How can a 34yo virgin find a cute 17yo-18yo virgin to date and marry

how can a 34yo virgin find a cute 17yo-18yo virgin to date and marry

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You can’t.


Won’t happen.

Just bee yourself!

Convert to Islam.

fly to the phillipines

i want a german wife

Go hang out at a highschool with a wad of cash, box of chocolates and a windowless van. Make sure you wear a tuxedo.

If they're hardcore Christian they'll view virginity as a plus

the only problem is they're hardcore Christian

>probably bald/ugly
>probably completely socially inept
and you're STILL picky. you're gonna die alone.

eat one meal a day and run you fat fuck

yeah, you're not gonna get a german. maybe aim for poor eastern block countries man

Sage is a feature on Sup Forums.

Kill as many Jews as you can.
They're responsible for that problem.

You can start by not being a fat lazy fuck!

Pick up some social skills, and less chips.

Egirls are easy

Asians are easy

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Buy a mail order bride whose citizenship you can hold over her like a guillotine. Or grow the fuck up and date someone your own age.

Ethots are not virgins

If you want a virgin you should lose weight, get an income to support her and any kid you might have and be ready to put legit effort into molding her into a good waifu, don't half ass it and let her spend most her time on the internet like the modern thotty loves to do. Sadly if any of you could even find a virgin chances are you won't put the effort needed into yourselves or her and or she would get corrupted by outside forces and any work you put into her would be ultimately wasted anyway. This is like the worst time ever to try staying with a woman long term.

Du bist echt peinlich...
Lebt deine Mutter nicht mehr?

go to gym