So I've read a few posts on the reddit cuckold tread and I've noticed a few similarities between posters...

So I've read a few posts on the reddit cuckold tread and I've noticed a few similarities between posters, mainly grammar and punctuation. But the most common theme from posters is that their unsure about relationships and the direction their going. It seems that common that their bulls end up with their wifes while they just get depressed and loney. Yet when people post replys they seem to encourage the cuckold life and reassure the poster that its "normal" or "to be expected", quite a few seem to "enjoy" their wifes laughing at them while being dicked by another guy, also laughing at them.

I just get a sense that these guys are truely brain dead morons, trying to pass as highly intelligent (by use of their language) but fail, as their grammer and use of punctuation shows how little they know, yet still try and pass off what they do as "good" and/or "fun".

Why can't these wimps just fuck their women like real men? How did they surrive this long in the world with becoming an heros?
How is being laughed at, by the person you should be able to trust the most, a turn on?
I really don't understand the cuckold life or the bad "logic" driving the kink. Are these "people" really THAT retarded?

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mainly grammar and punctuation
their going


fair point should have used a computer and not a phone

I don't know how you read that shit. I feel dead inside from it, like my soul is being ripped from my body while I'm molested by my father who is also putting a bullet in my dogs brain and I'm watching it in real time looped unable to process all these negative emotions.

But yeah, they're that fucking retarded. I imagine it's a defense mechanism to write it off as being hyper intelligent or some gay shit as cope.

ok so not just me having those feelings ... good. ya fair enough a coping mechanism but to be so oblivious to whats happening to them

you don't need to go to reddit for that shit, it happens here live all the time

Hopefully most of them are just making it up for upboats, and the part where they feel depressed is the part of them that acknowledges their fetish is fucking retarded

eh seems more like "bulls" hang here or fakers

i agree with the depression being the bodies way of tell them that what their doing is wrong ... thats why i dont understand why they do it and support it.

idk about making it up. yes i want to believe that people arent that retarded. no i dont see how you could make some of that shit up

unhappy people tend to wish everyone else was fucked and unhappy as them so they don't feel shitty alone, hence they advise to do this. it's like people who spend all their money on some useless personal development courses scam and tell everyone that it worked for them

I just can't believe how anyone thinks the cuckold "community" is a real thing and it's a good idea. And why is it only men who get cucked? What about a man who gets a different wife every once in a while? Isn't that just adultry? How is "cucked" not adultry?

Cuckquean is a thing too.

Users here just wish the were bulls.

das hott

HDS. Homo Denial Syndrome.

some guys are lazy sissies who just need to be dominated and humiliated from time to time to be productive men and good lovers.
it's not just men you know, I've dominated a guy and girl together that I know very well from time to time

>it's not just men you know, I've dominated a guy and girl together that I know very well from time to time
How did you get that set up?

some people enjoy being used sexually for the enjoyment of others.
sometimes those people date each other.

Willing letting your woman fuck someone else is just about the most weak thing in existence. I can’t even imagine being this much of a faggot

he asked me to include him after I cucked him a couple of times
he honestly wasn't bi or gay, it humiliated him the most to get me hard and her wet for each other
he said he had the best orgasm of his life at the very end when I made him fuck her missionary position while she licked my balls and ass and he sucked my dick while I squatted over her face
totally closet pervert sluts both of them. good times

Nice. I am a similar pervert, hoping to get into that with my gf. How did you meet?

even if she loves the size of your dick, females need to be uncomfortably filled with huge cock from time to time.
you can make her break up for a week to get it, cheat on you, or have a say with the power to veto anyone dangerous
it's your choice

through a mutual friend originally, we were friends for 3 years before he first invited me to join them

Got it. I would probably go for otherwise anonymous guys.

Found the cuck

that's a good way to get robbed or catch an std user

found the antiscience denier

I've met with guys online to suck them off before my gf and I started dating, you can be safe and make sure they're sane, also I would never host at my own place.

married couples are clean and discrete

have sex incel

why are you so obsessed with guys having sex with their wives or not? Go get your own GF and stop being so hung up on other people's sex life. You are cucking yourself to internet strangers

That's a good point, I'd love to have a married couple dominate us.

I have a gf and I still cuck couples
she knows about it

Ant-iscience denier... Meaning he denies anti-science? You dunce.

Isn't that just the same cycle you see in every bubble of the internet.. everyone is in the same boat, you're not going to get advice from someone who is doing the same shit as you are as he'd call himself out as well if he said anything negative.

You get people who have certain ideas that get rejected by most people, then they find a place with people who agree with them somewhere on a forum.. these people are the exact same, they have the same ideas and are equally rejected,, and now they can constantly reinforce their behaviour and pat eachother on the back, whilst further disconnecting with reality.

This is what happens when you choose feminism over masculism.

Or you could just be a man and uncomfortably fill her with your fist or a giant dildo. But my girl doesn't like fisting we have tried and it took me almost an hour to get 4 fingers comfortable and when I tried to add my thumb she shut it down right there.

by your logic no girl with a dildo will ever need a man anyways since dildo=throbbing cock to you

try to find a studdly stag with a sexy vixen.
I myself love it when my porn star gf gives me a private sex show with a play date I've arranged, so it comes more natural to me when showing off a sissies precious lover to him.

You actually believe any of that shit? You know it’s all fiction right? It’s all just creative writing.

I don’t understand the humiliation part about it or the guys that don’t fuck their gf/wife. If you really enjoy kinky sex and aren’t insecure about your relationship throwing other people into the mix can be fun

Some people like being teased and humiliated. Personally I just want to see my gf fucked by the biggest cocks I can find, even though in some positions she can barely take me.

all girls have an inner slut who craves a bigger cock from time to time.
she can be your personal porn or give you the punishment of shame you secretly believe you deserve or do it without your knowledge.
pick one.

Hey man by my logic I know my girl isnt fucking other dudes and that's all I'm concerned about

do you involve yourself in the sexual satisfaction of her inner slut?

How do you manage to browse those reddits without killing yourself'? The cuckold fetish is soul-crushingly depressing

Misery invites company

Yes I do. I tie her up and all kinds of kinky shit. I make her masterbate with her wand while we drive around. She gets super wet. We go out to state parks and fuck in the woods. Take my boat to random spots and fuck. It's really not that hard to keep a woman only wanting you.

her brain is biologically wired to need new dick.
dam up slut river as high as you want you are just removing yourself from having a say in it when it breaks

Sure thing bud.

Sounds like a wimpy little bitch is getting his woman stolen and instead of manning up, acts like the giant pussy he is