Should I dump?

Should I dump?

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Yeah man dump that hood rat


ready to fap

might as well


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looks young...

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Make a vola and dump that shit

Want to make it for me?

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dump some more

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volafile dot org /r/156mtzzt4

dump all u got bro

Any nudes dump here? Or thong shots please

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She's wearing a pair of Jordan 10s. Those are $200, so I hope you'
re ready to splash out your entire paycheck. Look at the room she's in here. She's living in literal squalor, and is wearing those shoes. Living ghetto fabulous. "Got a quarter tank of gas, in my new E-Class". Nigger rich. Stay away from this girl if you know what's good for you.

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This is her room

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These types aren’t hard to impress at all if you’re not retarded

Those pictures look like they were taken 6 years apart.


They were not

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Don't get me wrong, she is smoking hot. Hotter than a 2 dollar pistol.

She's insanely hot.

jeez that body

Dump plz

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someone dump some nude bitches in that vola, lowkey lurking

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nobody cares unless its nudes

nah keep posting OP

lol, that’s OP’s room

Moreeeee any lewds? Nudes?

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Thnx but i cant coom to that nice tat thoo

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Fuckkkk keep going op she's a hottie

her hispanic dad will make sure she has a better living condition than like 50% of Americans.
you have to be able to match what her dad did otherwise she won't want you lmao.

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I saw 10 black men creampie this bitch in an abandoned Toys R Us

She’s cute and all but where’s the titties

Hnnggg this one's good

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Made an album

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Looks like shes 15 lol, how old is she btw?

No nudes, don't bother

Thanks bruh

Any feet op?

I gotchu fam

Shes cute an all but we need nudes or sluttier outfits user

She's very average, you might find her beautiful because you've seen her IRL but there are tons of 15 years olds with a better body just saying

>there are tons of 15 years olds with a better body just saying

what did I just read

ok boomer