Gf’s little sister sucked my dick. Should I tell her?

Gf’s little sister sucked my dick. Should I tell her?

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more of both

Depends if she could use pointers

I think her little sister knows she sucked your dick.

no get pics of both

Youre living my fantasy my man

She wasn’t great at it, I think I was her first. She mostly just bobbed up and down and choked herself on it

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if she's sucked it, i'm pretty sure she's aware of it

I've never understood why people do threads with copy pasta. What do you gain from them?

Fake and gay

already beat you to it bro

time to go back and teach her some technique.

Hell no, unless you really want your gf to dump you.

If you do they'll suck your dick together! It'll be a good time for family bonding for them!!

oh you're right. grats

I’m not sure what to tell her though without making her self conscious, she’s really innocent

I don’t think if I told her they would make it a threesome, I wish though

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post more sexy of little sister

If you really wanna break up with your gf, and destroy their relationship completely, yeah, go for it buddy.

I’m wondering if I should really go all out and try to fuck her, or if that’s too far?

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well post a good pic of your gf to compare, then post most little sis cause i'd run my hands through her hair and use her mouth to cum again

At least try to get nudes of her

More of the two of them together

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>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

well you should try to bang her.

tell her you'll teach her to give the best blowjobs, then teach her to feel good, then teach her to fuck so she can make men feel good

She’s perfect

My gf's big sister has sucked my dick twice.
Have never and will never tell my gf... how else will I continue my quest to fuck her sister?

I think I might try to bang her. I just don’t want her to get too attached, especially if I’m her first.

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How'd you manage to get her to suck your dick? What's the story with that?

her in leggings full body? frame everything like you want to help her find and please her next boyfriend, you want to fuck her then send her off into the world

How'd you manage to get her to suck your dick?
why didn't you fuck her by now?

We were all drinking, and my gf went to bed and left the two of us watching a movie on the couch. She’s always been flirty, but this time her hand was in my pants almost immediately

That could work. Although I don’t think it would take much convincing, she seems willing, I just need to figure out if I’ll go through with it or not

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wait for another movie night, and post more of her
keep condoms handy but if she doesn't bring it up and still wants to put it in feel her raw

just kill her mother and steal her painted cover comic books like Marvels vol. 1

Fake and gay. You were in a "girls I've fucked" or thread yesterday. Suddenly she's only sucked your dick? Get the fuck out of here with your weird fetish.

but what if people want to jack off, we get to fuck wolly mammoths down here leave us alone

I’d like to be in her raw, but she’d be very tight and I’d be worried about cumming too early. She’s just over five feet

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(You)s, that's all

probably worth it user dont let strangers give her the feel of a raw dick or she'll get addicted to someone else

Don’t think I would be able to pull out though, that’s what I’m worried about

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do you cum inside your gf? just cum inside her, and say you cum in her sister frequently. she might like the feeling, and even if she has boyfriends she could keep coming back to you to experiment

I do cum inside my gf, but she’s on the pill. I really doubt her sister is

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Came to post this. Was not disappointed.

well you have the option of pills after if you cum inside, or get her out to whoring soon after and hope if she did get pregnant its because the jizz of other men leaks out of her after dates

It’d be rough if you got stuck with her. Hard living having to keep fucking her everyday for the rest of your life :(

Lol that’s true, I do love my gf though so it would be a weird situation

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pics of gf?

bump it

How old is she? Never sucked a dick?? Needs to be taught!

moar pics