Where do i buy cheap tungsten?

where do i buy cheap tungsten?

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what you wanna do with it boss

Yes I help you very cheap
Where is you are from?

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The more pure it is, the more expensive it is.

I can't imagine you'd find it cheap anywhere online, not unless it's impure crap. You a jeweler or something?

I wont specify what for, but I need it to be dense. Perhaps wolfram will work? Anything denser seems to be either radioactive or expensive as shit

Why did liberals ruin tungsten?

Welding shop maybe?

Like others have said, you can get the cheap Chinese shit online pretty easily, alibaba has shit loads of it with questionable quality. If you actually need it to be dense and used for self defense situations, you're better off getting a hold of your local metal fabricators to get quotes and work with them from there. Good luck melting that shit down without a professional grade crucible, though. You'll melt the homemade cement ones before the tungsten melts.

Just buy a incandescent light bulb, there's a little bit in there I hear


do you have a metal detector? a shovel? a flashlight? yes? then you have enough to mine your own wolfram.

Wolfram and tungsten are the same thing.

Not any more. The liberals stopped tungsten filaments waaaay back, in favour of LEDs


Pick one. I mean, I guess you could buy a bunch of tungsten fishing weights and melt them down.

Gonna be hard to get to 6k°F


Well, are you looking to cast or to forge. If casting, the melting point of tungsten is just above 6000 °F

Try: cheapchinesetungsten.org/buy_now

Tungsten R Us, if they're still in business. Otherwise, you'll have to use Amazon.

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