The hell is this thing? It hurts when I touch it and I can’t fap

The hell is this thing? It hurts when I touch it and I can’t fap

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Just a bump. I got one of those before I think. Hurt to fap.

Pimple? You should probably go to a doc just incase my guy

I had one like that the other day, except more swole. Went away after a day or two.

How to get rid of them and be sure they never come back

Cyst. Have to have it surgically cut out. Very minor procedure they can do in a urologist office. Had one similar, just not that big. I freaked too until I found out what it was. Now it's like it never happened.

You can't really be sure to get rid of them. They just happen.

It’s not the first I had, usually they take a few days or weeks

leave it alone it'll probably go away by itself. try hot compresses

ingrown hair from you taking a razor to your dick? Maybe a clogged up gland, try poking it with a needle.

Had one just like it. It's kind of like a pimple/ingrown hair only a bit more-so.

Bad news is it took 2-3 months to fully go away. Thankfully I was on a dry spell...

Never shaved, plus it’s not where hair grows

just get some of these and snip it off before it gains self-awareness!

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Like I said, try poking it with a needle, if there is puss or whatnot then it's just a gland thing. If there's just blood or whatever then you really should go see a doctor.

Oh also. I tried to stick a pin in it to attempt to drain the pus. Like popping a pimple.
Didn't work, and probably just delayed things.
Gotta let it heal up naturally..

In that case it's an in grown hair.

Get a needle, put some rubbing alcohol on the needle and the sore and Lance it

It's OK OP I don't know where your from but here In the UK we have a creme called sudocrem if you put it on your spot will be gone by the next day. I do have sympathy for you though as you either have the biggest thumb and finger in the known universe or you are quite small in the cock department. Sorry about that OP

DO NOT LANCE, it needs to be further along, there is not even any puss and will simply bleed and get worse. Wait and watch for white, CUT with a KNIFE do not PUNCTURE, applie rubbing alcohol, dry, antibacterial cream, bandage. Keep it clean, repeat the process, if it get a deep red or black in time, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Listen not to the needle niggers!

It's cancer, cut it off.

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it's a zit

Also, a tip, STOP FUCKING SHAVING, that causes this shit the most. If you MUST get a NEW, better razor, shaving there is not good.

This guys retarded, it'll heal way faster if you lance it, it's honestly perfectly safe, just wash it frequently after You do it

squeeze and post results pls

why cut and not puncture?

You got bitten by a chigger so now this little nigger will burrow beneath your flesh and lay eggs if you don’t cut it out.

HIV, sorry Sup Forumsro!

Might be an ingrown hair gone bad

A puncture simply allows the bacteria a deeper space to spread, going further deeper, and causing the wound to grow. a cut opens it to allow antibacterial to fill every spot and heals better. I have seen the proof of a boil going septic after a single night of a heated needle many times.


I will concede my opinion and believe you are correct for the sake of quads

Fun fact about Planned Parenthood, they'll take a look at and treat ANYTHING involving your genitalia. I tried to take advantage of their services and get a whole body examination, but they told me they only look at sexual reproductive stuff. Anyways, they did it for free.

I had a small wart, possibly a skintag or mole, beginning to grow on my penis. I know it wasn't anything other than that because I haven't had sex in over a year. I went to Planned Parenthood, got the whole STD/HIV testing (i'm clean, lol), and showed them the wart starting to grow on my dick. The doc froze it off.

OP, go have Planned Parenthood look at it.

Gangster, again, give it 3-4 days to see what it does first, wash, and antibacterial cream every day, every other day after you cut. Never use a needle.

>Pull skin out flat over edge of bathroom sink
>Roll finger like rolling pin to bring cyst to surface
>Wipe with alcohol
>Pound down with the back end of a screwdriver
>Pops the cyst out instantly
>Super glue the wound shut
>No scar after a week


Clean your dick better with a luffa, don’t sand blast it but make sure you scrum it.

Take a warm bath and it may be easier to pop.

Looks kinda like a penis only smaller.


Post results

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it's a tumor

you an antivaxxer? If not, I'd recommend getting advice from an actual, medically-trained doctor instead of Sup Forums or social media.


Dick cancer. Prepare to eunuch.

Tiny cock growing on a pimple

There a multiple things it could be:

Pimple - pop it gone.

Ingrown hair - Basically just wait for it to fix itself. It's likely going to get worse and get red inflamed, and painful. Take some warm baths or wet washcloth. etc.

Cyst - If it doesn't hurt, and it feels firm it is likely this. You can't do anything about this. If you do "pop it" it will squirt shit and get smaller for a time, but it will never actually go away because the cyst casing still exists inside and it will get bigger again. You can have it removed by a doctor or just hope it eventually gets smaller.

You got herpes dude

Idk what that is but I fapped to it

this isnt serious, but go to a doctor, cause its obviously in a bad spot

i had something like this, it turned out to be a pimple that disappeared after a week or so

Did you shave recently? It can happen after shaving


Have you tries rubbing a mixture of honey and vinegar on it try this every 4-6 hours it will be gone in a day or 2

That's probably herpes man. Go to a doctor.

>and I can’t fap

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That's aids

Lock. The. Pools.

Looks like a boil. Ever get one anywhere else on your body? Used to get something similar on my dick. Happened a few times. But I came up clean. Go get checked just to be sure. Go see a doc. I know it's embarrassing, but it's a whole helluva lot less embarrassing than giving something to someone, or syphilis.

Herpes is a rash, that's probably a boil. Still better to get it checked out.

cyst. Take a small needle, poke it and let the gunk come out. The pain is because of the pressure. I have a few recurring ones on the top of my asscheek, feels like a blessing when I pop them.

might be an ingrown hair