I'm slightly interested in becoming a cuckold

I'm slightly interested in becoming a cuckold

Should I go through with it? Or is it all a big mistake?

What are some pro and cons

And feel free to tell some stories you've had

Thanks for the advice Sup Forumsros

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If you’re so bored with your significant other that you’d rather someone else fuck her than you, just cut loose and move on

Don't be a faggot.

the only one true responce

Post your discord and I'll fap to her

I need this exact picture, but in better resolution

Just watch another couple fuck in person instead. Or a relationship you're ending.

IF you will be cuckcolding ur gf with other chicks then there are only pros and no cons. If its for your chick to get banged by other mans and knock her up eventually then its all cons

It’s hot and fun, just don’t delude yourself, the relationship will end. I knew that going into it, girl will like one of them more, always happens.

So if your alright with that outcome, go for it bro

You're welcome...

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don't be retarded
swingers >>>>>>>> cucks

You should become a cuck. Watch her suck and get fucked by better dicks

I'm not OP...

Then don't reply bitch. You can take my advice also

Why so mad?

Because he's alpha, and we're fags who live to serve.

Digits don't lie.

OP is being an alpha for wanting to share his wife?

No, the alpha daddy giving advice.

I'm confused....Fuck this shit I'm out.

More alpha cum for the rest of us cucks :)

My advice is don't do it. I had gotten interested in the cuck fetish about a year ago, and a few months ago I finally decided I wanted to try it for real. I told my girlfriend and she said she'd be keen if that's what I wanted. So she reactivated her tinder and found this total Chad looking dude who was cool with me watching. He came over to our place and after a bit of semi-awkward chit chat he and my gf got down to business.

I was immediately super jealous and uncomfortable watching them make out but I figured I just needed to get used to it and I'd start to like it. I didn't. The longer they went the more and more pissed off I got, especially at how my girlfriend seemed to be getting more and more into him with every passing second.

Ever since it's been a huge strain on our relationship. I find myself pissed off multiple times a day when I think about that night. I'm not sure if I can get over it and it might lead to the end of our relationship soon.

So yeah, don't risk it. Just be satisfied with it being a fantasy.


>knock her up eventually

you know, outside of your 3rd world country people can afford contraceptive.

i know people who have been doing this for more than 15 years.

like hearing that she might leave me for the guy is kinda turning me off from trying out cucking. Like i want her to fuck other guys but at the end of the day still be mine

There's no guarantee of that though. How would you feel if she stayed with you but had enjoyed sex with the other guy so much that she saw him a couple more times without you? That's what happened to me after I regretted letting her cuck me and it's not a good feeling.

then do it with strangers. If the only interaction the guy has with your wife is fucking her, there's no way she'll leave you for the guy.

Go to swinger clubs on night where single guys are allowed for example. Or use swinger dating website.

When i was single and using a libertine swinger website to find couples it wasn't uncommon for me to only have the husband's number, an no way to contact the girls.

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nhentai - 245993
read 1, 2, and 3.
That's going to be you lmfao

is there any sucess stories where people become cucks and their girlfriend stays with them?

Post pics of gf

Don't do it. It won't have a good effect on your relationship outside of the bedroom. Masochistic kinks are masochistic for a reason, they're bad for you. Cuckolding is psychologically masochistic. Swinging or an open relationship might be a better option if you're bored with monogamy because its more mutual and less one sided, or maybe the relationship just isn't for you.

>asks gf to get fucked by Chad
>gets mad when gf gets fucked by Chad
I don’t think you thought this through user. In like even the most basic way

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Cumbrains whose reality is filtered through porn-inspired fantasies get a shock when the reality hits home

How big was his dick? Did she cum?

But I mean, what did he think was going to happen?

He knew on a surface level, he didn't really know what it would feel like.

cucks are just brainlet faggots that cant please their gf and gets off because of it

You know shes still seeing him behind your back and taking his thick veiny cock up her asshole, right?

Why are you thinking about anons gfs side pieces thick veiny cock you faggot

Don't be a cucklord and if you do watch cuck porn stop. Porn gives you weird fetishes.

Because I’m gay alright?

The fact that you said cock in the ass kind of tipped us off there

Man you’re all insecure losers that I’m sure have trouble just talking to a real girl. You’re all scared she’ll leave for the guy fucking her that won’t happen if you actually have a serious relationship. If you’re doing the cuck shit with someone you’ve only been seeing for a month than maybe but not if you actually have a solid relationship with your gf

It's only a good idea or doable if you have a really strong relationship with the girl you are dating. Otherwise, if you decide to do it with someone you don't give a fuck about, you won't be as into it and then you can just walk away.

