Guys and girls who cheated

guys and girls who cheated
how was it ?
do you feel guilty ?
would you do it again ?

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No I don't feel guilty because she was a woman.

My gf doesnt fuck much, she’s asexual. And she isnt good at fucking either. But she is perfect in every other way. So i dont feel too guilty. but i fucked my ex she hates multiple times and then an old fling aith a snappin fuckin pussy.

But yes id do it again. I just gotta find a bitch to unload on. Then im back to being a good bf




Why? Lol

Because of their suffering

Who’s suffering?

Cheated once in my life. Was 18. We had had massive trouble. Got drunk with a girl and her friends. Fucked her. Woke up with the most cancerous feeling in my chest. We broke up. Never felt bad for myself. Just kept thinking what a weak fucking degenerate I was for slipping.

Have never slipped since. Ever. Regardless of how poor I was treated. One of the absolute worst moments in my life, and that's including the time I smacked my drunk mom across the face to protect my kid sister and also the time I was held up with a shotgun to my throat.

Will. Never. Fucking. Cheat. Again.
Destroyed my self image. Have never hated myself so intensely.

the secrecy of it makes everything better. the sex is hotter, the foreplay, the texting and the obvious and very risky teasing is enough to make me want to fuck them there.
i don't feel guilty, i was caught by only one girlfriend and that was because the girl i was fucking told a friend, who told a friend and the friend that her friend told, was obsessed with the girl i was fucking. so he stalked me and told my girlfriend where we'd be. i didn't feel guilty, just disappointed. i stopped fucking the girl because it didn't feel the same without it being cheating.
id do it again. i don't do it out of bad sex, hating my partner or anything. the secrecy just makes it too good.


Oh. Yeah. Suffering is life.

Need advice. How do i find a side chick? My gf cant know. So no tinder or anything her friends will see me on

Bump. I had triple dubs. Help!

at parties, it's the easiest to meet new people and become close pretty fast
otherwise just instagram etc
tbh i don't really know i've never cheated

Whatchu mean insta? How can you find bitches there?

Head to bars in the next nearest town I guess? Next nearest state ought to cover it up better

Thats actually a good plan

so much respect for learning and doing better.

Are you in the business of maintaining multiple relationships or just one with a ton of sleeping around?

My ex cheated on the guy before me with four different people and handwaved it away by saying it was all a phase where she was suicidal for half a year anyways and at the time justified all decisions by "I'll kill myself anyways so who cares" which makes some amount of sense if you're a borderline femoid. She would occasionally bring what she did up in a remorseful way when drunk which sorta annoyed me because she didn't show one shred of regret for treating me like shit for years. I figure I got cucked too, but I didn't try to find out because tbh I'd rather live in ignorance this one time.

Also get a burner phone too

I guess either or. I just want a fwb type thing. Not like a real relationship. Not having to find a new bitch every time i wanna bust

Oof glad you dodged that bullet

u cant cheat life
that is why u die
and all you do is worthless

I cheat on my wife with escorts every couple of weeks. I don’t feel guilty even if I should, I’m still a good husband and father and love my family very much. I just like having sex with a variety of girls and have learned to live with myself. I don’t think I would actually carry on an affair though, that seems too far.

God damn i kinda want this too tbh seems so liberating just having a side chick for when youre both horny but no strings. Tight

if only it was simple to explain to gf that love =/= sex it would be easier for everyone

There's whole communitys that work that way. I have neighbours who have fluid relationships where everyone dates everyone, or no one. There's no rules and no prejudice with them. They have sex, and don't mix it with love. I can't do that. I just don't have it in me. But if you do, seeking our like minded is fair, but cheating on a GF who doesn't share that mindset, is not.

Just Tinder it up, create a Google Voice account to link the app to, and use some generic dudes profile pic. Works all the time. If anyone gives you shit about a fake profile pic just tell them you are in an open marriage and you don't want your family and friends to know about it. Snapchat for messaging or use the text feature in the Google Voice app. Date, Bang, Repeat.

should be great to meet people who think that way
i respect that, even myself i could never cheat on my gf even if sometimes i have the opportunity to. it's just a question of respect i guess, if she's ok with e fucking other girls and she doing whatever shes wants (as long as we use condoms lol) it would be a lot funnier i guess
but i feel weird just thinking about that and idk how to talk about this without here thinking that i don't want her anymore

fuck cheating, that shit hurts. had a gf when i was 15 and she fucked some 20 year old. then when everyone found out she pulled the it was rape card and would always heavily guilt me if i questioned her or tried to leave. whenever i tried to leave she either threatened to kill herself or claim i raped her. my mental state deteriorated so much, tried to kill myself, and also planned to pull up to the guys house and gun him down. that shit can really hurt your mind when your a kid. eventually after months of pretty much abuse and threats from her and one night where she did the same shit and i was fucked up off some hardcore shit i finally got the strentgh to tell that psycho whore to fuck off and die, she then obsessed and stalked me for months. moral of story, please dont cheat or if you get cheated on, aspecially with goth/freaky bitches, GTFO immediatly!!

