Roast me, I'm bored

Roast me, I'm bored

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You look like a pretty good guy

You look like you do coke for fun

Heh, and that's the biggest joke of them all

I'm a closeted tranner

You have very pretty eyes and nice hair.

I like your mom's bathroom wallpaper choice.

I don't do any drugs at all including caffeine and alcohol

You look dead on the inside.

Not much to roast since the pics basically do it for us

Not my mom's house, just a mate's house, they rent out a non refurbished house that used to belong to this old couple, they've lived there since the 50s

I mean, there's always suicide.

Lose the man bun faggot

I am

I'm a tranny ;-;

Looks like you been inside your whole life. You ever do anything.

Can't get out of bed most days so no

I respect your sexuality and identity

If you were a comedian thatd be hilarious

you're stupid and i hope you die.
go die.

You spelled faggot wrong.


Fuckin mormon

No, just poor and completely dead inside

Why tho

Sorry no upvotes here


Post tranny pics.

oh fuck faggot I walk past you at least once a week. you're so busted next time I see you lol.

I did. Here's less sad ones

Makes me look like 15 tho

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man bun.

does anything more even need to be said?

If you actually lived near me you'd already know bc I'm the town faggot

Anyway joke's on you pain makes me happy

I don't wear it like that usually

You look passable with all those filters on. Is this going to be the picture you will hang yourself because of? You know you're not a girl and never will be. You are a gay man who likes it up the pooper from other men and weirdos.

I'm not into guys and borderline asexual

Well then, time to neck yourself boy!

How wude

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Hey don't throw guys with man buns under the bus you faggot

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You honestly look better as a guy. I'd keep the man bun.

Djsjdjsjsj sorry, I just meant that that's not exactly what applies to me. Didn't mean to be rude sorry

Yeah... I know

I have better ones

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Ah yes, sir...I see that you are also a man of wit and sophistication. Bravo, well done.

you look like you're about to 40% yourself

Show us your pussy if you didn't get leg skin turned into a fake dick

Uh I'm mtf lol

Are you sexually attracted to niggers and why ?

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soon soon

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