Me at 7 friends with neighbor kid who was 12

>Me at 7 friends with neighbor kid who was 12
>Play at his house all the time after school because both parents worked
>Mostly N64 games
>One day he wouldn't let me play saying I smelled
>Tells me if I take a shower I can play Mario Kart
>Has me shower in his parents master bath
>It's huge, he won't leave, promises not to look
>He definitely looked and was teasing me but Mario Kart
>Hid my clothes but towel covers up naughty bits
>I get my clothes back if I beat him in any race or after 10 races of losing
>Snatches towel from me multiple times while playing making me freak out and lose
>I am near tears because he stole towel and I'm hiding behind a corner couch
>Goes to the other room and brings me my clothes
>Asks me if I want to see his dick since he saw mine
>I say nothing and just finish getting dressed
>He shows me his fdick and balls, it's huge (in comparison to me) and he has pubes
>Apologizes saying he thought it was funny and he is really sorry because he's left his hard dick on display
>He kept it out while we played a couple more rounds of Mario Kart
>I glanced it on purpose
>Nothing else happened that day

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stop making these fucking reddit threads you friendless retards

>Upset friend stole my clothes intrigued at boners
>Loved playing N64 and no parents the most
>Went back next day as usual but promised no shower
>Neighbor kid said nothing about day before events
>Secretly hoped he showed me his dick again
>Played Mario Kart as normal
>Got lost in game and forgot about naked stuff
>Friend wants to show me something he burned off the internet
>Porn DVD is now playing
>Never seen explicit sex before
>Majorly turned on
>Super erection that probably was too small to notice but I was trying to hide it
>Friend jumped to another scene where hot chick is being kicked out of dorm
>Hot chick lets dude with huge dick fuck her butthole so she can stay
>I knew only fags could do butt fucking and was confused
>Friend paused the DVD and said we could keep watching if I took my shirt off
>Shirt off no problem eyes glued to porn on TV

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When I was in junior high i used to keep nude pictures of myself in between regular pictures on my phone. That way I would show a random picture to a girl hoping she would swipe and find one of them. I would then fake embarrassment and claim I forgot that was there. I guess due to our age they would usually just giggle and some would even try to comfort me from my "embarrassment" and tell me it was ok and that it was an accident. Good days.

i want to see my gf posted in wwyd and trib threads, and i havent seen it since october
i love other anons getting off to her selfies and nudes - especially when im not the one posting her

Let's see her then

cant post her myself or the user who does post her will rat me out. has to happen organically unfortunately


i love it when it happens though. ive even made my own comments about her in wwyd threads

>Friend had me with the porn who was only 12 but had smarts
>The DVD had like 8 different chapters of various different scenes
>Finished woman having butt sex with my shirt off but he wouldn't start the next one
>At least not without payment
>He was nice by saying I had to be naked but then let me leave my tighty whities on.
>Two hot Asians doing lesbian things on a big desk
>Friend asked me if I liked it even though they were gay
>Grasped the outline of my boner in underwear
>He let me know he had a boner too by pulling his pants and underwear partially down
>Watched more scenes and during a BJ my friend took his pants completely off
>Said something about how his dick had never been so big
>Told me I had to show him how big mine had got with an "out"
>He said I didn't have to show him if I wanted to practice instead
>He would be the guy and I could play the girl
>That way it isn't gay and we can both find girlfriends easier because we know
>We were both sitting on the carpet and without realizing it he scooted right next to me sitting up a bit on his legs
>I don't remember starting but I suddenly couldn't see the TV because my head was leaned down with his dick inside my mouth
>I remember him saying it was almost exactly how she was doing it
>Time disappeared but it couldn't have been long
>Cum inside my mouth

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>I knew what cum was but wasn't old enough to have done it
>It tasted like snot in my mouth and I didn't like it
>Grabbed my tshirt right next to me and spit it onto it
>I got up to get a glass of water while asking my friend if he liked it
>I can't remember him saying anything but the porn was still playing and I was still hard
>I stole glimpses of his dick pulsing up and fallingback on his stomach while shrinking
>Girl was being fucked doggystyle now because I remember her huge roundish tramp stamp
>Discreetly adjusted my dick with the intent to rub it
>Friend had pulled his pants back up and told me I should get dressed
>He turned the porn off mid doggystyle before I could counter
>Got dressed and went home with a raging boner I hope my mom wouldn't notice

