Lads i need a punny reply to this

Lads i need a punny reply to this

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Seeya later alligator

I'd say
"Kangaroos are dying in Australia you insensitive bitch"

gargle my balls domesticated house cat

Fur sure

don't reply the conversation has ended already

Choke my chicken good looking

The proper response is "see you there, koala bear", you fool

This is actually the best advice, keep her wondering if you'll response..which you wont, dont even text her tonight or tomorrow first. Make her chase you some

I'll kangaroo kick your cunt in, ya fat sow

Just reply with i love you, trust she wont be off put by it.

Praise Allah, Koala B)

"sit in my belly pouch, baby girl"

Clever pun but sounds like she gave OP a no for hanging tonight and maybe for I wouldnt use it

You too, Jigabo

This only works with a gay fur pic also showing it

Will do kangaroo
In the oven, stupid jew


"haha wouldn't it be funny if we role played as kangaroos and I hid in your pouch haha. That would be so weird haha."

After awhile faggot

I couldn't think of a good punny so can i come and lick your cunny

agreed, you'll look desperate if you reply again

Wana see my kangaroo pouch? Then immediately, without her responding, send her a pic of your anus

In awhile pedophile

No she said she works until 4 on Saturday
This was from yesterday

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Absolutely based

200iq move

Leave her on read and dont reply.

She'll be sitting around stewing about whether she was off putting with her cringy kangaroo comment until you meet up and it'll immediately put you into a position of power because she'll be more willing to prove she's normal and not some cringey person who uses the term will do kangaroo

I'm also a cringy person though so i thought it was cute

Let her think it was cringey when in reality it was indeed pretty cute.

I thought it was funny

Hop to see you there

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Kek use this one op

io Kivin, quit bein' such a cunt moite!

see ya koala

Based but girl must be above 80 iq