New Kik thread

New Kik thread
All ok.

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s0upisg00df00d let me fuck her raw

gju912 looking for cucks to send me their wifes and gfs

Post Bump

42 M US.

Love chatting/sharing with Femanon of all age, size, and shape. I will chat with others but dont send me your weiner.

Also I'm an ER nurse and clinical instructor for nursing school, so any health care workers hmu! Love my RN's, CNA's, and RT.

stevert55, send me anything to jerk off to

Kik @morriton if you want to trade for this babe I fucked. Can discuss her with you and would love to see who you have.

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into cuckolding, toilet service, CBT, beastiality lots of other things.. mostly interested in chatting with women or femboys.. don't mind a guy if you're interesting and have more to say than "Show me ur slut"

Yung no rules trades. VIDS only no pics.


For later about to go do some errands but if you're quick can get a few trades in before I head out

Looking for rough wwyd for my mom and sisters

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dickrigid on kik

Domino317 kik

Send me your girls and let’s jerk

Also if you're interested in buying nudes from her, kik @morriton

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Share my wife's pics all over and wwyd, anything goes. Kik maybemontana

Kik Gelgoog78

message if interested in exposing this slut
kik: cuck199

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Caytlin_sax im horny send me teens and we can trade some


send anything, no rules

Wannabe sissy cuck

Show me stuff I can jerk off to, I'd appreciate it. SootWoz


Send me anything no limits

Send me girls you know so i can cum

Kik sharenshare

Lets trade pics/vids

Doing tribs Jmacdaddy209

Send anything no limits kik: pringledaddyy


I want to chat and trade pics. Femanons preferred. Will trade for wife/gf pics as well though. Discuss kinks, fantasies, etc.

I need some girls cocked and cummed Kik joeymc3

Lookin people who can hack snapchat and ig __marks__

Cucks send your wife/gf/ex keep me hard at work

RBC1233 little sis

Not my kik but this girl loves attention and being asked anything.


I’ll share your girlfriend/wife/ex around the internet or tell you what i’d do to her

Kik jonmase

I want to show you girls I know irl (non nude) so you jerk off

Cuck and bulls group for sharing/consuming wives and gfs Kik: paaaulz

Pic is a tribute I did to expose a hotwife

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Kik RBC1233 trying figure out if my little sis is a slut

Looking for teen guys or passable traps to swap pics and meet if local to nyc,mid 40’s couple kitteninacollar1



Sucks and fucks for cash in Nashville after her music career failed to take off. Sends pics to clients

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Kik kde668
Looking to swap pics of my fiancee
Not just sending them around

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Mf4m looking for a freind with benefits. 420 friendly. Las vegas area.

Send anything no limits kik: pringledaddyy

Send me anything


Sharing oc and hotties.

1 or 2 days kik dont even bother

IAmTheCurryNow 21 M send anything

send me dick

Kik Spicywaterh20

Send me irl loli and/or teen nudes with a cute face and hot body, also candid teens.

Looking for someone to jerk off with to pics of my wife maybe trade pics.
Kik dudewoah18


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Kik yuyu501 for no rules


Into all kinds of taboo, teen, beast etc etc

Sharing ex's tits

need guys to cock/cum tribute my crush


Someone make me cum for MBB or Taylor Swift

Into sph and talking about being humiliated by hot goddesses and my crush.Also looking for someone to join me worshiping them. Kik: Anondomini110

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Gay top showing off for cute boys

19yo bull here. Straight and huge dick. Kik ziguuum

Sissy who wants to be exposed to the world and my ex fiance.
Kik is abovethezenith

Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do.

Also send me pics of your sex toys. Can be yours, a friends, a family member, anyone

Send anything no limits kik: pringledaddyy


Sharing my whore stepdaughters (23 and 25) on kik.Degrade and insult these little pigs.Also looking for tributes or captions of them. add me: hubu55

Send anything no limits
get84664 kik

kik 6XRO
for trading and worshiping teens no limits
>chef don't judge.

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Send me your wife, gf or ex

RBC1233 little sis


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Send whatever:



Looking for femanons or cucks
Kik chocoglen


Love showing off my small cock

ZMashkov, wanna share my gf and maybe some rp

SIssy femboy seeks daddy in WA

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Anyone know how to crack snaps or instas? Kik Jeebieweebie if you do

Edging and need to cum

Send me your gfs/exs/teens

kik Xullent

Sharing videos of my slutty wife drop Kik if interested

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sharing gf
swaps preferably



Send whatever;)
kik onlygoodd



Kik roughconfusion

Looking for cock worshipping beta to feed my big cock teen sluts

Send anything



looking for a sub

Must have a dog


Me in pic

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Lesbian latina nerd with huge tits

Fuck that’s a hot video

Love to See your sister Kik titommi

Looking for big cock/cum tribs.

Got lots of oc


Kik is iluvwhit
21 m
Really into white men! Specifically rude, cocky guys or ones who like bullying others
Big balls (sweaty balls especally) are a plus


Sharing my toy oc

Hot fucking video, love her technique


Yung trades, no rules; vids only

Tell me what you are looking for and what you have to offer

Send me girls to jerk off to
Kik: ehwalnkp

Kik john_finn66

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Send me whatever

add enigmanoise for more

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Someone post wins