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>Thought about the porn all through the next day at school
>Anticipated school to end because I was going to tell him we didn't finish it all
>I would get naked as soon as he put the disk in
>I planned it out to not even have underwear on
>When I dropped my backpack at home I would quickly go to the bathroom take it off, hide it in bag, put jeans back on
>That part happened I remember telling my mom I was going to Brent's house as I walked out the door knowing I wasn't wearing underwear anymore
>Fantasy didn't equal reality though
>I told him we should finish the "movie" but he just wanted to play Mario Kart with me
>He mostly ignored my mentions about how we had seen that one girl do that one thing
>I wanted porn and my dick was hard for no reason
>He finally said we would watch more later except we aren't gay and it wasn't gay to practice but we aren't going to practice
>I agreed it wasn't gay because we were pretending so it was the same as married couples do
>He agreed with that and since we already knew what to do with girls we could just watch
>Good enough for me. It was my first real porn and I hadn't stopped thinking about it
>I didn't care about how cum tastes bad like a loogy if that's what it took to watch more
>Friend skipped the rest of the scene with the tramp stamp girl I noticed after sucking him off
>I can't remember what was next but do remember my friend explaining how mutual masturbation isn't a sin
>I didn't completely get it because I knew masturbation was a sin and I wasn't suppose to play with my dick
>He said that is wrong but mutual masturbation is something that is okay because you do it with a big group of friends
>I didn't know what it was exactly but decided to show him I wasn't wearing underwear
>He thought that was cool and told me my dick looked like it would get huge when I was older
>While the porn was on he explained by showing me it was masturbation because his hand was rubbing his dick

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Paid my cousin to spend the night with me. Kik jackdorn1984 if you want to know more

Why cant you share it here?

I fucked my 35 year old married computer science teacher when I was a Junior for a semester. This was in 2008 and our 'relationship' basically started through MSN Messenger during class. She caught me playing minesweeper instead of doing the Excel workbook exercises and sent me a private warning through the class group chat they had set up. I responded with something sarcastic so she told me to stay after class. Although nothing physical happened for a few weeks, our chat sparked a lot of subtle flirting, and once it was beyond a doubt that she was actually giving me hints, it ramped up from there. Skipping some small details here and there, eventually I would go to her room during her planning period or just after school got out and we would fuck in the room with all of the computers. It was a sepperate room from her main one but there wasn't a full wall blocking it off or anything. We would have just enough time to hide if someone did happen to walk in. We actually only stopped because someone came into her regular classroom looking for her. I froze inside her and we just sat there mid-missionary in silence and thankfully the person didn't check the room we were in. That spooked her enough to cut it off and we mutually decided it was over. I didn't have her Senior year and she acted like I didn't exist if we saw each other. Shit, I fucked the teacher for 3 months constantly and she still only gave me a B.

Also, she ended up not getting her contract renewed in 2017 because rumors of her letting a male student grab her ass while they hugged everyday made enough of a stir. Looks like she never stopped fucking her students. Sorry, I don't have any pics of her.

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>He showed me how it was even worse to do it like this which involved him showing me twisting both his hands around his dick
>His pants maneuvered off while explaining things to me
>We were both naked on his carpet watching porn while also looking at each others dicks to make sure we didn't sin
>I learned from him how mutual masturbation was totally different. Friends were suppose to jerk each other off in groups at parties and stuff
>He learned that year in middle school it was healthy because it stopped sex dreams
>He was at another friends house and said a bunch of them went down to the basement and jerked each other off
>I asked how they did it but he wasn't sure except he was because another friend said they just all sat in a circle and he rubbed the persons dick sitting next to him while he rubbed guys dick on his other side.
>I wondered if they had to be naked to do it right
>Definitely you had to be completely naked for mutual masturbation
>We could do it even though we weren't a huge group as long as you helped someone else it was okay
>Already buck naked we moved closer together laying on the carpet with the bottom of the couch as a back rest
>Grabbed each others dicks and started jerking each other off
>He came and spurted on himself and the carpet
>I couldn't cum
>Got dressed and played Mario Kart

It progresses or should I stop?

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I'm downloading late night Skyrim mods on my Xbox, filling it with nudes and sex mods. If the wife finds out I spend my gaming time fucking NPC's, she would be so fucking pissed.

Used to do that as well but with random porn clips we had in our shitty phones back in 2008

I made this fat shaming game

>Be me, 20
>Working as kitchen manager at bar and grill
>End of month, all-nighter for extra paperwork, inspections, and timesheets.
>Graveyard team is working, one chef, one kitchenhand, a glassie and two waitresses
>Glassie is 15, long golden brown hair, not skinny but not overweight, big ass and nice tits, freckles everywhere
>She comes into the kitchen office to check her area's cleaning schedules, sits down at desk opposing mine
>Office has two desks, one on each wall, a shelf on the back wall, my desk has a clear window facing into the kitchen.
>Turns to face me, asks something about cleaning chemicals
>We start talking, she puts her feet on my lap
>Go on break together, eating leftovers sitting on a dingy couch cuddling and talking
>we're alone in our semi-outside break area
>She rests her head on my shoulder
>I look down at her
>She kisses me, smiling gently
>I laugh a little, kiss her back
>Feel her tits
>She loves it, feels me up too
>puts her hand down my pants and rubs my cock
>Pulls it out, sucks it, while kneeling beside me
>Pull her jeans down, gently rub her
>She has a tight, slightly hairy, chubby little pussy
>She is moaning onto my cock
>She sits up, her jeans around her thighs, and sits on my lap.
>rub my cock on her big ass cheeks
>Slip it into her tight pussy
>She's loving it, put a hand over her mouth
>She giggles, rocks her hips on my dick
>I reach around and rub her clit
>She climaxes, starts shaking
>I cum inside her
>Sit there, still inside her for a few seconds, kiss a little more
>She pulls her panties and jeans up, works the rest of the shift with my cum inside her

