I don't understand, I though only fox news was biased?

I don't understand, I though only fox news was biased?

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All cable "news" needs to be disbanded and the people that work at all of them shot.

Can't argue with that


Only shooting stars break the mold

Retard snowflakes believe this.

When you can't win, cheat.

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Blow it out your assholes you Trump cucked gutter dwellers

Found the retarded snowflake.

"We would never lie to You. Honest."

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CNN hasn't been unbiased since 2003

Everyone supporting the Democrats is truly a cuck. If you dont do and believe exactly what they tell you with no free thought you are banished from their cult. Fall in line and obey your dictators or go vote for someone else.

Try telling that to a libtard.

Why would you bring him up you unhinged liberal

I honestly remember CNN being unbiased all through the 90's. Ted Turner would be shaking his head in shame right now

Fox is actually the least biased out of the major news networks. CNN, MSNBC are so slanted left it's unwatchable.

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Anybody notice the hypocrisy? When trump says fake news lefties call him an idiot. But when it comes to bernie all of a sudden CNN is fake news.

I don't disagree with you about CNN and msnbc but saying fox new is the least biased is just pure delusional.

It's all fake news to me

Fox is biased , Cnn are liars
biased= picking storys thad you think fitting your world view
liars= making up or altering storys to fit your world view

All American made news is trash. Turn off the TV.

The real joke is that RT is the most credible news source to date. And that's enemy propaganda!!!
>tfw respected interviewer Larry King is on RT
>tfw all american hero Jessie Ventura is on RT

So sayeth the party of white male religious fucks.

Non religious conservative reporting in. My values are purely economic and believe me thats more than enough to hate democrats with every fiber of my being

Quite the opposite.

Fox = Liars
CNN = Biased

I’d agree with this

Shouldn't you be busy murdering babies?

Id rather be a white male religious fuck than a pink haired gay tranny who identifies as a wolf.
Do you really want to get into a debate on who represents which party dumbass youll lose every time.

If you still believe this, you're fucking retarded. Next you're going to say MSNBC is the real news.

Out of those 3 it’s a fact for sure

I don't know how you define "Biased" but the numbers show it though. Iv'e read that both networks coverage is like 98% negative coverage of Trump while Fox is somewhere around 50%.

I would like for you to cite something credible that proves Fox is so bad.

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I didn’t know people this retarded existed.
Are you trolling?

Yet liberals said for years it was unbiased, and acted all offended that Trump called it fake news

I'm guessing that was during the Clinton years. With Reagan it was all negative all the time.

Trump 2020 get

You're full of shit. Fox News is all opinion based bullshit with virtually 0 facts.

The last full segment I watched on the network was Bill O'Reilly comparing Obama's vacation days to Bush's vacation days. It eventually ended with him saying we should want Obama to be on as many vacation days as possible so he couldn't accomplish anything.

Not one fucking time in the whole 20 minute segment did he actually state how many vacation days either actually took.

>Quite the opposite.
No the fuck it's not. CNN literally made up fake news about Bernie, and then Warren confronts him on a "hot mic". They set him the fuck up. You're a fucking sheep if you don't see it.

>Fox is actually the least biased out of the major news networks

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all media is biased to the right. CNN tries so hard to do this "both sides" bullshit that they give platforms for right wingers to spread their lies and bullshit. anyone who thinks there's any leftist mainstream news in America is retarded

Oof, close

I used to watch it all the time . It was unbiased. Something happened when trump ran. Someone there clearly hates him. It became so blatant with their lopsided coverage , I can't watch. I used to check their site several times a day to check the need and at one point was my home screen. I haven't been there since before trump was elected. It really sucks as all the news sites are either biased or just links to other sites. We don't have reporters who just report the news , we now have partison activists lecturing us what to believe about the news.

Fox news is definitely the least biased. But it also depends on your definition of biased. Fox news doesn’t just make shit up to attack their opponents unlike, well every other major news source outlet.
And thats enough for me.

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>>both networks coverage is like 98% negative coverage of taking a shit on your buffet table while Fox is somewhere around 50%.

That doesn't prove bias at all. Some situations are legitimately bad and 50% positive coverage of them is clearly bias in itself.

What is rt and are you being sarcastic?

>Fox News is all opinion based bullshit with virtually 0 facts.
>The last full segment I watched on the network was Bill O'Reilly comparing Obama's vacation days to Bush's vacation days. It eventually ended with him saying we should want Obama to be on as many vacation days as possible so he couldn't accomplish anything.

