How do I stop chaffing while I run? I can only go ~2 miles and then it hurts

How do I stop chaffing while I run? I can only go ~2 miles and then it hurts

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Chaffing powder

Buy body glide its the best shit around

Don’t run.

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Baby powder does a decent job. Also compression shorts. But new years resolutions don't last, so don't go spending money for nothing.

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I don't do news years resolutions, I always lose them. I'm just running with my buddy.
Do I use the baby powder before a run or when it chaffs after the the run?

Butter, my friend, butter...


been there, it sucks. walmart had athletic shorts with built in compressions a year or so back and they are a saving grace, like 14 or so bucks. I also use boxer breifs to keep the popsicle and cherries in place.

Thanks user

have the same thing, just buy some yoga pants and put them under your sweatpants, no more chaffing

1. Don’t shave your body hair, that makes it worse
2. Wear compression shorts
3. If you’re just starting a maybe a bit chubby, it’ll slim down and not be as big an issue over time
4. For long runs where you’ll change no matter what, body glide/Vaseline etc
5. Get those little circular bandaids for your nips. Like $4 for a 100

Or dont be gay and buy compression shorts or bicycling shorts

yeah because wearing a certain type of pants is somehow gay, imagine being this insecure

My dad used this stuff called Monkey Butt for riding his motorcycle in long trips. I tried it when I used a dual action polisher (those things vibrate like crazy) and it was great. Had the idea of using it for my morning run and holy shit! I've been using it for the last 6 years every time I go running and I've definitely built an addiction to this stuff.

Baby powder dumbass

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