Vote Democrat

Vote Democrat

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Thanks, I will ;)

Hehe, kool! Btw you should kys yourself!

Why you're side is imploding from the inside out kys

What "side" are you referring too?

she excite me

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Am I supposed to pretend that Republicans are suddenly worth it because zoomers want to be trans? Like I don't get the logic here.

Given you're not American, I wouldn't worry about it

I am in America. However, I live in an unchangeable red state. So honestly it doesn't matter what political belief I am.

So move to California with the rest of the faggots. See how great liberals are for yourself. You need to finish HS first of course.

Again you say that like conservativism is the way to go. When over the left few months all conservative proved they all corrupt.


voting is futile

This is why I vote Democrat.

Sure they did. Your team proves they are the actual corrupt ones everyday. Funny how you're not complaining though.

>Your team proves they are the actual corrupt ones every day.
Not really. None one in my team is being impeached. No one in my team has off the record conversations with dictators. My teams didn't withhold aid for personal gain.

Before I came to /b, I didn't vote at all. But seeing all these republican arguments on /b, I am now voting democrat. I had no idea a group of people could be so entirely useless. They have to be removed from power. Cannot have people with so poorly reasoned arguments leading the country.

The Democratic party can bite my ass
GOP can go straight to their own personal hell

Stfu you dumbass bitch you aren't even a fucking American

You're not old enough to vote

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viewing this shit in teams like this is so fucking stupid. Grow the hell up, Donald Trump isn't going to fuck you.

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The left can't meme

Are you kidding? That's hysterical

Donald Trump fucks everyone.

She's cute but not nearly as cute as Jazz.

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Notice that the two Republicans who gave negative comments BOTH completely made up their facts about you. Typical.

I'm pretty sure that meme came from the right

That family is too White for a Liberal Democrat to be using.

Your idea family,loiks like this except without the dad in the picture.

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When you realize that Disney had purchased NatGeo...

Is that the Jew male turned female?


Who's Disney owned by again?

We are living in the golden age, frens. In 10-15 years we will have a wave of hairless, girly confused legal age boys with tiny, impotent dicks and daddy issues.

I don't know. Last I heard it was some organized crime ring.

nat geo is owned by Murdock, the founder of Fox News.

It’s ok there’s too many humans on this planet anyways. Let them have fun.

>left of the Dems
>pro 2A
>stricter than Trump on immigration
>hate corporations
Just can't win.

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The left

The right

Not anymore. Remember there's a large chuck on 20th Century Fox that was sold.

The mag. NatGeo was bought by Fox not Disney. The Maga dreamers are either ignorant or lie to obscure the facts.

kill all homos
kill all homo enablers

What went to Disney was the NatGeo cable channel.

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>all conservative proved they all corrupt
>speaking nigbonics
Ah. I see now. Voting for your jew masters.

Either way, Fox is MSM. They're controlled opposition run by a globalist. There's nothing MAGA about Fox.


Like those Pepe memes: A amphibian squatting on a soggy lily pad eating flies.