That's a fact tho


>The last full segment I watched on the network was Bill O'Reilly

So the last time you watched it was years ago and you based your entire opinion of the Network off of Bill O'Reilly's show, A neoliberal OPINION HOST. Not Bret Baier or Chris Wallace 2 hard news guys that get invited on Colbert's show every year? Show me someone with that kind of credibility on CNN or MSNBC.

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RT is russian funded news.
And for some reason I'm actually not being sarcastic.
The world is so fucked up right now that the enemy can gain from simply telling us the truth.
And we won't believe it because RUSSIA BAD!

How many days did CNN and MSNBC report on the proven fake Steele dossier they claimed was true or the reporters constantly saying they have been given unreleased proof of Russian collusion which they never released. Look what happened with Scaramucci, 3 of their journalists had to resign over that shit.
Stay off cable news it makes you retarded.

Same here. I don't give a shit about abortion, gays getting married, and all that other nonsense. It's the economy stupid. And I want illegal immigration fixed. Budget fixed. SS fixed and healthcare fixed. And the answer isn't tax the rich out of existence .

Show me one place CNN said the Steele dossier was 100% true?

Yes, it's only biased when it's positive. And let me guess, anything negative about your team is from Russia?

you're just making shit up

or the Jews.

Lol. I bet you rent an apartment and work a shit retail job too.

Yeah, I'm sure the cheap federal reserve debt inflating the stock market owned by the top 5% is really powering you through the wealth gap.

>Some situations are legitimately bad
>"Some" warrants 98% negative coverage

>and 50% positive coverage of them is clearly bias in itself.
>And in your mind being down the middle is biased in itself

God i fucking hate you communists sooo much. 0 logic. 0 reasoning.

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Go look it up. You have the internet stop being a sheep and go find out how much you have been lied to.

The bottom 80% of the country only 6.7% of the stock market. The rich literally own the majority of the wealth in the country and it's getting worse.

The answer IS to tax the rich, we need to shoot idiots like you.


It's either sarcasm or brain damage

only = owns*

Right, all of your problems are because of the rich. Therefore, it's time to vote Democrat! Give up your guns and open borders, yay! No more arrests for minorities committing crimes! ITS IN YOUR OWN INTERESTS!!!!

i too have noticed quite a bit of pretty legitimate news comes from RT(verified by following down the story on other news agencies and contrasting)

its so sketchy seeming though since it is literally russian operated, so anytime i run into it i still always go deep dive as far as needed to figure out if its real or not... amazingly it has been almost always pretty legit.

again.. due to its direct tie to russia i would not recommend suddenly going "hey i trust RT now and watch it all the time!"

If you hate the rich so much, why don't you move to fucking Africa? Then you can coexist with the rest of the monkeys you love so much

I see a lot of potential Sup Forumstards here

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Our problems are because of a lack of education, training, and knowledge. Which can be solved by taxing the wealth and ending the accumulation of the nations wealth from the few.

FYI: I'll be jumping on my skid steer here in a couple hours to install yet another foundation for my rental.

You fucks keep me in plenty of money, but I recognize it's not in the best interest of the nation for everyone to be a renter.

Gotta take it with a huge grain of salt. Because as we keep saying. It is legit russian propaganda....
Yet.... for whatever reason.... it's still truth.

Just consider the implications here.
Clown fucking world, mang.

>transgender girls aren't boys
That right there is enough to lose any faith I might've had in their word. There's no such thing as a transgender person. There are only fucked up morons who rejected their own reality.

intelligence like this is priceless

Ok , get rid of all us rich guys that own stock . How does that make your loser life better? You do know that anyone with a 401k owns stock?

Ted Turner? Married to the original liberal communist traitor. That is why it has been known as the Communist News Network since it's inception.

>Which can be solved by taxing the wealth and ending the accumulation of the nations wealth from the few.
Which is code for
>Taxing anyone who isn't a welfare collecting nigger and makes more than 30k a year

You're a dumb fucker. Why should national monetary policy be giving the rich trillions of dollars for stock buybacks to make themselves even richer?

I don't hate the rich, I hate morons like you who are too stupid to see this is a perilous path that doesn't do the average person a single bit of fucking good.


>The answer IS to tax the rich

We did that already and it made things worse when your King Nigger did it. Trump lowered the Taxes for everybody and ALL the numbers went through the roof.

