Canon Vader is a better and more powerful character than Legends Vader. Disney fucked by deleting the EU yes...

Canon Vader is a better and more powerful character than Legends Vader. Disney fucked by deleting the EU yes. But they made Darth Vader actually fucking powerful compared to his legends counterpart. Canon Vader kept his potential as the chosen one and dark side LOVED him. Where in Legends Vader is fucking pathetic and cries over padme ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Canon vader kept his Chosen one label, legends Vader lost it. Canon Vader actually had a chance at overthrowing Sheev, legends Vader couldnt without Luke.

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Fuck Vader.

Let's talk about how the mouse raped the Fett legacy.

>No longer Mandalorian
>Just some imposter
>Never been mandalore
>Made most badass character into a fuck bum

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Kek I can hear his voice saying that, it's weird.

I feel you on this, but you can't blame the mouse. Lucas was the one who said Boba and Jango aren't Mandalorian. Shitty decision on his part and I know alot of people say fuck that and still call em Mandalorians.

I think the cannon comics they came out for Vader are the best think since the mouse took over. They're awesome and give you a good feel of much he struggled at first when he got the suit and then went on a year through the Galaxy.

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I dont even know how the mandalorians survive as a race.
>hundreds of wars on mandalore
>half of them civil wars
>clans constantly at war killing themselves off
>loyalties constantly changing
>always killing each other
>and the best warriors always leave mandalore for profit
Seems like the only mandalorians that will survive arent mandalorians at all

But really. Does legends Vader reeeaally got anything against Canon Vader? The dark side wants to fuck Vader loves him over Momin

Exactly. Their fault for attacking the jedi. Braindead fucks thought they could kill em all

>I dont even know how the mandalorians survive as a race
Because Mandalorians aren't a race, it's an idea. And as V said "ideas are bulletproof".

That happened before Disney, because the woman who pushed mango shit so obnoxiously pissed Lucas and Zahn off

Wanna say that again but in English?

If you were there, it’s not hard to figure it out.

0/10 nigga

It is if you're not speaking coherent English

>he wasn’t there

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Been in the fandom since 2008



They aren't a race you dumb fuck they're a culture.

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This is the Mandalorian guy. Didn't mean to detail. But I dont know as if Canon is better than legends. Vader was always powerful as fuck. Canon just makes it seem like he doesn't give as much of a fuck about his lost love etc.

Canon Vader kept the chosen one label and and the potential. Legends was weak and lost about 120% of his power. Making him 80% of palpatines power compared to 200%. He was depressed and mentally fucked where his canon counterpart doesbt give a fuck and opened a breach into reality itself to try and save his cutie 3.14.


Guess I'll have to put more research into Vader L vs C.

Your cauldron of autism is boiling over ya fucking wizard.