Candid panty shots, post favorites or wife/gf for completely fake bonus points

Candid panty shots, post favorites or wife/gf for completely fake bonus points

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Big ass candid

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Got moar? Love the panties.

Nice. Love the thick ass. More?

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Imagine slamming into that ass


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Love tightie whities

Here’s another

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Got her while she was asleep

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The Fresh Start
Somewhere in West Philadelphia, you will find an old basketball court with a single ball lying in the middle. Pick it up and start shooting hoops. After a while, a small group of hooligans will approach you and challenge you to a fight, which you must accept.
After the fight, you must go home and relay the events to your mother. She will then inform you that you have an aunt and uncle living in one of the districts of Los Angeles, and out of fear, she will send you to live there for an indefinite period of time.
With your bags packed, go to the street corner, and whistle for a cab. The cab that will pull up will bear the word FRESH on the license plate, and upon closer inspection, novelty fuzzy dice will hang in the mirror. Although you will suddenly realize that cabs like these are extremely hard to find, do not bear any thought to it. At this point you MUST point out in front of the car and say "Yo homes to eel Air'. You will stop in front of a mansion, and it will be sometime between 7 and 8 o'clock, even though it will feel like you've been traveling mere seconds. Get your luggage out and say 'Yo homes, smell ya later!', but do NOT turn back to face the cabby. Walk up to the door, look over your shoulder once, and then knock on the door three times.
If you follow these instructions, your life will get flip-turned upside-down.

Nice. More

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That's a nice shot

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Nice! Moar please!

This is great

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That's fucking hot


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fucking hot

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would taste

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Wife, I told her I was filming at the end thus the butt shake

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couldnt keep my hands off


Another sleeping

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that shape, yum


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Great shape

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One of the best

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Good lord

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Super cute


You know her?

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Do tell...

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Granny panty af. Get her some decent panties dude.

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Not my wife.

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Damn, something about this one is great, the curves, the tanktop, the nipples

this too