On a summer day back when I was 15 I decided to get all naked and jerk off. It would be one of the first times I'd be doing it like that. I rarely jerked off with my dick out in the open. I had taught myself to do it with my clothes on. (i have phimosis so the cum stays inside for as long as I remain hard which gives me enough time to empty my load in the toilet) because of how risky it was doing it in a house that no one was used to seeing closed doors, wont even mention locking, that was out of the question, mom would come knocking on my door the moment she d hear the key turning. Privacy was something quite foreign in our household

I decided to do it in my parents bedroom where the 2nd TV was because living room was in direct view from our home's main entrance.
When I heard parents car leaving our driveway I immediately pulled all of my clothes off, cock already Rock hard in anticipation. Grabbed the porn dvd my brother had sneaked into the house, and which he thought was hiding very well(we had no Internet) , popped it into my xbox and started jerking away. Had never realized how hard it was to cum without clothes on. it was taking me longer than ever before so I decided to lie on my parents bed butt naked thinking that would maybe help me cum faster.
I had closed my eyes and had turned my head to the side no longer looking at what was on screen trying to simulate myself by rubbing my body with my free hand. The only thing that could be heard were the cicadas and my panting, I had turned the volume down. that's how I was used to watching porn and also rooms windows were wide open. This awkward silence probably added to my anxiety.

All this jerking and pumping finally paid off my dick felt sore but I could feel an orgasm building up. Heard some rustling sound outside window but there was no way in hell I d be stopping. Kept pumping, whole body squirming my hand insitctively grabbed tightly unto bed sheets

>Didn’t wear underwear until I was 12 years old.
>Used to go over to neighbor girls house to jump on her trampoline
>was probably 6 or 7
>neighbor girl was probably 13 or 14
>she would kind of baby sit me while my parents ran errands
>since I didn’t wear underwear, my crack would always be out when jumping.
>neighbor girl tells me I can’t jump on trampoline anymore if I don’t start wearing underwear
>next time. tell her I’m wearing underwear. Lie.
>shorts fall down and she sees I’m not wearing any.
>tells me next time she’s gonna check
>some time later, go over to her house.
>asks me if I’m wearing underwear.
>say yes, lying.
>tells me she’s going to check to see if my lying.
>get nervous. Run into her room
>she chases after me.
>catches me trying to jump over her bed and hide between bed and wall.
>pulls my pants down to reveal I’m not wearing underwear.
>jokingly smack my bare ass
>I turn away in pain, revealing my 6 year old junk.
>she puts her hand on my waist and a hand on my junk.
> mockingly grabs my little dick and says “aww. Look at your cute little pee pee.”
> leans over and gives it 3 little kisses
>tells me to pull up my pants and go put underwear on.
>sadly, she went to stay with her mom for good like a week later.
>missed out on further molestation

One two three ropes of cum came bursting out, flying into the air and landing on my stomach. I moaned as loud as I could knowing that no one could hear me or so I thought.

"oh you are doing the sex thing" (closest translation to what she actually said in our native language)
Turned my head around and saw grandma standing outside the window smiling.
"Don't mind me my dear boy I didn't want anything just wanted to walk around a bit"
And with that she left leaving me on my bed trying to catch my breath, dick still dripping.
"Shit shit shit shit" were the only words I could utter. Did she saw the whole thing? She is definitely gonna tell mom. fuuuuck I did it on their fucking bed, how on earth am I gonna explain that?

I reluctantly got out of bed went to the bathroom got my self cleaned up. For the next few days I constantly had a dreary look on my face, spend them mostly in my room awaiting my figurative and literal sentence.

Later that same month grandma was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's

My niece and I are in love with each other and have a lifelong
mostly secret incestuous relationship.
I'm 8 months older and currently 33 years old while she turns 33
this November.
My oldest sister was a 21 year old mom when I was not aborted.
Grew up under the same roof as niece who my mom took in when
deadbeat sister flaked.
Best friends and more for as long as we both can remember.
Took sanctioned baths together as small children.
Caught multiple times "playing doctor" with each other and scolded on how naughty it was.
Allowed to have sanctioned baths together likely beyond a healthy age (around 8 or 9).
Very familiar with each other’s naked parts long before either had an inkling of sexuality.
Both of us enjoyed the thrill of continuing to be naughty in secret once understanding what was naughty.
Both of us still get off on that secret, especially since some suspect the truth but have not confirmed.
Kept manipulating each other’s naughty parts after finding out it was wrong. Seems like we always had since
memory before doesn't exist.
Same story goes for kissing. I have a few memories of kissing each other on lips, in public, over and over
since it made all the adults watching us laugh hysterically.
I don't remember when it became naughty but it became a secret too and morphed into a much greater thing
perfected sensually to share our love.
Lost our official virginity to each other (PIV) before I could physically cum and she hardly had mosquito bites
on her chest and her pubes were vellus.
Didn't discover oral activities until after numerous PIV encounters.