, I hate how they have to reinvent the goddamn wheel for everything.
its not even about being better for customers.
many of apples decisions just feel like "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY" decisions.
i think apple lives just because of their brand name is so big.
all the people possible think "apple has been around so long, has to be good, to big to fail" bla bla bla.

I'll take What are standards for $500, Alex.

yay, someone who actually read the article and picked up on the keys points that address most of the arguments in this thread

apple's business practices are extremely fucked up, they deserve any wrath aimed at them.


its just a dick move.
competing brands should be competing because their PRODUCTS are better.
not because "i have my own adaptors, fuck off".

lol I swear, everyone in Europe would break down if they didn't have their mommy governments to wipe their asses and kiss their boo-boos. go somewhere else eurotrash

I too agree usb-C is better than lightning. but that doesnt matter. what matters is that there is now a law to prevent any other cable being used. its stops the incentive to make newer bettercables, and forces one universal communistic cable


What we have now
>having the ability to choose which company to support
>having the ability to choose to buy an adapter to make apple compatible with usb-c
What we will have if this passes
>having the ability to choose which company to support
>having the ability to choose to buy an adapter to make apple compatible with lightning
We'd still have the same amount of choices and if you don't thing Apple isn't going to keep pushing that lightning is better than USB-C is order to scam their customers, you're naive

or apple could just adopt the standard and you could get a cable that works with more than just one line of devices for the same price


as an IT guy, I can only say:
its very handy if you can use one cable to connect to as much stuff as possible (see usb).
if every god damn idiot fucking company starts using their own shit again (see: cellphones connectors back in the day), I will start setting all of it on fire.

A lot of this shit has to be legislated because HOT TIP DIPSHITS: Companies lie. A lot. Companies do whatever it takes to make $$$$, even unsavory or ethically questionable activities.

The more power you give to faceless corporate entities where no individual is held responsible for the actions of the company, the worse things are going to get.

You all need to stop thinking these companies are a force for good in this world. They're not. They're driven by profit and to be driven by profit necessitates that one be in possession of a greedy disposition.

Why should they be forced to? Just don't buy an iphone if you don't want to use lightning.

No it's not.
The EU commission already told manufacturers years ago to make one single standard for charging smartphones to reduce the trash produced.
And while everyone agreed on MicroUSB and later USB-C apple said fuck you and made their own standard.
Why did they do that? Well because they want their customers to be trapped in the apple microcosmos. Ever wondered why itunes on windows is such a shitty programm? Or why apple never bothered to really integrate their IPhones with windows. Because they don't wamt you to use any product of any competitor.
And while thats a valid strategy it the reason why I don't use apple products whenever I can. (As software developer thats quite impossible at times, I've got a working Mac VM tho, so I never had to buy a mac ;)

where do these companies get their profit and power from? the consumer. consumers have the purchasing power. if a company is doing something that is evil it should be up to the consumer to punish them


Boomers invented pdf u dumb cunt

Except for the parts where companies resort to whatever measures they can to try to force customers into buying their products, forced obsolescence of said products so the customer has to buy another more frequently, endless "upgrades" with very few actual changes to justify said upgrade and again to force the customer to buy more of the same at a markup.
There are a lot of reasons that companies need to have pretty much zero rights outside of the scope of what is necessary to operate a business and they should have absolutely zero say in legislation. Corporate America has been controlling legislation in the United States for the better part of a century now. That's what they want to do to the rest of the world.

They want to legislate their products into your homes. They want you to be forced by law into buying their product.

You know how shit like insurance is mandated by law? That's what the rest of them wish they could do with their piece of shit they're trying to sell you.

still they don't know how to open one.

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...just dont buy the upgrade?

what part of forced obsolescence don't you understand? from a different manufacturer?

Low energy argument. I expected more.

Fact is, the products are poorly constructed and designed to fail. It's really apparent when you compare something built say, 50 years ago to a cheap plastic product today. I have a box fan from 1968 that my grandma gave me that still works. I bought a box fan from the store a few months ago and the motor is already burned out.
Modern products are built to fail. Everything is carefully crafted to work great for the first week or two so you feel that you made a nice purchase before it all falls apart.

I don't get why people don't just do this. Freedom of choice is a good thing, nobody is forcing you to stick with a brand. You correct them by buying something else.

Apple will just find a way to sell an adapter.
Mo' Dongles
Mo' Money

You don't get it because you're a retard who bought the illusion sold to him that he has a choice.

Fact is that you don't have a choice, most companies are owned by the same handful of megacorps who are in turned owned by the same handful of people.

>Fact is that you don't have a choice,
Pretty sure nobody is forcing me to buy Apple or Samsung or any specific brand. In fact I don't need a smartphone at all.

you know what yeah I agree with you on that - things are not built like they used to.

maybe that is planned obsolescence, maybe its just carelessness. maybe mass scale production has an effect on quality control.

at the end of the day though i still dont think it should be up to the state to mandate technological standards

How is it communism? Is the standard wall outlet communism as well?

>they want their customers to be trapped in the apple microcosmos.
I have been thinking about getting a new phone. I keep circling back to thinking about getting an iPhone because it's got a decent interface and facetime. Then my mind goes straight towards all the apple bullshit.. iTunes is hell on earth, every accessory is overpriced for no good reason, lack of customization on my app tray, forced to root if I want to do simple shit like customize my ringtones/alerts. Apple makes great products for old people who are tech illiterate and at the same time are vampires sucking people dry that can still exist by being propped up by their company brand.

You have the illusion of choice. Your money is going to the same megacorps.
I "get" your argument, it's just not a very good one. It's predicated upon ignorance of these companies.

