This 6'5 alpha male slaps your girlfriend's ass in the club

This 6'5 alpha male slaps your girlfriend's ass in the club.


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I'm 7'8. I literally can't see manlets as short as him.


Slap his sexy gf's ass right back then play League of legends with him


what's this MONGREL doing touching my purity!

*calls 911*

I'm triggered by the inaccuracy of that.. whatever the fuck that enlarged cardboard ruler is.

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Why do people watch this fuck of a streamer? What is the attraction?

Those are centimeters on that ruler.

I’ll make this Little nigger my bitch know what I’m saying

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So youre saying the table is nearly 4’ tall? Fake ruler is fake manlet

I used to watch it 6 years ago because I was an edgy teen and he did whatever the fuck he wanted.

No shit Sherlock it's a shitty meme in his channel

Must suck being this short
11'8 masterace here

Sock the faggot right in the face and watch him tumble like a sack of gay bricks.

>thinking this is what alpha is or means
Lol I'm always fascinated at the fact that the only thing a lot of Sup Forums tards believe is that being tall means you're alpha. I've met midgets more alpha than this.

depends on geopolitical factors

either straight murder in the club fists or glass or do nothing

also depends how many of him and how many of me and the other boys bouncers etc

this literal retarded faggot? give him a wedgy and a swirly

Id call Greek.

>Pull out gun
>Shoot in one feet
>The end

Manlets have to wait outside. Because i'm 18'6

obviously a midget trying to fake being tall, so i would shove him in a suitcase and be done with it

hello mister super faggot welcome back... hope your relatives die slow in a fire

toasty crackily and burnt flaying skin and peeling flesh

Any of you midgets have a jacket? Cold as hell up here at 20'3

My nephilim

Stroke her chin

HA, Do you know a mountain i can live in? I'm 56'8 !

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>Beat the shit out of Tyler1
>Twitch popularity surges
>Known as the streamer that beat the shit out of Tyler1

Where is the downside

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Dudes jacked son hed dust your ass with one hit

bald head = manlet Alpha, is this a joke? straight up shota looking faggot to me

Id fight him. Break my glass or bottle and stab him. Then jump on him and repeatedly stab him. He has a foot on me. But squirrelly ass little dudes with sharp objects are dangerous

>talking to your girlfriend to the club

Ban draven

tyler1 is a manlet lmao, he is like 5'6"

he is a lulcow