Hi I'm Jes and I'm ready to take a request

hi I'm Jes and I'm ready to take a request

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show us your penis

no one wants to see your dick tranny

lick your nipples

no you are not

Speak for yourself

What do you have, dick or pussy?

I'm not a tranny btw

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dick or pussy just open those legs already


make a sextape
also bumping with trapz

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Kill yourself

Maybe not but you have a sexy sissy cock

any pose requests?

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Spread that ass

Doggy, from behind, with cock in a cage

anything u want me to wear? tell me anything and if I have it I'll wear it

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Got a skirt put that on lifting to showing your sexy little cock

is it good enough or should I get another skirt?

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I mean looks great but if you have more please do so. Maybe in some panties showing your sexy bulge. Such a good sissy aren't you?

keep the skirt on and take a pic in this position

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how about this?

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Missionary spread eagle, emphasis on the asshole, god id eat you out all night long

If you have a dildo, use it.


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that is hot and how i want to face fuck you

All faggots will burn.

I love this position!!

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Pee in your mouth

i came

Care to do that angel but facing your sissy cock? Legs and ass spread showing your boihole?

like this?

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Write useless on your sissy cock

Such a good sissy faggot. Wish I could just pin you down and fuck that hole over and over again.

Well anything specific you want me to pose?

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do the hangman

Gape your ass

that isn't gonna happen
should I do enema rn?

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On your knees like you're begging for cock



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Yes, video it pls

Can you use milk

you want to see me milking through my ass?

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would it be possible to write down "eissa" with a heart drawing next to it on your buttcheek, need to make gf jealous

im totally straight but would rub penises with you jes

Yes pls

100% straight

So I made this bottle full of milk and I just have to stick it in in my ass
should I go for it?

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Yeah, then squirt it out.


I'm doing it

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got milk.... in your ass??

make a gif out of it

Do more pics like this, Jes
This pics are all boring to be honest.

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show soles!

would love you sitting on my face with an ass full of milk

Your Face is too beautifull to hide

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feet please

I'm trying my best but it is not easy

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Such wow sexy, i love this face

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have Kik? I'd love yo bully you ;)

lol I found a way

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I wanna see you finger yourself

If you have any sex toys get them out

are u satisfied with the result?

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Close up asshole shot

Nice but can I see you squirt it out?

me squirting

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That would be amazing

Plastic bottle would be easier

Nice nou fuck your ass with the dildo

Cutie :)

Show me some of them ankles

I'm done with enema

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Take a dildo and right to the ass please

what should I do now?

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Put a finger in ass

Close up of your dick pls

both at the same time

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Do you think being gay/trans is something that you are since birth or something that will form over time?

play with your asshole

Shove it till the second nuckle

squat with your ass facing the camera please!

Something like this

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Good slut

Tie a rope to a high object, tie the other end around your neck but with not enough length to reach the ground, then remove whatever assistance you used to reach the high object

Take a condom over you cock and fapp.

Face down ass up with a sign that says "I'm a little faggot breed me"

if you have any fur - play with it. I have a specific fetish(

are you leaking there?