My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend...

My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend. They play music at 10PM and I wanna call the police on them for disturbance and use of drugs (very illegal in Sweden). On the 3th of January around 9AM I heard them having sex when I walked past their house. Can I say it sounded like rape?

What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?

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As a pot smoker myself, don’t be a dickhead, ask them if they can be quieter before you get them sent to jail you fag.

Sweden? Say the aren't a mixed race couple.

Sounds annoying but you should only tell the truth. Call the cops when they play music loud as fuck when it's late at night and you can smell their weed. These people sound inconsiderate as fuck.

you’re a faggot narc op

this guy alone should have me on the phone within a minute.

I think potheads are annoying but have you tried voicing your grievances to them? They may be agreeable to not being so obvious about their weed and blasting the music if you tell them it's bothering you

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are you mad cause jamal is reking your beautifull blonde neighbour , sven?

Quit being a faggot. YOU are the shitty neighbour in this case. Mind your own business.

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>They play music at 10PM and I wanna call the police on them for disturbance and use of drugs
How dare they?
> around 9AM I heard them having sex
Oh oh, death by stoning.

This is the third time this week you've posted this bullshit. OP is a liar, a cuck, a faggot, and a douche all at once. Basically your average Floridian.

I've seen faggots like you in other threads like this. How the fuck is he being the bad neighbor? They're being loud and blatant with their weed. Nobody should be forced to deal with that if it's illegal. OP doesn't owe these selfish stoners anything but it would be kind of him to chat with the neighbors first.

Many people wake up before noon, user. And some of them fuck. It doesn't sound like that is a regular occurrence like the other shit though.

>Noooo stop having fun

Goddamn boomer

You can fuck off and leave me alone faggot.

Smoking weed, playing music at 10pm and having sex in the middle of the morning are all perfectly reasonable things to do, and anyone who tries to get them in trouble with the law for it is a massive dickhead.

Are you a Virgin user?
Normal people like to Fuck. Someday even you may experience this wonder of nature.
Weed is legal here so no sympathy. Fuking Sweden lets every terrorist group migrate and then makes a big deal about weed?

have you ever gone outside

I'm starting to think this is ray-pist back with a new schtik

I wonder what 3th sounds like?

OP posts this every day.

>*Illegal drugs
>*Loud music

You should do SOMETHING OP. Call the police if you have to but defend your neighborhood from degenerates!

>I think potheads are annoying
Trips do not lie.


What a fucking faggot.

Protip: it shouldn't be legal because it makes many people lazy and lethargic and impairs your motor skills.

Some of the fucking replies in this thread dude. Potheads have to be in the top 5 of most self righteous, entitled douche faggots of all time.

Stop posting this retarded thread every fucking day.

pro tip, OP isnt from sweden,

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samefag loser

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Why are you replying to me? I'm not OP


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>Middle of the morning

The 3rd is my birthday lmao

10pm is when shit needs to start winding down on a week night. Some of us have jobs and obligations to meet every day. The music should be lowered after 11 I say. You want loud music all night, go to a bar.

>My neighbor is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend
So, your point was? Are you jealous about the girlfriend or just ignorant that there is tons of people around you who smoke?
>They play music at 10PM
Far as i know in Sweden in apartment buildings general silence, not including average sounds from living like taking a shower that spawn from 10PM to 7AM, with exception of written information posted about planned party or such event. When its of a private residence its far more vague and depends on authorities, but generally listening music with closed windows so it does not require neighbors to rise their voice to talk outside is the limit and its customary to limit these activities on 10PM but its not required by law.
Also are you saying they are playing music now at 10PM? Cause its half 6PM there now due time zone, so what the fuck you on about? Just one of those bots spamming anti weed treads?
>very illegal in Sweden
Sure it is.. except there is at very least 5 places growing at all times despite this, on even the smallest of towns.
>On the 3th of January around 9AM I heard them having sex when I walked past their house
So you are jealous and at worse stalker.
>What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?
>Can I say it sounded like rape?
Ou look Sweden, false rape claim and utilizing police to force your ideology on others, who could have seen that coming...

From this we can conclude that OP is a faggot and should just remove him self from gene pool.

You're just mad because he's getting some and you're not, start by sucking some refugees cock you linden Berry smelling faggot.

Yeah don't say it sounded like rape. You know the police won't turn up for that, Sweden YES

You admit yourself that weed is illegal and then say the law doesn't matter because five places are illegally growing it. You weed addicts are truly capable of astounding mental gymnastics.

This is such weird fucking bait, who are you trying to antagonize? Weed smokers or just non autistic people? You post this every day and give identical stick in the mud responses.

pretty sure he googled where weed is most illegal and used sweden for his retard spam.

How many times this week are you going to post this? Asshole

Can't wait for this hero who saved my little sister to come and knock you the fuck out OP.

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Ill have you know i graduated top of my class in Gr8 B8 M8ocolgy

mind ur own fucking business u loser go on a date night start a jogging club fuuuuck offf

smoke some urself i know u saw

Stop over reacting. I had a neighbor like you who just had a problem with me because I exist and don’t live my life with the soul intention of making everyone around me happy. So to cause problems i went outside and vaped some regular nicotine and acted “goofy” pike I was high and she took the bait, came outside and started taking a video of me on her phone and I asked if there was a problem and when turned the camera off i called her an ugly retard. She calls cops, cops come, she shows them video, they realese she’s just being a cunt. Give her a ticket for i think it was, minor obstruction of justice and disturbing the peace. Afterwards I complained to landlord and got her evicted based the fact she was harrassing me. I heard she killed herself and I sleep pike a baby.

TL;DR Don’t go out of your way to get your neighbor in trouble. If anything just knock on his door, smile, be friendly and politely ask if he could turn his music down and be more discrete when he smokes weed and bangs his girlfriend. I bet you’d find out he’s a chill dude.

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Stop being a faggot OP let them do their thing. Just because you dont have a life doesnt mean you should fuck up other's

Jesus Christ, get a fucking life

Stop worrying about what your neighbor is doing you fucking narc, Just ask them nicely to quiet down and don't be such a piece of shit.

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Let me remind all in this thread, weed is illegal. What does that word mean? It means it's AGAINST THE LAW and you are legally NOT ALLOWED TO DO IT. You faggots have literally no argument. It's illegal, THE. FUCKING. END.

>wahh no ones replying to my shit anti weed bait thread in the right way, they're just calling me a cunt. wahhhhh