Grossfag here with about 1/4 cup (cause ‘Murika) of my own knuckle children that I’ve captured over 2 weeks...

Grossfag here with about 1/4 cup (cause ‘Murika) of my own knuckle children that I’ve captured over 2 weeks. Trips tells me what to do with it. Will delivar

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Do a livestream of you drinking it

Timestamp to prove you're not a fag.

also, roll for chug

rolling for drinking it

For faggots sake post a timestamp

Drink it

Too generic.
Put it in the oven and bake it for 5mins

Dump it in a swimming pool.

Pour it in the sink and wash the cup thoroughly.

make a video microwaving it for five mins at max power

Put top on and shake it so it bubbles a little, then drink.


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roll for this

sleep-drug your mum and inject it in her pussy although I doubt the swimmers are still alive

Based, roll

Pour onto motherboard

Make mac n cheese with it.

then eat it


Pour it over your own face

Fry it in a pan

Record a video of drinking it

Funnel it into your ear and give yourself the gayest wet willie


Kek. This.

Video of you putting it in your ass then drinking it


Put it in someones mailbox

Send it to Emma Watson

rolling again


Bake it

Drink it but gargle every mouthful for 2 min. Make sure to record

Empty it all over a relative.

Put it in someone's gas tank.

Throw it at some hobo


Rolling again


Dispose of it like a normal person. lul



Put it at your job somewhere real sneaky where someone will find it but not for months when it has an aged stank to it. God that would be a catastrophe...

>>re roll

Post results

lol you're fucked OP, now deliver

Gonna be sad if op doesn't deliver

Lmao the devil wins this time

OP here, working on it. Gotta find a funnel first

Trick your mom or sis to drink it.
Pic or it didnt happend.

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Fuck dude he’s got my hopes up it’ll make my day

This, Bake for 5 mins then drink/eat what is left

If OP delivers, put me in the screencap

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Pour it on your keyboard

Drink it all

Leave it outside your neighbor's door

OP here - whilst looking for a funnel I got thirsty, completely forgetting the glass next to me was full of coom, I drank it. Oof, sorry guys

This just in

Op never delivers

fuck you OP

Ur not op
Still got it
This is gonna be harder than I thought

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Stick to lurking if you're gonna be a complete faggot.

Frigg reroll for drink

Reroll for thus

Bake it at 400 for 10 mins then let cool and drink it

Trip fag here -

If it's too hard finding a funnel I'm happy you posting a video of you drinking,

Could try other ways of getting it in your ass, or maybe just a Lil bit,

Any ideas anyone?

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give it to loosero
she eats cum
"de eso vive"

Lolex. Have fun with this OP.

Got a Funnel. Gravity is working against me and I’m not super flexible...

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Lie on back and try,

Get some in, then take video of shitting it back in cup

I believe in you op

OP won’t deliver he’s a faggot

he'll definitely be a faggot either way after he hopefully delivers. guess it cant be helped

Good news and bad news. Got some in but I poured too fast and the air pressure didn’t allow everything in.

Step two coming soon

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Holy fuck op Is going to deliver

This is gold

Guys it’s not coming out.. it just feels super slimy and my next shit is gonna fucking stink..

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Eat what didn't go in your ass

Just relax your anus and let gravity do it's work.

Splash someone in the face

Send it to me

Stick a finger in there to start prying it out. The rest probably will drip out too

Already cleaned up

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enjoy this funnt img while we wait for op to not be the big gay

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holy shit I heart Sup Forums

Gargle baby gravy

Also I’m taking those vitamins for god tier semen, check back in two weeks lol might try this again

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dinner time hunbun

On this day OP delivered

shoulda just drank it
but now you have your own cum in your anus
let that sink in

what kinda vitamins my guy, been fucking around with prostate shit and i wanna be able to snipe a fly.

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>snipe a fly

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One of each per day. Only been a week so no change yet

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femanon here... is this cum tinged yellow because there’s a small amount of pee in every load?

(not actually female)

thanks a lot, gonna lose an eye by the end of the month

my vagina says otherwise

(we believe you)

Pics or lies

Dont take focus away from the man of the hour. You know the rules, snatch pics with date or dont bring it up.