>we need to shoot idiots like you.

Communists fuckstains like you should be deported to Venezuela so you can realize the horrors of your ideology.

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Only 5 percent of people have 401ks. Sounds legit, bro.

Yeah u

Of course he doesn't know that. He's a mutt with a nigger lover whore mother who lives in a 1 bedroom apartment. Hes a pathetic piece of shit that doesn't own anything and is worth nothing. Hence he wants everyone else to be just like him.

>more than 90k a year

Yeah, it's pretty much like that.

fox news is clearly bias, and that is the problem that lefties have with it... is it does have republican talking points, talking heads and opinion pieces favoring republicans.

however... the ratio of garbage "fake news" (aka opinion pieces, talking heads, etc) on fox vs on left leaning platforms is way different.

i would say fox is like 50%+ news (and pretty truthful/accurate news) and the rest is opinionated/propaganda/bias/bullshit.

but on msnbc..cnn..nbc..cbs..abc... etc, etc etc, that ratio is like 90/10 ... with 10 being the actual news.

THAT is the fucking problem.

but leftists WANT everything to agree with them or whatever the social narrative they subsrcibe to at the time is, so have trouble accepting or even seeing what the difference is.

Typical liberal. All problems can be solved by us taking your money and throwing it at a problem. If you believe that go ahead and make more donations to the IRS when you file. You are a rich landlord.

>He can't read

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Right, the rich are why you're a failure in life. So when are you moving to Africa? I hear Somalia could use people like you. They don't have rich people there. It's perfect for you!

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Keep telling lies the only people benefiting from idiots tax cuts are the RICH as usual it’s what republicunts do everytime lie deny accuse that’s a republicunt

And then next year you will change it to 30k a year. But at least you're admitting you're a dumb nigger who thinks anyone who works for a living is "rich".

Funny how the worst schools in this country get the most amount of funding and still produce dogshit students. Maybe you can't fix all ideas with other people's money, comrade?

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everyone is biased. In theory the best thing is to look at multiple sources. Then you can see the lies from the truths.

"The reality is that the median account balance in the U.S. is only around $72,000 for 55-64 year olds"

For those younger it's even less. The stock market is a pretty shit indicator of the economy, especially when it's being inflated by federal reserve debt used to purchase stock buybacks.

You know nothing . Companies are not people. Any money a company makes has to be spent, reinvested, or given to stockholders. Companies but back stock all the time for various reasons.

yeah, it totally falls into a couple moves i can see on the surface..

1 - that it is there to get republicans, pro trumpers, centerists, etc to share it or retweet it or whatev so that way there is still a possibility to tie russia to republicans, which of course would help russia by maintaining the division.

2 - simply aiding in ones enemies destruction by not getting involved and encouraging their current actions

Yeah, why don't you pray about it you dumbfuck boomer. That'll solve everything, right?

What about employment? Is that a bad indicator about the economy?

*Blocks your path*

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You've said nothing with that statement.

Using federal reserve debt at interest rates basically below inflation is a newer phenomenon. It wasn't even legal until the 80s.

Stock values should be based on the earnings of the companies, but we see companies posting 30% gains in the last year with earnings not even 1/10th of that. It's bullshit and you're an idiot.

> I though only fox news was biased?
who said that?

anyone watching either is a fucking dipshit.

I paid less taxes last year due to the tax cut. You probably don't understand the difference between total taxes paid and tax refund.

All broadcast news is biased.

It's good for richer business owning capitalists. It all depends on the income the job is earning.

If the unemployment rate is 2% but many of those jobs are paying $5 an hour... That's a very shit situation for all those involved in, except the people who are profiting from the capture of labor.

Go ask England about mainstream journalists. They're all lying, poison selling scum.

What are you doing with a picture of my cousin?

You've completely pulled that out of your ass. Name 3 of these schools and their student to teacher ratio.

>The truth is damaging to western interests
Ask yourself why? Why would telling the truth be such a terrible thing? Maybe... just maybe.... all of western society is comped corrupt and going against the interests of their people.

Consider this: what if France dropped the Hillary emails? We'd have sucked their cocks and thanked them for decades to come for unveiling the evils that lurk within our own borders!
But it was Russia. The boogeyman. So all of a sudden the truth is bad.

The west has a narrative they want to sell to the masses.
Russia is fucking that up by simply pointing at reality.
What's better in your opinion, a happy lie or reality?

WTF? That makes no sense. But you can pray if you think it will help.