This is also a legitimate thing. If you decide to do it you might want to keep it slow. When my gf and I tried it we decided that a blowjob was sufficient to try before going all out. Then it was able to go forth because both of you will be full of 'butterflies' and spazzing out, so taking it slow allows more conversation and talking about feelings.

AKA you need to be able to communicate and talk about everything without judgement. Only then should you try something like that.

kys right now

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I’m not into cucking but we’ve been interested in the world of threesomes lately. We tried one with a girl, it was fun, but the girl was totally more interested in her and it was obvious, I tried to fuck her but she kinda just wouldn’t get into position correctly so I gave up and ended up watching until my fiancé noticed and bent over for me. I fucked her and purposely nutted all over the other girls pussy, and made her lick it all up. She didn’t seem thrilled about getting creamed but she took it like a good little slut.
But, now it comes to trying it with a guy. Im nervous about it bc I’m worried i could end up jealous or something will go wrong. I really want to try it though, she’s even said she’d be interested in setting up a gloryhole at our house and using that. She’s remained stating that this is for me and she couldn’t care less about involving another guy, although she is excited to try it and absolutely spazzes out when we use her dildo along with my cock. Any tips bros?

just have threesomes, throw an orgy, do cocaine and ice

Cocaine good
Ice very bad

Currently in the same boat OP.
Want to convince my girl but not sure best way to do it. Any advice from /b?

What a faggot

I got drunk and told my gf I wanted to see her fuck other guys. She still thinks I'm joking but is into the idea. We've already played with girls before.

Statistics show you're an idiot.
Go look up the amount of cuckolding relationships that actually work out, then cry in a corner because your pea brain cant handle the truth.

You can literally see the clone-stamped veins in that dick lol

OP listen to me its easy are you an alpha or an beta.....

Do you have the statistics? I can't find any and I want to post them.

She's drunk tonight so I might try my luck

Don't listen to the incels or the "cucks" posting their fantasies on the internet. Here is some advice from someone who actually went through with this.

My girlfriend and i were together for 7 months when this happened, this was 4 years ago. I had a friend who i was very close with, and one night when we were all chilling and high we had a threesome that ended up them fucking and me fapping. Was kinda sloppy, and afterwards I really freaked out. Had random outbursts for a year afterwards until i made peace with the fact that it happened.

Here are my 2 advices. Firstly, you have to realize and be ok with the fact that contrary to what other cucks and people here spam, this is mostly your fantasy and you're the one its gonna be the biggest deal to. I had to do mdma with my gf to come to terms with the fact that i rly got off from being humiliated by her, and that this was my fucked up thing and not her being a whore or whatever your first emotional response might be. My gf asked me many times if i was sure, assured me we could have a ffm threesome as well yet i still couldnt get pass the fact that i was turned on by this, so i toom it out on her.

The second point is, the very real danger of stds. Even if the guy wears a condom, you can always get HPV. This particular friend happened to have done a full STD pannel due to a scare he had, so I knew he was clean. But I wouldn't trust some random from tinder.

Last point is to not overdo it. This can be something you do once or twice with your gf to spice things up, but if u reach the point where you cant get hard yourself and fuck your gf its going to impact your relationship. Dont end up becoming like that fucked up yogawife husband who stayed at home to raise the kids so that his wife could move in with her boyfriend
Remember, this is just a kink. The degree at which you indulge it is entirely up to you

Don't do it while you're still in a relationship. Good chance it'll fuck it all up. However, if you break up and somehow stay on good terms, you could bring it up.

For instance, I broke up with my ex last year, just wasn't working so well and we decided to stop seeing each other. Problem was, the sex was so good we wanted to keep that going, so we did. Kinda just went into a FWB situation. One night I said to her I might be interested in watching her suck cock, or fuck someone else. That piqued her interest and she asked me to explain, so I did.

Couple weeks later, she sends me a video of her with a big cock in her mouth. While after that, same cock is in her pussy. I told her it was so hot, just wish I was there in person. So, we arranged a time and all three of us were at her place. I kinda just sat back and watched at first, and she kept maintaining eye contact with me and talking to me about how good it felt, asking if I liked watching, etc. Eventually I joined in and it turned into a threesome. Hottest point of that was 69ing with her and watching the dude's cock slide into her pussy.

Haven't felt any jealousy because, well, we aren't dating anymore and we still fuck anyway. Plus I see a couple other girls, and she's been requesting videos of me fucking them because she thinks she might be a cuckquean. Pretty hot situation, honestly.

Go for it! I bet she'll be open to it.