I just broke up with my fiancée and I need a good laugh

I just broke up with my fiancée and I need a good laugh.


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I think this is funny just for the cringe hope you enjoy

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>no 100000 folded stainless steel katana
What's wrong with that faggot?

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His nipples and his sword could cut hlass

What can I say... apart from LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your fiancée left you because you are not funny.

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You have a very weird perception of cringeworthy material newfriend

Way to soon

too soon man...

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why did you break up?

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She doesn't look that bad as an adult


Is this real? =[

I've seen some cute caramelato baby's but damn this girl got the worst of both worlds


Nigger blood is too thick to be bred out. They have to be removed physically, like kebab

She should never dress as a white woman...

Not got any racist reason just because dang it looks like shit...
Total contrast

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And you are so fucking funny

lost hard

>the child abuse being sidelined and barely mentioned
Oh, but she let a dog have sex with her once on it's own volition guys, that is so much worse than sexually abusing multiple children! And don't even get me started on the whipped cream....

haha le 2sun meme xD

i need that paint version next to the original in better quality. how do i find?

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Go to google, then put your whole fist up your ass.

Typical fatass hog

that didnt work so i put both my fists up my ass and now i need help. luckily my dick is out or i wouldnt even be able to type this

That mutt isn't worth shooting...


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I don’t get it


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animal husbandry is rape!

This is basically the most alpha thing I have witnessed.

Why did you break up with her OP?

Why’d you break up with your fiancée op? Are you a fag?

smoking body, you could get used to the round face

>but she let a dog have sex with her once

It's like that old joke:
>you can rape all the children you like but fuck one dog and you'll never live it down
pedophiles get arrested every day, dog fuckers not so much. Beastiality is a fantastic headline for a tabloid.

He needs to work on his pecs a bit, solid biceps though.

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Why did you break up with him?
>Got eem

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I'm not racist. Racism is a crime, and crime is for black people.

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Old, but always funny

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16chan here we go


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OP here,
I'd like to take the time to say that I love sucking cocks. I suck them dry. I ENJOY gargling with infected splurge, I like to pretend that I am a dolphin sometimes. The semen passes between my teeth with force. I love feeling it fall on me like rain.
Cum rain is what gets me going.
I bought some cum jar on Craigslist and am looking forward to make my own ice-cream.
Thank you for your time.
Cordially yours

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All that shit is scam, btw

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wow i knew the precent are low but are they really negative amount?

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The fuck am I looking at?

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This isn't helping

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ylyl has gotten too tame

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This is so fucking bad that it's becomes good...
Why the fuck do you have this saved on your computer?

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It's a real product. I ordered one for my cat

Too much soon

this is what u wanted america

>my cat

You dont have to lie here, we all know that you're a fucking furry

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Welcome to Sup Forums new friend

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Totally thought this was going to end with the cat butt plug thing.

Checked, based and old-fashioned pilled.

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mein nigger

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What a fucking stupid waste of time for everyone involved.

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I will be forever new.
It is a status quo that I enjoy to be quite honest.

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what odds from 0-10000 is this chick likely to just start sucking do we think?

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get what you get

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