Why everybody use weed nowadays? Haha look how slow and retarded i become when i smoke shit duude!

Why everybody use weed nowadays? Haha look how slow and retarded i become when i smoke shit duude!

Please fuck off.

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Why anybody uses weed nowadays? Haha look how fast and sharp I become when I don't smoke shit duude!

Please stay and remain.

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Youre a fucking idiot.

Pot ,booze, pills....its all the same.

People do different shit on all drugs.

Some people smoke pot and train in Ju Jitsu.

Some people drink booze and eat pizza like fat fucks.

Youre a biased fuck head.

Grow up

Why anyweed uses body nowadays? Haha look how boney and fleshy I become when I use body shit duude!

Please give me your skin.

Why somebody used weed nowadays? Haha look how quick and blunt i become when i don't smoke shit duude!!

Please call your mother.

Not everyone
Some people can't because of their life circumstances and/or some people just don't want to

people who smoke a lot of it are more likely to go on about it

OP I hope you kill yourself, genuinely, faggot.

thc destroys cannabinoid receptors! it's all bad for you!

Spoken like an idiot who hangs out with other idiots and only noticed they're idiots when they're high idiots.

>Getting offended by someone's opinion of weed
>This is you

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I for one welcome our new marijuana overlords!

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used to smoke daily, now i do coke like i used to smoke, everyday, almost always high. Its been pretty fucking expensive, so i might need to stop soon, or it will stop me soon enough o hope

weed is a shit tier drug and a waste of money. it's ridiculous how hard smokers will defend their habit. it's obvious the plant has control of their mind.

This my gf blazes before she goes to work and manages the store better than everyone before her who managed the place. Almost a 2 million dollar store.

butane is the best drug, it's an NMDA receptor antagonist and GABA potentiator so it induces anesthesia when inhaled, just be sure to get a good refined can. it's the cheapest drug out there

The only wise words in this thread

I don't smoke weed anymore, it made me more retarded than I already am but thats just me. Now I find stoners more annoying than anything. However I think it should be legal everywhere. Nobody ever picked a fight because of smoking weed, it doesn't hurt anyone but the smoker. Leave them alone to do what they want. There's also some benefits to legalization, freeing up jail space for actual criminals ...the police have better things to do ...tax revenue ...less of a black market for unsafe product and environments. The only down-side I see is health care having to deal with more smokers and the associated costs (ANY smoke or vapor is simply bad for your lungs, whether its gasoline fumes, cigarettes, a house fire, weed, a campfire or wtc crashing down and causing mesothelioma)

Because it seems like a fun way to unwind. Smoked daily for 4.5 years, ended up building up tolerance and realized it's diminishing returns. You end up smoking more and more and not even feeling any high or buzz. Also makes you unmotivated as fuck and puts you in the comfort zone. Guess that's the main reason folks like it - weed creates an immediate comfort zone.


I hate the culture more than the drug honestly.

I'd agree with you, but the reddit spacing leaves me incredulous.

I used to use it as a crutch to get through the day because I had a lot of shit going on for about a span of 5 years that kept grinding me down and basically making me feel like I really wasn’t the one in control of my life. Finally had time for therapy last year after quitting a shitty job and actually taking control of my life to the point I had self esteem and confidence in myself really for the first time in my life. I had years worth of shit to work through but after figuring a lot more things out I actually feel like I have real goals to work towards and aren’t just feeling lost / unsure of myself and full of anger and anxiety over shit I couldn’t control or people treating me like shit since I cut them out by quitting my old job and doing things on my own terms instead of someone else’s.

It’s weird, nowadays I don’t feel like I need to be baked 24/7, and I’ve started to enjoy being sober again. Haven’t completely sworn off weed, I’ve just actually gained control of myself and get high when I want, but don’t feel compelled to stay baked all day or get absolutely blazed like I used to just to feel like it got me through the day. It’s actually nice to be able to enjoy reality instead of feeling like I need some form of escape.

If rather trust and do anything with a stoned person over a drunk person.
Or a pilled out or coked up person for that matter.

Once your tolerance is high enough you can socialize and navigate quite soberly looking. Weed doesn't do the same thing to me as a regular user that it does to so.eone with a low tolerance that doesn't smoke very often. What if I told you the cannabis isn't what makes someone a drooling pothead. It's the dip shit that can't control his stupidity when high. But then again people are going to think what they want. I understand this is bait. But just in case.

People use for different reasons, it's not your life, why does it matter to you?

I've smoked routinely for the past 3ish years, much less before that but my quality of life has gone up.

Smoking weed doesnt mean you have to always "overdo" it. I do it because I function better after a couple hits. Especially socially.

Only people who havent smoked much seem to be the ones who have a problem with it. Weed is more of a medicine than it is a party drug. Use it for yourself, and enjoy yourself.