My dad just molested me

My dad just molested me.
I can't call the police because they might search the house and I am in possesion of some heroin. What do Sup Forums?

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Fuck off cancer

stop using Ciara's pics. She doesn't want that.


fake and gay. why would they search your house?

blame the heroin on him

lucky you

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Ask him to do it again

They aren't going to search the house that's not how it works

Post a pic of you and what happened, do not leave any details out.

if you cant think of the obvious answer theres no hope for you get molested some more and next time try to seem into it

Timestamp? Hold it to ur face so we know this isnt fake

Shoot all the heroin.

You should report it, they wont search your house.

Hide the goods, THEN call the police. For fucks sake, is this really that hard?

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Have you thought about molesting him to get him back?

great that repost again

hide the heroin somewhere safe that you know and away from the public or easy access, then call the police. btw don't post selfies of yourself on Sup Forums. maybe you can try to get in contact with the cps.

Do all the heroin first. Then call the cops later.