A celeb thread to rule them all

A celeb thread to rule them all

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You’re a good neeners

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post the hottest maisie pic you can

Dangerous. You need to clarify which maisie

I sell Dovebots and Dovebot accessories.

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whos the other?

You know what I want to ask.
I'm going to ask anyway. I will continue to ask until I get what I want.

JJ nudes when?


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One day user, one sweet day.


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tfw no celeb user to cuddle

Best emma

You don't want to know if you ahve to ask

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>tfw no Maddie bf to cuddle

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All Dovebots come with pre-programmed pleasure routines, but if you want something a little more special, we can arrange a programming that fits your particular style!

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big feel

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Wow, the future is Now!

Fuckoff incel

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nice aesthetic

If you don't like my Dovebots you can just move along, you worthless piece of shit.

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Are you fucking high?

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Indeed :)

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i'm entranced

No. Would you recommend it?

That looks like Ryan Newman's leg.

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Wish you would move on from life, and free up some space in your mothers basement, Herman

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Allow me to show you other Dovebot models, I'm sure you'll like then just as much.
How about this one? The "bratty tennage thot" model.

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They all stink anyway

She hugs AnnaSofia. I'm jealous of her.

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Just post the photos, cuck. We dont need commentary.

she would make for a great companion. i'll take two

On the urge to cry

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glad to see theres a fellow huge ASR fan on here!

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Me too, user.

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>Everyone I don't like is Herman
>I know the names of people in celeb threads but it's others who are the incels, not me
Neck yourself. But buy a Dovebot first.

Don't read, then.
Jesus, can people actually be this fucking dumb?

Right away! Would you like two different models? Anything special added? Any accessories?

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Do you have one with a feminine penis

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I'd like a conservative, proper Dovebot to be the maid, and an emotional emo teen Dovebot, choker and all. They both need to want nothing in life but me.

holy shit ASR is tiny

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Can I get one that will drain all my sperm every morning with her mouth while she checks my prostate with her finger?

Just trying to stay healthy here.

>talks about dovebots
>doesn't know the features
Ok buddy

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End my suffering already

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They all do! I take great pride in testing them before delivering!

Oh, Sky...

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I would say very tiny. Nanogirl lol.

And I'm glad to see you too =3

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Girlcock is an attachment that's sold separately. You can snap it in your Dovebot or take it out if you want. All girlcock models / sizes fit all Dovebot models! So, even your pure tradwife Dovebot can have a tasty surprise under her dress!

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Oh me...

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hotter wo the cum

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It is so hot when girls kiss each other.

All Dovebots come programmed for your pleasure, and they want nothing more than to please you in any way they can.
Here's your teen thotbot, let me go 'round back and I'll fetch you your pure maid model.

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still taller than goblindwarf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yeah it is

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theres ectoplasm on her face did she see a ghost?

How about this Domina model? She's not exactly programmed for medicine, but she knows everything there is to know about prostate milking. Besides, all Dovebot lips are top of the line for oral stimulation. The best money can buy.

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Sounds like a dream. God, her fucking lips are the really the best money can buy.

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My cat woke me up too early this morning

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Anyone here write screenplays? I just wrote one about a pimp who saves the world from female aliens. The president calls him directly because he's thinking what we gonna do, what we gonna do? We need a motherfucking pimp: Silky Johnson. So Silky he strolls up to the white house and he says he'll do it for the best cocaine in the world. So he gets to sniffing before meeting these alien bitches. They start talking gibberish. Silky doesnt know what theyre saying but he knows they understand a good ass-whopping. So he gets to smacking, slap slap slap, he takes out a wire hanger, lights that shit up, whip whip whip! They immediately learn english and join his stable of bitches. Crisis averted.

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it's cute

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Cats are evil shit bags.

gib Dovebot bimbo model nao !

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Here's your pure Dovebot, sorry to keep you waiting. Want to buy any accessories? Girlcock, squirting add-on maybe?

Oh, my... This one's been used... Certainly not by me! Let me go ahead and clean this [spoiler]with my tongue [/spoiler] so I can put this model back on the shelf.

Wait until you feel her hot, wet, teenage tongue. I assure you, you'll go insane.

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And they're sisters too...

wtf i want a dovey fembot now

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No, the cum makes it hotter

Hhhnnngggg fuck

A cute!
(Bilson I mean)

thats not my cat..
i love my little kitty, i ask him how he got so little and he purrs while i hold him like a little baby kitty

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I do but not this schlock

You so gay ChicagoBro

Is it possible to have very tiny girlcocks I can put on them that squirt an almost unlimited amount of real cum? I want the three of us to have big dinners.

Not a cat but the pussy

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I changed my mind don't kys

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why do you assume im some niggeranon from chicago

also, water is wet

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How's the saliva production in the new Dovebots ? And did they add a french kissing mode in the programming ?

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