Then again, I don't think you're interested in intellectual ingenuity, you're interested in "winning" on technical correctness by completely ignoring any and all argument in favor of "hurr but i can still choose to NOT buy things!! durrrrr" which is about as effective as saying "I don't HAVE to eat. I can just starve myself!"

You were programmed to be the perfect consumer.

>You have the illusion of choice. Your money is going to the same megacorps.
Only if I choose to buy a smartphone?

>a decent interface and facetime
Actually the default Android one interface is clean and easy to understand. The new Nokia Android Phones are imho awesome, fast Updates and sturdy, my current phone (Nokia 6) hit the pavement more than just once, without a protector, some slight damage on the metal, the screen is still in once pice. (An iPhone would have been relpaced thrice by now.

If we don't legislate them they will quite literally destroy the world chasing profit

Think about how many raw materials go into the cell phones that have a life expectancy of six months? Everything is adding up.

Corporations NEED to be legislated in the same way Politicians NEED a gun constantly pointed at the back of their head.

I already shut this argument down, you can stop repeating it like it holds water.

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>i win because i said so


No because your argument is fucking retarded. You're saying "I can just not buy things durr!"
It's literally not an argument. You're going to buy things, you're just backpedaling and settling on this because you think it's air tight but the thing is, I've shut it down three or four times and you keep repeating it.

I really just feel sorry for you, but I feel even more sorry for myself for thinking you would be capable of putting your ego aside to actually learn something.

Go suck more corporate cock.

Did you not know you could just not buy a samsung or apple smart phone?

Last time I'm going to tell you that you're not actually making an argument. There's no debate here if you're going to repeat the same debunked point.

What did you debunk? Did you somehow make an argument about being forced to buy an iphone?

The lengths you're going through to defend your fragile ego is really pathetic user.

It's not an argument because it's completely disingenuous, for one thing. You're basically arguing "oh well I can just not buy a cell phone" but we both know you're going to buy a cell phone. Ergo you're arguing a lie.
Finally your argument is just bad anyway, because the scope of it could be applied to anything and dipshits like you who can't actually formulate a cogent argument parrot it because you're too stupid to understand that it's an untenable position.

"They're putting poison on the vegetables!"
>Well just don't buy vegetables! FREE MARKET BABY!!!1111
"They put arsenic in the baby food!"
>Well just don't buy baby food! FREE MARKET BABY!!!111
"They're putting spy cameras in the TVs!"
>Well just don't buy a TV hurrr drurrrr

God damn you are one dense motherfucker. The hilarity is that you're too dense to realize it.

Who are you quoting and why are they comparing food to iphones?

>More logical fallacy
>Zero substance post
>No argument

gg no re

meme arrowing no argument isn't an argument

There's nothing else to say. You don't have an argument. It seems the only thing you're really good at is deflecting with questions. You don't actually tackle anybody's arguments head on.

You put forth these low energy posts. I really don't mind, because whether or not you are actually this stupid or just a troll, you are proving a useful vessel.

How can I tackle an argument that's "iphones and baby food are the same thing"?

I'm ok with this because tech manufacturers are completely out of control. We create so much fucking waste every day just to "get a little faster," but it never works: software is always unfinished and lags up the fresh new hardware that's destined for the dumpster in 6 months anyway.

If anything, I want to see regulation go further against cellphones: no manufacturer can produce more than one new model of phone every X years or something, just so we can SOMEWHAT compensate for the disastrous ecological overshoot we've gotten caught up in.

TLDR: fuck you and your phones, we all should slow the fuck down before we burn up what little we have left.

Muh freedoms retards think that restricting choices is inherently evil. If we left all choices up to the people so many idiots would die so on one level I agree, but at the same time I don't like the idea of sentencing people to death by stupidity.

I am 100% on board with banning proprietary cables and making efficient standards laws for the same reason that I am behind seatbelt-wearing being a law. Sure the only ones who suffer if it isn't are the idiots making the wrong choice, but when that is the majority, sometimes the decision needs to be made for them.

I remember the changeover was in Germany. Micro USB became standard. Apple said fuck off and did their own thing. I guess y'all are just too young to remember what a massive pain in the dick proprietary cables were. Between companies, between carriers, and fuck trying to get data transfer done.

Are you stupid or intentionally being disingenuous? iPhones and baby food are not the same product, but they are still share things in common. For one thing, they are a product of companies. For another, they're both important to the modern world. They're "essential" products. Babies need formula, people need cell phones for communication. You can argue that you don't, but it would be untenable just by common sense alone. They also share a number of other things in common, like being one of the most commonly recalled products on the market. Cheaply produced trash with zero quality control because the almighty dollar is the most important thing to ever exist and quality control and quality products mean fewer almighty dollars.

It doesn't really matter anyway. I know I can't convince you of anything. You're a retard who thinks "government = bad!" but for some reason are completely okay with corporations using that same government to cram their cock down their mouths.

I would feel sorry for you, but the fact is that I don't. Keep deflecting to defend your fragile ego. You're only succeeding in making yourself look incredibly dense.

A big difference is you don't need an iphone no matter how much they market them.

> consumers will decide that by buying the better product
i don't think it's quite that simple. if you bought into apple products and are tied to their ecosystem (icloud) then they introduce a product with a shitty connector but otherwise you like the rest of the phone, you'll stick with apple. you don't have a choice with an apple product. so this consumer choice argument isn't accurate here.

???? You're the boomer in that discussion

Hahahahaha holy fuck I just explained why cell phones are absolutely essential and your argument was literally to repeat the same fucking thing I just debunked!
LOL! This is why free market cucks can't accomplish anything worthwhile!
You can't even formulate a cogent counter-argument lmfao!

They're not though, there's literally billions of people who live happy healthy lives without a smartphone.