Im 24 my man. That doesnt fly with younger women lol

Right tho?!

Yes and yes

Did the same thing.. when she was going off the rails borderline personality disorder, conjuring me up to be the worst guy because she wanted to fight so she berated me till I jabbed back, she texted her ex telling him I'm shit blabla

Thing is we'd go out and I'd usually be hiking and a girl would come up to me.. my ex was dumb jealous and always thought I was cheating (guilt?)... regardless after she showed some prime signs of indignity, I chose to treat her without dignity.. had her puking nonstop kneeling by the shower sucking my cock lmao... just kept her down till she puked and then repeat loooool

fuck that's sad
i would think about this next time that i'm horny for nothing

I never went down on her again and I would basically just call her over to fuck, all the while pretending I'mbusy but still love her (which I did, but the signs made that decay and if she wanted to play... then duck it I'm game).. after an abortion though I decided the risk wasn't worth the reward

Ethical non-monogamy (or old school polyamory) is totally a thing with 20 year olds these days. Having relationships with people while still being able to form new relationships with others. I'm 39 and half the women I've seen in the last few years have been in their mid-20's and swear they will never get married but might have multiple lovers. I honestly think it's the way relationships are going these days.

I give every girl the benefit of the doubt that she will be the Morticia to my Gomez..

..but this guy is right, as soon as you see some highly indicative signs even... respect yourself and don't let such monumental disrespect slide... I personally keep them on the line for sumfuk... but I treat them like fuckdolls, no longer the girl I love

All the girls I fucked from tinder were 18-24... lolwat

Cheated with a younger turkish co-worker of mine several times. And fuck it was the best sex i‘ve had. She is a goddess in bed.
Have done it again with her months later.
Don’t know if i would do it again...the sex was incredible but sometimes i feel bad about it :/.

everyone does it the important thing is no one learns about it and that you don't run off after the bimbo and break your family

understandable, similar situation

I have been with my girlfriend for 5 years. She is smart, funny, gorgeous and caring. We have sex once or twice a week on average and I am massively aroused by her. However, I often meet up with random older guys and suck their cocks. I dont identify as bi exactly, there is just something about being the centre of attention and taking cum over my face that turns me on. When I fuck my girlfriend im more dom. Odd I know, but it is what it is.

Taking request if wwyd. Interested?

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Maby u just ugly and she's also cheating?

what was so special about her ? tight pussy ?

I used to cheat a lot I don’t regret it I never got caught

Literally just cheated for the first time in my life today.

My girlfriend hasn't been very good to me for a while now. I gave her one of my houses to live in rent and bill free (I pay phone, internet, energy, water, cable, Netflix, a couple of other streaming services, and her cell phone and data for her), plus I give her $800 a week to do whatever she wants with. Yet she still insists on working as a stripper (which I've told her I really don't like), she is late to and/or reschedules our hang outs 99% of the time (usually because she got too drunk or high at a party the night before and can't make it on time), she keeps putting off moving in together even though we've been together for about a year now, and we only have sex about once a week on average these days.

Well I stayed over with her for the last two nights. We didn't have sex or do anything sexual at all because she is on her period and "too hormonal" to get in the mood. That coupled with everything just made me feel so shitty I needed something to pick me up.

After leaving my girlfriend's place around noon, I met up with my ex who just broke up with her boyfriend today after they had a huge fight. One thing led to another and I ended up going back to my ex's place and we fucked.

I feel a little guilty, but I also feel more content than I have in months. The sex itself was just ok. My ex isn't very good, and she's a really awkward kisser. Still, I had some fun anyway. I will probably do it again unless things improve significantly and rapidly with my girlfriend.

lol what a fucking idiot if this is true

I think her medicine fucked her up. Also she was brutally raped multiple times for her first few times. Def Not cheating tho. We live together and are never apart. Shes also not ugly. Tall, big ass, skinny frame, pretty swedish face. Just not into sex. Very nurturing and clingly tho. Just not sexual.